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32 Musical Artists You Can Support if You Care About Media Representation

Alright, we can all have endless debates about whether Taylor Swift is feminist or not, but the best way to make sure we see progressive representation in music is to actually listen to and support marginalized artists. I have a massive music library, so here are a few musicians I’ve picked out for people looking to support artists who are LGBTQ, racial/religious minorities, disabled, or otherwise underrepresented in their various genres. Please feel free to pass it around and add to it! I don’t listen to these artists because they’re [insert marginalized status here], I listen to them because I believe each of them is a talented musician deserving of exposure and each of them has at least a handful of excellent songs. Some of them create art that specifically deals with minority status. Some do not. I cannot guarantee that none of them have said or done awful things any more than I can anyone else who I only know through listening to their music; I also cannot say that they haven’t done great things.

The Internet A project by Odd Future collaborators Syd tha Kyd and Matt Martians, The Internet is a hip-hop neo-soul group, slickly produced and with huge, foreboding atmospheres. Syd tha Kyd is an openly gay woman of Jamaican descent. Their most recent album, ‘Ego Death’, was released this year. Listen to: “Get Away”

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Angel Haze At the age of only 23, Angel Haze already has an extensive discography of mixtapes, on which they rap with dexterous flow and fierce conviction with pop-friendly choruses. Angel most famously did their own cover of Eminem’s ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ in which they detail their childhood sexual abuse in gut-wrenching detail. They are a genderqueer artist of African and Native-American descent. They have a new mixtape, Back to the Woods, coming out September 14th. Listen: “Werkin’ Girls”
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Antony & the Johnsons/Anohni One of the most prominent transgender musicians in the indie scene, Antony’s milky, dolorous voice has been her calling card for her erudite chamber-pop since 2000. She is currently working on an album under the name Anohni. Listen: “Hope There’s Someone”
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Samantha Crain Samantha Crain makes plaintive and delicate music that straddles the line between folk and alt rock while telling detailed stories of the American working class. Her new album, 'Under Branch & Thorn & Tree’, came out this year. She is of Choctaw heritage. Listen: “Elk City”
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Torres Brooklyn artist Torres’ new album, Sprinter, is a nine-song tour de force about religion, adulthood, anxiety and homoeroticism. She is currently touring with Garbage. Listen: “Strange Hellos”
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FKA twigs
FKA twigs is a British musician and dancer whose sparse, sensual electronic music is at the forefront of a new incarnation of R&B. She is of Jamaican and Spanish descent. She recently released an EP titled 'M3LL155X’. Listen: “Two Weeks”
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Hiro, to his great disappointment, stopped growing at 18.  You’re safe, Tadashi ^ ^;


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How tall do ya think Jasper would be as an adult

oh go d,,,,

honestly i have no idea bc i love the idea of david being super tall and somehow?? jasper is taller than him??? 

but also i would kill for jasper to be shorter and buffer than david and he just picks him up all the time to assert dominance

title: black butterflies and déjà vu
summary: will meets mike the first day of kindergarten. it takes him 10 years and a demogorgon epidemic to tell him how he feels.
word count: 3289

here it is! i hope you guys like it. thanks for reading! ♡

On the first day of kindergarten, Will Byers sat on the swing set alone. He didn’t need to kick much to swing lightly, it was a windy day and he was smaller than most boys his age, barely hitting the 38 pound mark. His family weren’t starving or anything, he had just always been… fragile. The September wind swayed him easily.

He tried to make friends today, but everybody seemed to already know each other and he had never been a very confident child. So, instead of running around with the other kids, he sat on the swings and hoped for a better day tomorrow.

He didn’t know what to think when he saw a boy from his class approach him slowly. The boy was average height, with huge brown eyes and a scattering of freckles across the bridge of his nose and cheeks. He looked nervous, his fingers twisting and untwisting together. They looked at each other for a moment.

“C-can I sit?” The boy asked, vaguely gesturing to the empty swing next to Will. He nodded, maybe a little too eagerly.

