twilight and duskfall


Some more concept drawings for Twilight and Duskfall’s reboot: this time of four more of the ten main characters.

Also, I’d hate to ask, but I’m not sure what to do about the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Some part of me tells me to keep them as single ponies, but another part is telling me to add some variety to them like I’m doing with the Mane 6. Feel free to let me know what you’d prefer.

It’s Janurary 19th, thus it’s been 1 Year since the Twibrary opened it’s doors!

We’d like to thank every single one of our followers. Both old and new, as we love bringing you a dangerous dosage of adorkable purple ponies whenever we can.

This group hasn’t been the easiest to maintain. We’ve had at least some unfortunate departures from beloved members, we’ve had some backstage drama, and we have some promising members that we invited and welcomed but have not contacted us since then. And we seemed to at times lack motivation in bringing another update to the blog as well.

But we hope to have a better year for the rest of 2014. Don’t be afraid to put more questions in the inbox! We’d like to have a little more variety of fresh questions. Especially as Season 4 is rolling out an episode each week.

Thank you all!


Members of the Twibrary

(From Left to Right on the ground: Vampire Twi, Ninja Twi (Who’s a filly on this blog), Changeling Twi, Sailor Magic, Twilie, Forgetful Twi, Twilonequus (In Pony-esque form), Evil Genius Twilight (Who’s an Alicorn because of a recent reboot on the main blog), Twilight Unbound, Twixie Twi, Another Twi, Discorded Twi, Sketchbook Twi, No. 003, Morning Twi, and aNormal Twi

From Left to Right in the air: Twilight & Duskfall, Brainy Twilight, Genie Twilight, and Princess Twilight)


Twin Twi: “More than anything, Brainy and Evil Genius’ so-called ‘Experiments’.”

Duskfall: “We let slip once that given enough time we can recover from almost any injury, and in an instant we became their guinea pigs.”

Twin Twi: “As of now we’ve been fed dangerous chemicals, sliced to bits and then reassembled - sometimes rearranged, had minor organs removed… and recently, had most of our joints either dislocated or bent way beyond their limits. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day we end up with our heads cut off.”

Duskfall: “But it’s not all bad. They promise that as soon as they’re done we’re more or less back to normal, and as of yet they’ve kept to the agreement. And at least Brainy asks for permission before she starts, even if it is continuous bugging. So really, it’s an annoyance more than anything.”

(Art by Twilight and Duskfall)