I’ve got an interview to the local Twik Krip gas station today. Last night I just about had a nervous breakdown thinking about going into my current job today. Enough is enough, so I’m hoping I get hired to this place. They pay more anyways. Wish me luck, guys. -Abby


The Summerween Trickster: Trick-or-treat. 

Dipper Pines: Dude, really? You’re a little old for this, man. Sorry. 

The Trickster: But wait, I…

Mabel Pines: Why’d you close the door? 

Dipper: I told you, Mabel, I’m just not feeling it tonight. 

Mabel: I think a little trick-or-treating will make you feel better. 

Dipper: I’m not trick-or-treating! Look man, just go to another house! 

Mabel: Dipper! Where’s your Summerween hospitality? 

Dipper: I’m not getting that. 

Mabel: Well I am! I apologize for my brother. He came down with a case of the grumpy-grumps. 

Trickster: SILENCE! You have insulted me! For this you must pay with your lives!

Mabel: Aww, what a cute little mask! You’re a funny guy, aren’t you? 

Trickster: Funny, am I?! 

Gourney: Twik-or-tweet! My name is Gourney. AH! Remember meeee! 

Grenda: Gourney! 

The Trickster: There’s only one way for you to avoid his fate: I need a treat. If you can collect five hundred pieces of candy and bring it to me before the last jack-o-melon goes out, I will let you live. 

Dipper: Five hundred treats in one night? That’s impossible! 

The Trickster: The choice is yours, children. You must trick-or-treat…or DIE! 

-”Gravity Falls”