He sat down on the swing, grabbing the chains along either side and kicking his legs out just enough to swing him gently. They were silent for a moment, not really knowing what to say to each other.

“Do you want to be my friend?” The other boy blurted out, his big eyes growing impossibly larger, the tips of ears red with shyness. Will could have cried he was so happy.

“Yes!” He said excitedly, and the other boy gives him a shy, but bright smile.

“I’m Michael,” he said, holding out his hand. Will took it in his smaller one, shaking it firmly the way his dad taught him.

“I’m Will. It’s nice to meet you, Michael,” he answered, the way his mom taught him. Michael leaned back into his own swing, kicking his legs harder to start actually swinging. Will copied him, happy to have made a friend.

“Mike,” his new friend said after a moment. “I like Mike better.”

“Okay,” Will answered.

He liked Mike, too.

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Prison was the great equalizer, it would seem. Though, there wasn’t quite as much equalizing to happen between bad and worse. It wasn’t as if Ben Solo was some paragon of goodness: he was a smuggler and he owed half the galaxy money–or worse. There had been a great, galactic groan of annoyance when news came of Han Solo reproducing, with a women who was synonymous with rebellion, no less. Ben belonged in jail, of that there was no doubt.

But to be led to the cell containing the woman so infamous she only needed one name–just Rey–well, that was comparing apples to oranges. Or grand larceny to cosmic homicide.

She seemed pretty pissed to be here, tanned arms crossed tight over her chest and a glare that was probably half-way to melting the bars of her cell and giving her a means of escape anyway. But when he guard opened the creaking door and pushed Ben inside, pissed evolved into livid and she shot to her feet.

“This whole block is free! Why are you putting him in here with me?” she asked, her voice just as deep and hard as he remembered.

“We’re hopin’ you’ll kill him, love,” was the guard’s careless answer, and with the loud clacking of the lock, he left the two of them alone.

“Miss me, sweetheart?” Ben asked as he sauntered over to her. She hissed and knocked his legs from beneath him in a move he hadn’t even had time to entirely see. She planted a heavy boot on his chest and pressed hard. She was using the Force, because there was no way that twig of a woman could exert this much pressure on him, even were she standing full on his chest. She was tall, and she was muscled, but she wasn’t heavy. He knew what it felt like to have her on top of him.

“Stop it,” she snapped.

“Stop what?”

“Stop picturing me naked.”

He grinned. “Or what?”

“Or I’ll start picturing you dead and see where that takes me.”

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Hvitserk Marathon #6

Request:  Oooh babe I have an idea for an imagine you and hvitserk or ubbe are together you are one of the best shield maidens they have and he tells you that your not allowed to go on the next raid and you give him the silent treatment and he realizes he can’t have you ignore him because he feels like he’s going crazy sorry if it’s so long and descriptive thanks babes

Warnings: It’s rather cute
Words: 1859

Taglist: @missbrightlyred @itharley @burningsunshin3 @float-autumn-leave @inthenameofodin @zombie-zayde @decaffeinatedeaglefart @nothingbuthappydays @dani-si @supervalcsi @ivarbarnes @kolvanismirk @sweetvengeancee @mysticsthinking @odins-missing-eye @kirah34 @laketaj24 @mcuimxgine @sconniebelle @tiredofthisgeneration @oddsnendsfanfics 

