twilight drift

Happy, no voice left, crashed

As the guys head out to after parties 🎉, exhausted ARMYs around the world collectively exhale, secure in the facts that their boys slayed the magenta carpet (thanks for noticing Vogue!), won the social artist award, looked like they were having a wonderful time, and that the BTS-ARMY collaboration is a worldwide success story. Sweet dreams all, hoping you replay these events in the twilight of sleep and drift off, like the boys will, with contented smiles.

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Twilight shuffled awkwardly in her seat as she adjusted the dress her parents had forced her to wear for this occasion. Her parents had called her back from the castle and told her that they had found her a husband with all of the subtly and tact of a pony trying to calibrate an enchanting array with a hammer. 

Oh her parents did care for her well happiness, naturally, and they assured her that from what they had learned from the stallion’s parents he was a kind stallion, but she could tell that this was, at least in large part, a marriage of connivance, helping expand the family’s influence and wealth, while also inviting the others into the nobility from what she had heard. The fact that she was being married to a non noble was a little surprising to her, but she didn’t truly care all that much, it just changed the writing an a few documents she was going to need to keep track of.

Her parents had asked her to come to the entry room so that she could greet her soon to be family members at the door, but she had made her excuses and retreated back to the lounge where she was waiting now, idly flipping though a book without actually reading the words in front of her as she waited for one or more of the pony’s she would be introduced to to be guided to the room to meet her.

Truth be told, despite how little stock she actually put in the real impact of this marriage, Twilight was nervous. Her family were the most important ponies in her life, and thoughts of letting them down lingered in the student’s head as she considered the pony she was was going to meet. Drift, for that was what her mother had said his name was, was said to be a well traveled stallion, and, as her mother had teased her about, quite handsome, but she still found it difficult to grow excited about the meeting to come.

Her thoughts were interrupted as she heard hoof steps on the granite floor of the hallway, letting her know that somepony was coming to talk to her, though whether it was Drift himself, his parents, her own intending to drag her out to meet them both, or a member of the serving staff just happening along she was not yet aware as she tucked the book back into place on the shelf and stood up from her chair to greet whoever it was that was coming.

Drift felt exhausted as much as he felt nervous. He was still angry. He had every right to be. How could his parents do this to him? Floe was at least aware, him? He didn’t know until he returned home. He’s never felt so betrayed before, and the look of guilt on their faces shows that they knew they messed up.

But what could he do? Leave them to their own devices? Despite every right to, he couldn’t just leave those two to suffer. Terra’s been the closest thing to a father to him and the others, and his mother… He knows she would do anything to make him happy.

Maybe she’s right? Maybe this Twilight Sparkle won’t be the typical noble mare. His mother did say quite a few things about her being polite and rather adorable. At least, that’s how she described her. He would have to see for himself if that’s the case.

He straightens out his red tie as he approaches Twilight’s room. Once at the door, he takes a breath and knocks.