twilight and no. 003


true love comes
at ‘the close’
so close
you lose
where you end
and they begin
and the atoms
in your souls
forget where they belong
and slowly you become
pieces of each other
too close now
to ever be apart. – atticus

soundtrack part sept. @ole-cole

001. she’s so high ; tal bachman. she’s so high, high above me, she’s so lovely. 002. kiss me ; sixpence none the richer. kiss me beneath the milky twilight, lead me out on the moonlit floor. 003. thunder ; boys like girls. your voice was the soundtrack of my summer, do you know you’re unlike any other? you’ll always be my thunder, and i said your eyes are the brightest of all the colors. i don’t wanna ever love another. 004. salvation ; gabrielle aplin. i never meant to fall for you but i was buried underneath and all that i could see was salvation. 005. breezeblocks ; al-j. please don’t go, i’ll eat you whole, i love you so. 006. ready for it ; taylor swift. knew he was a killer first time that i saw him, wonder how many girls he had loved and left haunted..but if he’s a ghost, then i can be a phantom. 007. your body is a wonderland ; john mayer. damn baby, you frustrate me. i know you’re mine, all mine, all mine, but you look so good it hurts sometimes. 008. green eyes ; coldplay. and honey you should know, that i could never go on without you, green eyes. 009. wake me up ; ed sheeran. and you will never know, just how beautiful you are to me, but maybe i’m just in love when you wake me up

It’s Janurary 19th, thus it’s been 1 Year since the Twibrary opened it’s doors!

We’d like to thank every single one of our followers. Both old and new, as we love bringing you a dangerous dosage of adorkable purple ponies whenever we can.

This group hasn’t been the easiest to maintain. We’ve had at least some unfortunate departures from beloved members, we’ve had some backstage drama, and we have some promising members that we invited and welcomed but have not contacted us since then. And we seemed to at times lack motivation in bringing another update to the blog as well.

But we hope to have a better year for the rest of 2014. Don’t be afraid to put more questions in the inbox! We’d like to have a little more variety of fresh questions. Especially as Season 4 is rolling out an episode each week.

Thank you all!


Members of the Twibrary

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From Left to Right in the air: Twilight & Duskfall, Brainy Twilight, Genie Twilight, and Princess Twilight)

ALLY A SAVED THE DAY || a goodbye & a thank you for Allison Argent

For knowing you deserved her, and knowing that she deserved so much more. For saying goodbye to your heroines.

001. Lights (The Wunderstation Rework) - Melanie Martinez // 002. Come As You Are - Civil Twilight // 003. Three Wishes - The Pierces // 004. Rise And Fall - Sophie Hunger // 005. Big Houses - Squalloscope // 006. Give Her A Name - Trevor Meanear // 007. I’m All For Believing - Missing Higgins // 008. Can’t Go Back - Rosi Golan // 009. Child In A Storm - Sharon Little // 010. Heaven -Emeli Sandé

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