twilight no i don't want to read it

When in doubt, read Harry Potter!
  • Me: Ugh TBR list help me! I want to read but I don't know what to read.
  • My TBR list: Well you're lucky, 'cause we have a lot of books on this list.
  • Me:
  • My TBR list: Maybe Queen of Shadows? Fangirl? Twilight?
  • Me:
  • My TBR list: Oh! What about A court of Wings and Ruin! You still haven't finished that one.
  • Me:
  • My TBR list: Maybe The shiver series—
  • Me:
  • My TBR list: Game of Thrones—
  • Me: You know what! I'm going to read Harry Potter again!
  • My TBR list:
  • Me:
  • My TBR list:
  • Me:
  • My TBR list: But—
  • Me: *gets covered in blankets*
  • My TBR list: Wait what are you-
  • Me: *takes all her Harry Potter books out and starts reading*
  • My TBR list: *Sighs* Every damn time

twilight-universe  asked:

Hello there! I don't have any suggestions and stuff, I just wanted to say that I love your art and your AU. Your artstyle is sooo inspiring! I want to be as good as you in future ._. (Also I don't know if I can ask for this, but please can you draw some Rantarou? :> Rantarou in your artstyle gives me life omg.) Anyway, have a nice day! ^^ I hope you are feeling great!

Omy i never even imagined someone would find my stuff inspiring (esp since i struggle with digital art) it was a very sweet message to read dear ! Feeling great thx to your nice words haha

Beginning of chapter Theory resumed
  • Edward: you should be having a panic attack why aren't you having a panic attack
  • Bella: why the fuck should i be having a panic attack
  • Edward: idk maybe because you discovered im literally a monster
  • Bella: well that means no more secrets between us right? how's that a bad thing?
  • Edward: ok then maybe because you almost got attacked
  • Bella: oh yeah that happened i forgot
  • Edward: wtf
  • Edward: *drives fast*
  • Bella: wow you really want to scare me to death don't you

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I don't think people realize how much of a fucking gem you are like honestly. Your perfect. Your probably the only person that writes for twilight consistently (unless your taking care of yourself which is FINE! YOU DONT NEED TO TELL US WHEN YOU WANT TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!) like I love you, I'm sure others do, but I appreciate you baby girl, keep doing you . Play some final fantasy, eat pizza , read idc as long as your healthy and safe I'll be fine and so will every stupid bitch who complains

I… love you. Let’s be best friends and have pizza together sometime. Okay? Okay.

-Admin Ziggy

How to Pretend you've read those books
  • Harry Potter: Harry is amazing and Voldemort is poo
  • Percy Jackson: OMG he's a son of Poseidon
  • Heroes of Olympus: F*** Gaea
  • Twilight: dem vampires be hot
  • Mortal Instruments: Clary Fray!
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: I don't understand how there can be like ten books if the kid is still in middle school
  • Game of Thrones: I hate Geoffrey
  • Lord of the Rings: One ring to rule them all, man
  • Hunger Games: katniss everdeen is so badass
  • Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy: why would you want to have pretended to read this?

tvlliae  asked:

Ehi! I hope you don't mind if i tell my opinion on Bella. Don't want to be rude, i just found your post interesting and i feel like sharing my point of view. So first of all, I don't think bella found herself at all: she disliked herself at the beginning of the books, she thought she was not enough for edward for the majority of the time, and then she found /her place/ only after being physically transformed - as in: another creature. Se she didn't succeed in finding herself imo [...]

[…] and i think this is something that bothers lots of people. It’s like at first she presented herself to be “like us” but then she clearly showed that she could not be happy if not through being someone else. Secondly, ppl think she is being manipulated all the time and tbh i agree: everything she does/thinks is in function of E., she becomes catatonic when he leaves (and for fuck’s sake, you are 17. Everybody experiences a break up gurl cmon). And she accepts E’s behavior which sometimes ..

Sometimes it’s not acceptable: i clearly remember when he breaks her car??? Like dude. You try to do something like that to me and I break your knees. And she FORGIVES HIM. Because she feels inferior (this is my opinion oc). This being said, it’s not like I don’t like her. I actually despise how Stephanie treated her. She IS weak. She had a lot of potential, she could have had a great character development, but in the end she didn’t have it. This is what i think! Sorry for the rambling lol.

Okay, honestly. This really grinds my gears. So if I sound sort of bitchy, I apologize, I’m not directing it toward you. I just think this is very very inaccurate.

Bella made the choice HERSELF to become a vampire, because she KNEW that is who she was. It wasn’t “physically transforming” that made her find her place, it was just being a part of Edward’s world that made her find her place.. and it WASN’T because of Edward. She even told him that. She made that choice because she finally felt like she belonged somewhere. Edward was a perk, but she knew for HERSELF that being in the world of vampires was right for HER. She didn’t need to “become someone else” to be happy, she FOUND herself. There’s a difference there. She found herself in that world, and to be a part of it, she changed. I really don’t think that’s a problem if you know that’s who you are.

Yes, she disliked herself, but she learned to trust herself and make her own choices. That is definitely finding herself. She figured out what was important to her, who she was, and what she felt like she needed to do. She didn’t think she was enough for Edward most of the time because they did have their issues in their relationship, but she later learned after New Moon that she WAS enough.

