twilight ogre

  • What he says: Fairy Tail isn't about friendship.
  • What he means: Not only is friendship as a theme nothing more than glittery gilding on a mess of tar, Fairy Tail at times seems outright dismissive of anything that celebrates friendship, family, or standing together as one. Aside from the infuriating examples like Natsu vs. the Twin Dragons and Demon Gray vs. E.N.D. Natsu, a big and rather unforgivable example is the climax of the Tartaros arc, where FACE is about to wipe out Ishgar's magic. It's down to the last few minutes, the situation is immensely dire, and while Igneel holds off Acnologia and Gray and Natsu take on Mard Geer, the magic guilds across the continent have been called together to stand as one and fight for their lives. Everyone from powerhouses like Sabertooth and Lamia Scale to the background guilds like Twilight Ogre and Quattro Cerberus are united and trying to destroy the FACE bombs. Titans like Orga, Jura, and Kagura are all uniting their power to destroy things threatening their livelihoods, along with the Magic Bomber Christina. And not only can all of these people do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, but in the very last few seconds, four dragons come along and wipe all of the bombs out. Just four. They take them out, all several THOUSAND of these three mile-tall nigh-indestructable bombs across an entire fucking continent, in a matter of seconds, maybe a minute or two. The dragons save the day, just four of them, and save an entire continent full of billions of humans, with little effort. These people, main characters included, all had no idea these dragons even existed, much less were willing to help them. This isn't a situation like in the Majora's Mask Zelda game, where a small human single-handedly slays giant monsters and frees monumentally powerful creatures that come back to return the favor and aid them in a time of apocalypse. This is charity. Humankind spectacularly fails to save itself and four incredibly powerful beings have to step in and do it for them. As Kagura and Gajeel rightly put it, humanity was helpless and without the dragons, Tartaros would have won. It's not equivalent exchange. What we take from this situation is that humanity is small and defenseless and cannot save itself, and uniting together and combining efforts to save itself won't change that. It proves that Tartaros is right to consider humanity to be small insects inferior to them. This is incredibly glaring seeing as FACE, a weapon capable of holding back Alvarez, was a weapon created by HUMAN hands. I can only say that were this truly a manga where friendship was powerful, were this truly a manga that celebrated life and love and working towards a common interest like it pretends to, this would not have been the case.
The signs as Fairy Tail guilds
  • Aries: Fairy Tail
  • Taurus: Twilight Ogre
  • Gemini: Raven Tail
  • Cancer: Cait Shelter
  • Leo: Sabertooth
  • Virgo: Mermaid Heel
  • Libra: Grimoire Heart
  • Scorpio: Phantom Lord
  • Sagittarius: Blue Pegasus
  • Capricorn: Quatro Cerberus
  • Aquarius: Lamia Scale
  • Pisces: Crime Sorciere