The most UNOFFICIAL of Sushi Dogs. 

The concept of Sushi Dogs was created by the artist, witchpaws. They’re tiny canines [ they can fit in your hand ] that are usually based off foods. Traditional Sushi Dogs are based off Japanese meals while Modern Sushi Dogs can be based off any kind of foods. 

I picked my three based off my favorite things to eat. 

What makes them Unofficial? Read About it Here

Have a pet pit bull? Like the breed? Then send pictures of your pet to me! I want to help raise money for CHAKO [pit bull rescue ] and I want to practice drawing/ painting as many pit bulls as I can.

Ultimately I’m hoping of making some original paintings for them to place in an art auction. If you own a pit bull you know no two look alike. The more different pics I have the more I can practice.

Don’t be shy! Send me a pic and tell me your pit bull’s story! Help me make a pit portfolio!


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