I feel like you haven’t read the books in a really really long time or just think about the movies, because Bella was CONSTANTLY fighting back with Edward whenever he tried to manipulate her and protect her. She would get pissed off. Of course she would later forgive him because he would also apologize, but she was not going to do what she didn’t want to do. Period.

And I don’t think it’s fair to judge someone how they deal with their emotions or a break up. Everyone has different levels of emotions, and Bella had never lost someone before. It was like he died to her in a sense because he said he was never coming back, and because she felt so right in that world, that was like losing a part of herself. It wasn’t just because she lost Edward, it was because she lost the world she identified with so strongly.

And she doesn’t forgive Edward for things right away like I said above, they eventually make up, but Bella is pissed there for awhile. At first, it might have been an inferiority thing, but she definitely grew past that once she started having her own voice. You usually forgive the people you love for the stupid shit they do. If you say you wouldn’t, you’re lying. If Bella didn’t have her own voice and was clearly letting herself be manipulated, that’s different. She always spoke up against anything Edward attempted to do. Bella was her own person first and foremost.

I do not think Bella is weak at all, either. Bella is very strong. She was constantly expected to mother her mother as a kid, and she thought that was her identity. She later learned that that was not who she was and what SHE personally wanted aside from the people in her life. She was a good mother to her kid.. hell, she went COMPLETELY against Edward for her kid, and she did what she thought was right for her KID and HERSELF over her lover. Edward turned completely against her, and she held on strong. Edward could not manipulate her ever, and he certainly could not control her. She always stuck up for herself when it came to Edward or Jacob, and she would do just about anything for those she loved as long as that didn’t infringe on who she defined herself as. She also had the courage to make her own decision for her OWN life even if it meant that she would have to hurt Jacob or even Charlie, because she knew for herself personally, that was the right thing to do.

Everyone likes to think she makes all her decisions for Edward, but Bella EVEN STATES in the books that is not why she makes any of her decisions at all. Edward was a perk for that world, but she made that decision for herself because that’s who she was.

You can all depict Bella as “weak” or “inferior” all you want, but in my opinion, you clearly didn’t read the same books I did or didn’t read them closely.

anonymous asked:

My story's like a fantasy type thing and my main character has to do this thing where he has to research a type of supernatural (witches, werewolves and vampires) because he doesn't know a lot about them and needs more information. The problem is is that I don't want it to be like that scene in Twilight where Bella does her research on vampires- do you have anyways on helping me avoid the cliche of the research scene?

It’s not a cliche just because one popular story had a character researching vampires. The action of researching in fiction is not even cliche because it’s just a general action, but there are common patterns.

I would suggest avoiding:

  • Your character following one link after the other without opening new windows or tabs or without saving certain pages. I’ve seen too many research scenes where a character is reading, finds a link, stops reading that page half-way through, and clicks on the next link. Anyone born in the 90s or 00s will not do that (or anyone tech savvy). We all end up with several tabs open and saved URLs. It’s a small detail, but the mention of several resources makes it look more realistic and probable.
  • Your character finding the correct information quickly. If they’re searching for information about a supernatural creature in our world where these creatures are considered myths, they’re going to run into a lot of that folklore.
  • Your character dashing out of there as soon as they find the first bit of information they’re looking for. Why would they leave? If they find what they’re looking for, they’re probably going to look further now that they have a trace.

Other than that, here are some ways your character can research:

  • The library + archives at a library
  • Newspaper archives
  • The internet
  • A museum
  • Primary sources
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Everyone thank you if you’re reading this :)

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Okay, I don't understand all of this anti 50 Shades of Gray stuff. I've never read it because I hate porn, but I know a little bit about it because my best friend read it (although not much). From what I know, it's BDSM, and completely consensual on both parts (according to my friend). While I don't understand people who enjoy that, if doesn't effect anyone but themselves, and as long as parameters are set beforehand to keep from going too far, it should be fine. Am I just missing something big?

She was coerced in to the lifestyle.

The whole thing was a shitty fanfiction written by a Twilight fan who wanted to fantasize herself with a controlling dickhead but in real life that situation is dangerous and abusive and it’s a downright insult to what BDSM relationships really are.

A woman DIED because someone was inspired by this fucking book and didn’t know how to properly work with safe words

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Sigh I read another anti-Reylo call out post that is getting passed around. I got scared since all my mutuals are sharing it on my dash and if they knew I liked the pair they'd shun me. The post called out all the fans of the ship as being defensive young girls who are the same breed that defended the abuse of twilight. I don't know what to say or what to respond. I want to say "YOU'RE WRONG. THATS NOT WHAT IT IS AT ALL". It's hard. I'm a feminist. I don't condone Kylo Ren. But I still ship it..

at this point, fuck the noise

seriously, fuck this noise

because their arguments are just as misogynistic as they believe ours to be

don’t even waste your breath. 

and funny how once again, “young girls” are the number one villains. young girls who simply took OBVIOUS visual, cinematic cues and reached the OBVIOUS conclusion that kylo ren and rey are connected and will be connected throughout the series, romantically or not.

if your followers shun you for this nonsense, you’re better off

the fam is here for you anyway

so yeah, fuck this noise