I’m posting my WIP in hopes it will motivate me to stop being a slack ass and FINISH THIS. If you don’t follow askdarklink YOU SHOULD. They created Twili Dark Link and he’s become my absolute favorite!! Admittedly part of why I like him IS his looks…but he’s got personality too!

I call this “the smoulder”

Look forward to me finishing this within the next year (I’m a lazy tart…) or more likely giving up halfway through digital inking and painting it anyway.


Eh, I like the idea… I haven’t explored this world very much since I was born (which was like a month or two ago?) and that about a Great Fairy granting a wish sounds interesting…

How long have you been here, by the way? You haven’t happen to hear the previous ask, do you…?

[adghsada Aurora, I got your ask just when I was working on the first one x’D]

[This is a rough reference sheet with Twili Dark’s most relevant details… I made a few little changes from the first design I made back when I got the magic anon who turned Dark into a twili for the first time…! 

I’m a terrible fashion designer, I know OTL I had a lot of trouble with the boots as you can see…! What I drew is the basic idea, if you want to draw it and  you want to style them or change them, I won’t mind lD specially if you let me use your design if I like it asfadgasd and also add more markings if you feel like it!

I’ll make a more detailed or clean one later, but you can have this by now… just to see that he does have legs xD And forgot to add the little squares that come from the end of his hat, but you know how they work already, don’t you?]


Well, I’m fine… very very fine now that you mention it *eyebrow wiggle* But how you doin, princess?

ooc: 8D finally thought on an answer for this xD hope you like it Midna! Btw, she’s under a magic anon spell who infatuated her to a member of the twilight realm, and well, Twili Dark is now a member of that place 8D XD

[And Twili became officially a mutant or something lD just look at him, is Link’s Dark side transformed into a twili, dressing sheikah-like clothes lD but anyway, hope you like this OvO It’s a combination of SSBB Sheik’s and SS Impa’s clothes~

Since this isn’t a magic anon, he will just be like this for this picture lD and even if I get to get a magic anon about this, it will have to wait xD I have tons of questions and magic anons OTL I’m gonna reply to the asks done to today’s magic anon spell tomorrow…! I hope]

ask-the-young-hero replied to your photo

((So it was from you I got the headcanon that Link is afraid of spiders? lol))

[Yup lD Or at least I’m not aware that other Darks share this headcanon xD]

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It’s okay Dark. I’m afraid of spiders too. Thankfully, there are not many in the Twilight Realm. There are some that are huge though! :O


Fortunately for me, I didn’t inherited that fear.

But you inherited the fear for the floormasters, even when they are not our enemies, don’t think I’m not aware of that~


You two are embarrasing.

Says the one who is afraid of insects.

Got a problem with that?

N-not really, though, I understand that thing in Lake Hylia was… a special thing to deal with…

Twili: And you look pretty amazing all the time~ Now excuse me as I transport myself to the farthest place I know.

[You know, before Sova sees him lD

Adsgagasd my hand slipped and this kinda fanservice-drawing for the Twirora shippers was born. We’ll go down with this ship!]