twilight siren

Twilight: Well, despite my troubled stay at Crytal Prep, I actually once had some friends from the school’s Science Club.
Sunset: Really? Can I see them?
Twilight: Here you go.
Twilight: The three were very nice to me, and very crafty. They..uhh actually helped me built the Magic Collector that I had brought over during the Friendship Games, and built their own copies of the device..
Sunset: ?!!
Twilight: Dont worry, If my calculation are correct, without a magical catalyst, those things are useless. Well, this is Song Morning, this is Vocal Ignite and the last one here is Tempo Shine. Believe it or not, they are sisters!
Sunset: Whe..Where are they now??
Twilight: Sadly, they abruptly stopped coming to school after we finished making the pendants. I’ve never heard from them again, even if the rumor said that they moved back to their exotic islands home country or something. With that, I’ve been alone ever since.
Sunset: How long have they disappeared?!
Twilight: About a month.. Huh, Sunset? You okay?
Sunset: Te-Tell me more about these girls! What were they like and everything.. in the mean time we had to get the girls together!
Twilight: Ok? Is something wrong?
Sunset: I dont know, but I had a very bad feeling about this..

I really should share my photoshoot work more often. D;
Seems like I haven’t uploaded a lot of things yet…

Photo by Joe Whitmore
Models & MUA: Bex Fisher and Schok Pop
Harness: Twilight Siren: Luxury bodywear and corsetry
Thanks to @frankenanda666 for letting me borrow some of your stuff too ♥

What your favorite Link says about you:

Young Link: *police sirens*

Ocarina of Time: looks don’t really matter to you

Toon Link: *toon police sirens*

Four Swords Links: *lots of police sirens*

Twilight Princess: you like brunettes or are a furry, or both

Skyward Sword: YOU’RE A HUGE DORK

Hyrule Warriors: you want him to wrap that scarf around you, also you like a guy that take down like 30 guys at the same time and look fabulous doing it

Ponytail Link: you are susceptible to crushes on strangers