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Got some muse for the Goddess!AU so I did a couple of doodles, featuring good ol’ Pinkie being a good big sister-like babysitter to these little tykes. For those of you who don’t know (or need a refresher), I’ve mentioned awhile ago that Pinkie is much older in this AU than the Mane 6 and such. And given how often she used to hang out with the Sparkle family and the Dash family when she was younger, she really took to the youngster to the point that she’d sometimes babysit them. Pinkie, despite her cheery personality, had a hard upbringing in this AU, and given the discrimination against Twily, Shiny, and Dashy because of them being half-bloods, she’s very protective of them. o3o

I think that’s all I have to say here, so if you have any questions feel more than free to ask! :3


((The response for All Bottled Up will still be coming, but I’m going to try for next week. This being the first time that we don’t start with an inter-connected two parter I want to give the proper individual respect to two different episodes. I also have a strange feeling I’ll be able to knock both All Bottled Up and the next episode out next week because I think I have a sense how this season’s 3rd episode would go in Genie Twi’s universe and chances are, not very long.

But anyhow, if you’d like to hear my thoughts on Celestial Advice. Go here))

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Wait, Dapple is the filly Twilight sired and Luna foaled, or the foal Luna sired and Twilight carried? (I am an confused ...)

The first is correct. Twi sired and Luna carried

S1E23: The one where Rainbow Dash flew so fast all of her friends went through puberty.

Does anyone else feel like Twilight’s entrance exam was a bit harsh? Ponies don’t seem to know much about dragons, so I’d be surprised if any of the proctors could hatch a dragon egg. Is it supposed to be like the Kobayashi Maru?

RD: “You’re so silly, stranger lavender alicorn! Hahahahaha!”

Tw: “Mmmmg…Starlight I hate you…”

Sorry for the delay, I’ll try to post more regularly ^^

Filly Twi’s Final Adventure
That’s right this blog is coming to a close

But not after one final adventure. Filly Twi is about to embark on a thrilling adventure. Where to? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out

((Hey guys, throwing up this really quick teaser for the beginning of the end of the blog, it’s been a great 4-ish years but let’s face it, we got our lives to attend to now and it was bound to happen eventually. But I didn’t want to end Filly Twi with just a random update but with a story arc I was never able to properly provide for her. I will be working on this in my free time so don’t expect like weekly updates or whatever, there will no doubtfully be long breaks in between updates . I plan to properly end it on Twi’s 5th anniversary of this blog but we’ll see how that all goes. Thank you for all the support over the years you guys are amazing, I would b where I am now without you all. Let’s have one last adventure together, ok?  Ask and submission box permanently closed))

Things we learned from make new friends but keep discord

• fluttershy and discord hang out every week
• discord is easily jealous and likes fluttershy! (Ship)
• tails can be used as kleenex and applehorse crys on the outside
• fillies are allowed at the gala
• hippy ponies exist. Also possibly weed.
• first suggested death as mailpony was taken offscreen by flying beast. RIP Mailpony
• mane six allowed back into gala after last time went so well (sarcasm)
• fluttershy laughs at everything and is oblivious to things
• villains go to college
• rarity forgets ponies are naked
• the price for gems skyrocket as the smooze starts to eliminate the population
• discord sucks at jokes
• discord could of made a scootaloo flying joke but instead went after twilight
• maud is queen of roasting
• rarity always has dresses on hoof just incase something bad happens
• horse noises are calming
• my little puppets confirmed
• discord is very good at bowling
• smooze is a kisser
• celestia needs to stop trying to hold formal events when every time it gets informal she enjoys herself. JUST SAVE TWILIGHT THE HEARTBREAK BY HAVING CHATIC PARTIES ALREADY.

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A quick one because i wanted a new avatar and because Cadence is love. <3 And Cadence foalsitting wittle Twi is even more love <3<3