Fandom PSA

Listen, this is important. There will ALWAYS be two sides of a fandom. Always, no matter what fandom, whether it´s Avengers, MLP, creepypasta, Supernatural, Twilight, ect.

There will always be one side that damns the entire fandom into shame with hateful anons, sexist/racists/queerphobic posts and slurs, or starting fanwars because something doesn´t sit right with them.

And then there will be the other side that makes crossovers, draws and writes and creates bizarre headcanons for every single character

(sure, these things can overlap, there are racist fanfics and hateful messages in fanart)

My point is, don´t condemn a whole fandom for that one side. We are aware of the people that ruin the entire community with their immaturity, but there´s only so much we can do to stop them.

And sending messages to people shaming them for being part of a certain community because you´ve met some assholes from the same group, never helps anyone. It only causes frustration and that person feels bad for their favorite book or show or Internet sensation.


Quick extended refresher:

Since TTD had no official start it was assumed Twilight had freaked out long before the blog began. After mentioning Sombra’s name, Twilight fainted and awoke in the darkened Void, where Sombra appeared and Twilight concluded they must have been in the Crystal Empire. She was wrong and demanded answers from him as he mocked her with misleading answers and silence.

He explained she was dreaming and insisted she needed to find a way to wake up but could neither provide a method to do so, nor tell her the reason that was so important she woke up, but she did.

…but now where is she?


Nikki Reed (and Ian Somerhalder) attend the “Youth” Premiere during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival on May 20, 2015 in Cannes, France.
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