You reflexed your axe into the sunlight cracking through the wood of the blacksmith his work space, your brother. The runes on the metal glistered under the sun, prepping a smile on your lips as you pushed the edge of it down again to sharpen it. It was one of the places you were way to often before an upcoming raid. Just as it was his favorite place to. You didn’t looked up when you heard the familiar dragging of his body, you only enjoyed the sound of the contact your axe made while sharpening.
‘Y/n, what are you doing here?’ He asked you surprised, you could hear from miles away when he wasn’t general about it.
‘Never go to battle with an axe that isn’t sharpen.’ You replied, turning your body a little around to look at him.
‘Ah,’ Ivar nodded, rolling his jaw to suppress the smile that was trying to get on his face. ‘So you didn’t heard then?’ He asked just as you turned back.
‘You know I catch all your lies right?’
‘It doesn’t involve lying.’ He protested. You signed, turning around to him. He had his head titled, with that mock on his lips that often irritated you.
‘Spill.’ You gestured.
‘Did Hvitserk talked with you, about the raid?’ He asked with small squeezed eyes. You frowned, shaking your head. ‘You better do.’ Ivar chuckled, pulling his axe from out of his belt. ‘A certain ear caught a conversation between him and Björn in which they negotiated you not coming.’ He followed, turning his blue distinct eyes down to his axe.
‘Hvitserk doesn’t want me to come?’ You asked breathless.
‘You ask him yourself, he is eating dinner, like usual.’ The dark tug in his lips got lost in the way you walked out of that blacksmith, lips pressed together, eyes locked on the great hall. You weren’t just a shield maiden, you were the finest and the best. If he thought a relationship would get him on bossing you around he was wrong.

He was eating, like usual. You normally could adore his way around food or the fact how happy it made him but now you even ignored the boyish grin on his face when you walked it. At least Ubbe understood your look because he changed a fast look with Hvitserk.
‘A certain ear caught words that I can’t go on the next raid.’ You came straight to the point. His food got stuck, causing his to cough as he looked at you.
‘Ivar.’ He reacted as he got his cough under control.
‘And here I thought you would deny it.’ You smiled, hardly with any emotions really. Ubbe, wisely as he was, walked away from the table. Hvitserk got up from the table, wiping his mouth before coming around, sitting on the edge while pulling your closer at your hand. You let him.
‘I don’t want you to come.’ He stated honestly. Your jaws tensed on each other, not giving a crimp while his hands run over your arms before cupping your face. ‘I don’t want to find the one I love dead on a battlefield.’ He whispered, messing it even more up.
‘I’m the best shield maiden you have.’ You just stated, giving him a chance to make it right again.
‘And I want to lose you. Y/n, you understand?’
‘Totally.’ You faked with a smile, laying your hand on his before kissing him. You felt his fingers around your waist, following the curve of your ass before he pulled back.
‘Thanks for understanding.’ He smiled, generally in love. You petted his cheek before turning around and walking out.
‘You are so deep in trouble brother.’ You heard Ubbe chuckled, at least somebody understood. You were a born fighter, you always fought and now all the sudden you couldn’t? Because Hvitserk loved you … how much would he love your silence?

He sneaked in late at night, trying to get you awake by kissing your warm skin but you just ignored the innocent act until he fall asleep. When he woke up you were already long gone, practicing on the training ground in the forest. 
‘How did you took it?’ Ivar asked amused when he arrived. You pulled the string back, hitting a deer head right between the eyes. ‘Not good.’
‘I won’t say a word to him until he lets me come.’ You stated, looking aside to Ivar.
‘You know he will go crazy right? Before even realizing his fault?’ Ivar asked.
‘That is the plan.’ You muttered, taking another arrow, placing it on the bow.
‘I like you Y/n, if you ever grow sick of him you can always turn to me.’
‘Well,’ you stopped your own words, turning with the bow until your eyes fell on Hvitserk and Ubbe, joking while walking over. You took a deep breath, pulling the string back before aiming, hitting the tree just aside him. Hvitserk startled and the only sound around you was Ivar his laugh.
‘You weren’t there this morning.’ Hvitserk started. You tilted your head, crossing your arms while looking at him. ‘You are angry.’ He guessed.
‘You think you are good around woman by having such high standard but isn’t she a little too good for you?’ Ivar joked, ducking for the twig that got his way. He totally had his fun with it. You turned around, grabbing another arrow and getting back to your training.
‘Y/n, tell me.’ Hvitserk insisted, blocking your view from the deer. If he really was thinking you would shoot he was wrong. You pulled the string back, giving him a challenging look, he jumped aside before it could hit him. ‘You are that angry that you rather have me dead?’ He asked out of the blew.
‘I think she is proving a point brother.’
‘You shut up!’ Hvitserk snapped towards his younger brother. You couldn’t suppress the little smile on your lips, seeing how much it already irritated him that you didn’t say a word. ‘Fine, if you want to play it this way.’ Hvitserk started, pulling out his sword.
‘Be wise brother.’ Ubbe warned him. You gave the bow to Ivar and he gave you an sword instead. You already fought Hvitserk in countless ways, he didn’t won that often. He should know how good you where, he should be the one staying home, not you. You turned the sword two times around your wrist before setting your attention to him. You smiled, not the kind way, the promising way of winning this came.
‘Don’t think you can impress me.’ He smiled charming. You didn’t answer and he attacked. Your feet work went fluent, douching his attack with a fine line between defending and attacking back. For the first time you gave him the hints of the killer you could be, cutting him in his upper arm before swiftly tackling him down to the ground in les then five minutes. You pinched your sword to his throat, giving him a sweet smile yourself. ‘I’m sorry!’ He signed, losing the sword to surrender. ‘I offended your by saying you weren’t good enough, I’m sorry.’ He explained. You pulled the sword back and he got up, tilting hi head. ‘Forgive me?’ He asked sweet, out of breath. You gave the sword back to Ivar before leaving the trainings ground. ‘Y/n!’ He yelled after you but just as before he got only silence in return.

