twilight novels

The signs as good YA book series

Aries: Maze Runner series
Taurus: Hunger Games series
Gemini: Divergent series
Cancer: Twilight series
Leo: The Mortal Instruments
Virgo: The Graceling Trilogy
Libra: The Mara Dyer Trilogy
Scorpio: The Darkest Minds series
Sagittarius: The Infernal Devices series
Capricorn: Harry Potter
Aquarius: Shatter Me series
Pisces: The Shiver series


“He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him.”
Daniel 2:22


Happy 10th anniversary, Twilight

I first read Twilight in late July of 2008, and I read it in a single afternoon. It ignited my intense love of reading, and changed my life forever. For the rest of my time in high school and throughout some of my time in university, Twilight was my thing. It was something that my friends and I - and my mom - enjoyed together. I have my classmate to thank for recommending it to me, and my local bookstore to thank for being so supportive of and excited about this series. After I finished reading Twilight, I immediately went and bought New Moon. It’s the book - and series - I’ve re-read countless times (definitely double-digits).

I will forever be thankful for the book that made me fall in love with reading.


anonymous asked:

Do you think that in the Familiar AU there's a in-universe Twilight expy novel series that Mabel reads and states that there are similarities to Dipper and Bill's relationship? Except one problem: They don't follow the rules of those paranormal romance and DO NOT act like those characters in those books she read among other things.

Bill’s complaint: Not a single person burns anything in this! 

Dipper’s complaint: I fell for nothing, ever, not now, not for all of eternity. Bill couldn’t ever trick me into…. that. Or anything else.

No demon ever just…. gets gooshy inside like that, when they have power over a human. No human is suddenly going to be glad about the Incredibly Gross things a demon would do, given that power. That Human was too inhuman, and uninteresting to anyone - no power, not even attractive? And that demon was as mushy as a rotten apple and as sharp as a sack full of bricks. The whole relationship was poorly written, they say. Bill says it was clearly made by someone who’d never dealt with a demon. Dipper argues that the human was just as bad at being a human, and - for once - they’d agree on all points..

The complaint that they would both have - and never say in front of the other - is how the hell did it end up like that. For things to end up even remotely close, you have to fight for it, and someone - hell, both of them - get screwed over, you have to compromise.

Both judge it 1/10, totally unrealistic. Bill burns the book, and Dipper, in a minor show of solidarity for once, roasts a couple of marshmallows over it.

(He does not give either to Bill)