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The hero’s bond

I absolutely love the fact that Wolf Link is in Breath of the wild. So much so that I thought it would have been even better to have had regular TP Link helping BOTW Link during his quest. 

So naturally I though of the possible conversations they would probably have, and after some daydreaming I made the connection that they have both had “almost something” relationships.  

And then BOOM! This came out of my head, to my drawing pad, then to your eyes!

I might actually keep making these if I think of some more stuff like this.

But at any rate, hope you like my art!

Edit: I have started the series, give it a look why dontcha?

The hero’s bond “Teamwork” Part-1


Twilight: Queen Cadence rules over the Crystal Hearth to the north. Once, our lands were peaceful and distant neighbors, but at around the advent of the curse, She began to send hunters and assassins to our lands. Lady Luna was very gravely wounded in one such attack. Ever since, Lady Tia has taken it upon herself to assist the royal guard, who patrol the border, whenever she is able.

“Hollywood, 1939. Amidst the glitz and the glitter of a bustling young movie talent at the height of its golden age, the Hollywood Tower Hotel was a star in its own right. A beacon for the show business elite. Now, something is about to happen that will change all that.”

I mean, just think about this:
What a child between a Hylian and a Zora would be?
A Zora? A Hylian? Or a weird mix between both of them? Or they couldn’t be able to have kids because the differences between both races?
Zoras have eggs, Hylians carry their children in the belly…
How it would be possible?
Why am I thinking about it at 2 a.m?!


Twilight- “Pretty recently, ponies all over have started to change like Ms. Shimmer here, though, not all as suddenly. My friends and I are trying to find the source… and maybe a cure.”

~”Twilight is the only afflicted alicorn. Her experiments seem to have weakened her immunity. Normally, the ballance of pony magics in an alicorns body would protect her from the curse, as it has myself, and as my blood now does for many of my little ponies.

~”Captain Shimmer will be relieved of her duties until such a time as she becomes accustomed to her new form. Though the blood will help her heal, she will likely ache when she wakes.”

The Signs as Fandoms

Aries: Lady Gaga

Taurus: Dr. Who

Gemini: My Little Pony

Cancer: Lord of the Rings

Leo: Game of Thrones

Virgo: Harry Potter

Libra: Twilight

Scorpio: Star Wars

Sagittarius: Supernatural

Capricorn: Hunger Games

Aquarius: Sherlock

Pisces: One Direction