After that there wasn’t anything stopping him from trying to getting you to talk. He helped your parents with stocking hay the day after in the hope you would talk directly to him, which you never did. The day after that he tried on getting you somewhere you knew you liked it, the hunting cabin. There were a lot of vivid memories in that cabin that made you warm only by thinking. But you just went on with your work. You were in your brother his blacksmith when he found you the third day.
‘Here you are.’ He greeted you, totally normal. You turned your head to look at him but didn’t react. He grunted, strangling his fingers through his hair, almost pulling it out. ‘Please Y/n, how do I get you to talking to me again.’ He was almost begging. You studied his face as he came to stand before you. ‘I can’t handle this anymore, I said I was sorry a hundred times over. Please talk, I will do everything you ask.’ He promised. Your eyebrow cocked up … everything?
‘Normally it would feel better now, I made a few adjustments.’ Your brother started, walking from a little shed into the blacksmith. ‘Hvitserk.’ He greeted your lover. Hvitserk only signed, letting his head fall forward as you turned to your brother.
‘Thank you.’
‘Be careful.’ He warned you.
‘I will.’ You winked. You walked out, slowing your steps as you heard Hvitserk.
‘How do I get her to talk against me again?’ He asked your brother desperately.
‘Give her what she wants.’ You brother answered and you smiled, walking back home.

That evening you were invited to eat in the great hall, a really good meal with a lot of ale. Hvitserk was always watching you from the other side.
‘Still not talking to each other?’ Ubbe guessed.
‘I do plenty talking, she just doesn’t answer.’ Hvitserk muttered angry. You grew rather amused of the matter, knowing this would be the only lesson you would have to give him. After three days you longed on talking to him again, but you were just the more stubborn party. He looked at you, waiting for reaction before he slammed his mock down on the table. ‘You are driving me crazy.’ He threw out, frustrated. Ubbe frowned his eyebrows, rather amused and Ivar … well he had a lot of fun on the matter. ‘You can come.’ He gave in. A slow smile got on your lips while tilting your head.
‘Wasn’t that hard right?’ You asked him. He looked at you, mouth hanging half open.
‘Seriously, this was all I had to do?’
‘If you think you can make my choices than you are wrong Hvitserk.’
‘You just had to say it to me!’ He flew out, relieved, confused.
‘I did. You just don’t read woman that well.’
‘She did.’ Ivar supported you amused. You both gave him an angry glare.
‘Don’t make my choices, I’m a better fighter then you, you don’t get a say in how I die.’ You stated. Hvitserk grabbed his cup an drank it empty in one time. ‘But it’s cute seeing all the effort of past days.’ You bite your lip.
‘How can I still love you.’
‘Because I’m the best there is.’
‘If you die on me I kill you all over in Valhalla.’
‘If I die, we better make the best of it before then.’ You wiggled your eyebrows. He gazed at you before jumping from his seat. You smiled, getting up and giving jealous Ivar a seductive smile. ‘Enjoy my friends.’ You winked to them before following Hvitserk outside, feeling the greedy fingers around your body as if he missed your for weeks. Cute.

