twilight thursday

Throw-back Thursday


I don’t know what I weighed in 1993, that’s before I started tracking it on a spreadsheet. I probably didn’t step on a scale very often, either, to be very honest.

I was thinking about something from this time period this morning, which is why I chose this picture. There was a married couple who worked where I did and they were very fit – they ran and shit. One day we had a birthday cake for someone and I took a piece to the woman but she declined saying that they ‘didn’t eat grains, sugars, or starches’.


My first thought: These people are ‘FRUIT LOOPS!’ {{insert Twilight Zone music}} 

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How crazy do you have to be to not eat sugar, starches or grains!? Seriously!? Who even does that!? Okay, maybe too much sugar isn’t great for you, but everyone knows that grains are wholesome and healthy! And potatoes and rice – they are the foundation of life! Just look at the food pyramid! I know this is true because my government has told me so for most of my life!


I now wonder if people think I’m a FRUIT LOOP when I decline cake & candies, skip the fries, and order my burgers with no buns but extra bacon and cheese? 

haha! Yeah, things change. 

Hey everyone!! My special announcement is that I’m planning a Roxas Appreciation week!!! With help from the lovely ohmyneoshadows who has made the cute gif above, we’re planning for the event to be from Monday August 24th- Sunday August 30th.  It’s been a wonderful start to the summer season with lots of character appreciation weeks, so why not keep the ball rolling, right?? I’m announcing it now so that those who are interested can be aware of it without it overwhelming ya’ll with all the love we’ve been giving to the other characters. I’ll make reminders throughout the summer just in case ;)

Anywho!! The themes are as follows:

Monday August 24th- Favorite Scene

Tuesday August 25th- Favorite Relationship

Wednesday August 26th- Favorite Day (in the organization or Twilight Town)

Thursday August 27th- Seasalt trio or Twilight Town gang

Friday August 28th- Somebody/Nobody (any moment showing the bond between Roxas and Sora)

Saturday August 29th- Favorite appearance (includes games and manga)

Sunday August 30th- Free day!!

Roxas appreciation can be in any form you want, be it art, graphics, writing, cosplay, whatever your heart desires! Be sure to tag it as #roxasweek so I can see them and share them! Feel free to ask any questions if you have any!