twilight lady

The Zodiac Signs As  Characters I Love

Aries: Adventurous and Bold ( Papyrus - undertale)

Gemini:  Bubbly and Imaginative ( Marinette dupain cheng - Miraculous:Tales of ladybug and Cat noir)

Leo: Warm-hearted and Good leaders ( Sora - Kingdom Hearts)

Vigro:  Kind and intelligent ( Lillian - Lady jewelpet )

Sagittarius: high energy and lovable ( Auriana - Lolirock )

Scorpio: determined and skillful ( Twilight Sparkle - My little Pony)

Taurus: Patient and Reliable ( Sylvia - Wonder Over Yonder )

Cancer: Loving and protective ( Garnet - Steven Universe)

Libra: Easy going and Charming ( Star Butterfly- Star Vs the Forces Of evil)

Aquarius: Fun and Friendly ( Mabel Pines - Gravity Falls)

Pices:  Devoted and Sensitive ( Alice - Alice in wonderland)

Twilight Lady - Watchmen


Series: Watchmen
Twilight Lady
Special Version:
Reference Image:
Photography Featured: TheDreamerWorld, Lionel Lum

Construction Details: This is one of my first costumes!! The body suit is made out of 4 way stretch vinyl, and the collar is interfaced with construction paper, haha. The gloves are gusseted and the belt and necklace are made with vinyl and studs I painted black! The mask is made from construction paper covered in vinyl and the eye holes are covered in thin semi see through plastic!

Personal Thoughts: Watchmen is one of my all time favorite things in the whole words, I hope I can cosplay all the ladies from it some day!! Leslie is such a babe.