1997 [4]

Previous parts

Characters: Dean, twin sister!reader, Sam, OC characters

Words: 1900

Music Suggestion: 80′s Films - Jon Bellion

Your name: submit What is this?

”We’re going running.” Dean declared and looked at you expectantly. It was Saturday before lunch and your twin brother looked alarmingly keen.

You rose one eyebrow and stared at him, really not feeling it, as you were sitting on the couch of the motel room (that also was your bed), watching some random show on the TV — that actually got you quite hooked on the plot.

”We are?”

”Yes, we are. Gotta stay in shape. Now, go change.”

You groaned and muttered not so nice words under your breath. Dean only smirked as he watched you get up from the couch, grab some clothes and go to change in the bathroom. Then he turned to Sam.

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The Lonely Tree (Part 5)

Word Count: 995 (these keep getting longer idk guys)

Summary: You climb the Lonely Tree

Warnings: Language, brief mention of injury, Steve being dumb… again

A/N: You guys are the sweetest, and it’s slowly killing me. Happy Tuesday, my darlings! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

“Hey,” Steve said suddenly, nudging you.

You held up a finger, intent on finishing at least one page of this damn book without him distracting you. The rustling of the leaves of the Lonely Tree – what leaves it had left – mingled with the sound of Steve’s sullen sigh.

“I’m bored,” he said, nudging you again and letting out a plaintive sound when you smacked his shoulder, eyes still glued to the page.

“Oh my god WHAT?” You tossed your book down and turned to the squirming blonde beside you when he nudged you yet again.

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Never, In Fact, Homeless

Relationship: Dean x Daughter
Words: 2,625

Originally posted by whoeveryoulovethemost

You shivered as you gripped your leather jacket tighter, curling in on yourself in a desperate attempt for warmth you knew wouldn’t come. The bench was hard and cold beneath you, the slats digging into your hip. You were probably better off by the edge of the park, where the trees could hide you from this biting wind, but it was late and you were too exhausted to move.

As hard as you tried, though, sleep just wouldn’t come to you. By midnight, you were beyond frustrated; you were planning to leave town the next day, and you knew you were going to need your strength. But strength was a little hard to come by when you didn’t know when your next chance to eat would be.

A twig snapped a little ways down the path, shaking you from your thoughts. You stiffened and strained your ears to hear footsteps. It sounded like two men, judging by the heavy footfalls, both either very big or very tall. They were talking to each other, whispering animatedly about something evidently important. As they came closer, you swore their voices seemed eerily familiar; but then, you had met a lot of people in your travels over the past two years.

The men stopped about fifty feet away from where you were, and you held your breath. They were arguing now, about what you couldn’t tell. You gave a silent prayer to a God you knew wouldn’t listen that they would pass by you and ignore you like everyone else. As luck would have it, they didn’t.

You heard them start towards you, and you feigned sleep as they came up behind you. Your whole body was tense.

“Excuse me, miss?” One asked in an authoritative voice, and you would have fallen over had you not been lying down. “Hey, we know you’re awake, so you can quit pretending.”

Your heart fell to somewhere in your stomach region. They were the last people you expected. You’d hoped that you wouldn’t have had to face them for a few more years at least, but apparently fate had other plans. You sighed as you pushed yourself up from the bench, stretching to get the blood flowing through your stiff body. You knew you were just prolonging the inevitable, but the thought of seeing them again, and the possibility that they would recognize you, had your stomach in knots. Finally, after stalling for too long, you turned around to face the men.

