twilight aint that bad but no

Free Yourself of the Good Opinion of Others

So this guy says to me “I don’t like your work.” and I said, “Then you should definitely go read something else. Bye.”

See, what they’re hoping for is “Wah, you don’t like my work? OMG, I have no value as a person, now I have to kill myself and never draw again WAAAHHHH!”

But what really happened is some douche who has a really crappy job and has nothing better to do than harass people who have a really cool job - you know, like me - on social media because he’s masochistic enough to read books he doesn’t like and sadistic enough to tell the creator all about it. So, he’s an asshole.

And you know what that means?

It means I still have the cool job, and he’s still an asshole on social media. He’ll be an asshole tomorrow. And he’ll be an asshole next week. And I’ll still have the cool job.

I don’t get this sort of thing often, but when I do it’s usually so stupid, I can’t even. They make it a point to tell you ALLLLLL the stuff they read, and I’m like, whoa, you know if I don’t like a movie, I turn it off. If I don’t like a book, I don’t buy books by that author. If I don’t like a painting, I don’t buy the print. And yet…you buy stuff you don’t like. May I ask, sir…what the fuck is wrong with you?

This same guy (who was giving me a hard time on twitter about A DISTANT SOIL before I blocked awhile back) was trashing SAGA online. So he wrote bad reviews for TWO volumes of SAGA. And I’m like, WTF? After not liking volume I, you read Volume II? Who reads BOOK AFTER BOOK of stuff they don’t like? Are these like the people who read EVERY VOLUME of Twilight and then acted like the author ruined their lives? After Volume I, you’re responsible for going on with the experience, you nitwit.

Go write and draw stuff, O My People.

Free yourself of the good opinion of others.

Because sometimes that shit just ‘aint worth having.