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Masterlist (Updated)

Very long, with a lot of different fandoms!

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I’ve been away for a bit so I’ll be doing ships!


- To request a ship, YOU MUST BE FOLLOWING ME!

- You MUST request an imagine or preference

- Request only one fandom

- Have to be off anon or request on anon and then tell me which one was yours OFF anonymous!

- Please tell me whether you want to be shipped with a boy or a girl!

- Tell me about yourself: e.g. your hobbies, likes and dislikes, how you look, ect

Fandoms I’m accepting ships and requests from

- The Avengers

- Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

- X-Men

- Daredevil

- Arrow

- The Flash

- Teen Wolf

- Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

- Criminal Minds

- Supernatural

- Twilight

- Star Wars

- Stranger Things

- Brooklyn Nine Nine

- Introducing – RIVERDALE!

Playlist from Something Cold 4/20/17 wsg Timeghost / Craow / K. Reinshagen

DJ Justin Carver:

Monoton - Ein Wort
Paul Woznicki - Compassion
Atom Cristal - Boulevard Circulaire
Din A Testbild - Lasst Uns Singen
John Bender - Cities
Alive She Died - The First Night
Front 242 - With Your Cries
Gerry & the Holograms - Gerry & the Holograms
Xex - You Think
Minny Pops - Kojak
Cabaret Voltaire - Western Mantra
Group a - Suffocated
Lolita Strap - Video Screen
MAS 2008 - Beating Faster
Video Look - Avveckling
Snowy Red - Euroshima (Wardance)
Martin Dupont - I Met the Beast
Twilight Ritual - Amorphous Materials

DJ Dan Stolarski:

Howard Shore - Scanner Duel
York Factory Complaint - Loved
Hunting Lodge - Na Vilavilairevu
Throbbing Gristle - D.O.A
Black Rain - Now I’m Just a Number
Sun Ra - If Only They Knew
Yellow Tears - Gag Symphony #1
Brad Fiedel - Terminator Arrival
Alberich - Snow Is Falling on the Ruins of Stalingrad

DJ Matthew Billings:

Sleep Chamber - Kiss the Whip
Intimate Obsessions - Erebus to Hades
Leather Nun - No Rule
German Shepherds - Armageddon Man
Van Kaye & Ignit - Negroes in New York
Vox Populi - Funk Off
Dog Pop - Augen
No More - Suicide Commando


The Normal - Warm Leatherette
Crash Course in Science - Flying Turns
Naked Lunch - Slipping Again
The Neon Judgement - Fashion Party
Q Lazarus - Goodbye Horses (Demo version)
The Glove - Mouth to Mouth
Neon - Information of Death (12″ mix)
Handful of Snowdrops - Gabrielle (Demo)
East Wall - Silence
Victrola - Maritime Tatami
Solid Space - Destination Moon