They were both extremely tall, and dressed in official-looking suits. The one who had spoken was very handsome, with spiked up dirty blond hair and the greenest eyes you had ever seen. He had a look of concentration on his face, with hints of concern and worry. You could see he recognized you, although faintly, and was trying to figure out how he knew you.

If the first guy had been tall, the second was a giant. He towered over the park bench, and if you hadn’t known how big of a teddy bear he was, you would have been terrified. His shaggy hair was longer than it had been before, now just above his shoulders, and his warm brown eyes held concern.

“What are you doing here?” Gigantor asked. You stared at a spot just over his shoulder; you weren’t entirely sure that you’d be able to look at him directly without breaking down or throwing yourself at either of them.

“I could ask you the same thing,” you shot back. Green-eyes gave his partner an eye roll before they both reached inside their jackets and pulled out their badges. They showed them to you as Gigantor replied.

“Agents Page and Plant, FBI.”

“Page and Plant? Like Robert Plant and Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin?” you asked with false innocence, and you smirked as their eyes widened almost comically. You knew it was sort of cruel, but you wanted to watch them squirm a bit.

Agent Page gave his partner a look that told you they hadn’t been expecting that. Agent Plant struggled for a bit to think of a reasonable explanation that anyone but you would accept.

“We, uh, our bosses are, uh, really big fans,” he stammered, refusing to meet your gaze. The look on his face was absolutely priceless, and under different circumstances, you would have teased him endlessly about it. He cleared his throat and looked back at you, his tone serious once more. “What about you? You got a name to go with that attitude?”

You blanked. You hadn’t been expecting things to get this far, and you didn’t have a fake name ready. You just said the first thing that popped into your head. “Campbell. Mary Campbell.”

As soon as the words left, you immediately regretted them. You mentally cursed yourself. How could you be so stupid? You knew that was still a sore subject for both of them, and you’d crossed the line by throwing it so casually in their faces, even if they thought it was just a coincidence. They tried to play it off like it didn’t bother them, but you could see the pain their eyes held, and you had to look away so that you wouldn’t start crying.

You cleared your throat and tried to pretend like you hadn’t just struck a nerve. “So, what’s FBI doing in a small town like this? Don’t you guys have bigger fish to fry?”

You could tell Agent Plant was relieved at the change in subject. “We’re investigating the deaths of those three teenagers from the local high school.”

“Oh, yeah, I remember hearing about them in the newspaper,” you said. You’d only glanced at the article, but even from what you saw, you could tell something supernatural was behind the murders. That meant it was only a matter of time before hunters came into town to investigate, and you should have been long gone by then. Unfortunately, circumstance forced you to stay a few more days before you could go. “It’s really tragic. Do you guys have any theories on what happened?”

“Not yet, but we’re working on it,” Page replied. He took out a notepad and pencil. “You wouldn’t happen to know anything about it, would you?”

Oh, lovely, an interrogation at twelve-thirty in the morning. Of course that was just what you needed.

“No, sorry,” you answered truthfully.

“Don’t you go to school with them?” Plant pressed. Suddenly your boots became really interesting. You felt the blush creep up your neck, and you mumbled something to the ground. “Come again?”

“I dropped out, ok?” you said a bit too harshly, and you had to bite the inside of your cheek to stop yourself from crying. You missed the agents’ identical looks of concern.

“Mary, how long have you been out of school?” Page asked gently. He was kneeling in front of you now, and it took all you had not to wrap your arms around him.

“Two years,” you said in a soft voice. You felt a tear slip down your cheek, and you angrily swiped at it. There was no way you were going to cry in front of them and let them see how weak you were.

“Can I ask why?”

“My-my parents needed help at home, and to them, my sister’s education was more important than m-mine,” you lied as more tears fell unbidden. You couldn’t tell them the real reason, that you were a failure and a burden and that’s why you were here, but you did give a little bit of truth. “I was g-gonna fail out anyways, it’s not like it made any difference.”

The agents had a silent conversation with each other before they turned back to you. Agent Page’s eyes held so much pity and concern that it physically hurt you.

“Do you need us to give you a ride home?” he asked. You could feel your heart beating rapidly in your chest. This was the kind of thing you’d wanted to avoid, because it led to other questions that you really didn’t want to answer.

“N-no,” you stuttered, cursing yourself for showing so much weakness. “My p-parents kicked me out of the house.”

“Do you have any relatives you could stay with? Maybe a friend who’d be willing to let you crash for tonight?” Page pushed. You sniffed and shook your head. You appreciated his efforts, you really did, but you were so exhausted, both physically and emotionally, that you just wanted them to leave.

“Where are your parents, Mary?”

You stayed quiet, thinking that if you didn’t acknowledge the question it would just go away. You knew Plant just wanted to help you, but you could tell from his body language that he was getting very annoyed with you.

“Mary.” His voice left no room for argument. “Where are your parents?”

“Th-they’re dead,” you whispered. Another lie, but to you, they were as good as.

Plant knelt down in front of you. From the look he gave you, you could tell what was coming next. Now it was only a matter of time before they told the real authorities and you were carted off to Child Services.

“Mary, are you…” He swallowed thickly, a multitude of emotions playing across his face. “Are you homeless?”

Your heart clenched, and you refused to meet his gaze. You’d told yourself time and again that you weren’t homeless, just traveling around. But hearing those words come from him of all people made the realization ten times harder. “No.”

The agent put a hand under your chin and gently lifted it so that you had no choice but to look at him. Those beautiful green eyes, so much like your own, found blue contacts, and the genuine concern they held for you, someone he didn’t even know, was enough to push you over the edge.

And then you were sobbing, tears dripping off your chin and snot running freely from your nose. You didn’t even care that the agents were still there. You weren’t thinking properly. Your desire, your need, to be held and comforted caused you to act impulsively, and you threw your body onto Plant. You were so desperate for any form of affection, something you’d been denied for two years. You just wanted to be in his arms again. He held you just like he used to when you were a little girl,  albeit rather awkwardly, and you instinctively leaned into him, wrapping your arms around his neck.

As your sobs died down to pathetic hiccups, you slowly became aware that you were still draped over the agent. You quickly scrambled back on to the bench and stared down at your feet, your face burning. “S-sorry.”

The men didn’t say anything for a while, which made you very nervous. When you chanced a glance at them, you could see they having a silent argument with each other. You put your head back down, feeling a tidal wave of guilt wash over you for causing them even more trouble.

Agent Plant cleared his throat. “Would you excuse us for a moment?”

You nodded mutely and watched their blurry feet move out of your line of vision as they jogged down the path. As soon as they thought they were out of earshot, they started arguing with each other. You couldn’t tell what it was about, but by the way Plant was waving his hands, it was a little intense. You thought you heard your name thrown in there a few times, but you weren’t sure.

It wasn’t until you saw their feet approach out of the corner of your eye that you brought your head back up. Both men wore serious expressions, which instantly set you even more on edge. They kneeled in front of you again, and Agent Page looked at his partner, who gave a nod of confirmation, before addressing you.

“Mary, we were wondering if, uh, if you’d like to spend the night with us,” Page said, and your eyes widened. He seemed to realize how that sounded out loud because he back-tracked a little. “I mean, like, in a totally non-creepy way. We just, you know, we wanna help you out a little, get you back on your feet.”

You knew you probably looked like an idiot with your mouth hanging open and your eyes wide as saucers, but you couldn’t help it. For the first time in over two years, someone was offering kindness, not just money or food. For all they knew, you were just some random teenager sleeping on a park bench, and yet here they were, offering to let you stay the night with them.

You didn’t even try to stop the tears this time. You let them fall, too overcome with emotion to really care. You could see the agents were startled by your reaction, and they quickly looked at one another.

“I-I’m so sorry,” Page stammered. “Did I say something wrong? Was it something I said?”

You shook your head and drew in a shaky breath. You forced yourself to focus on your breathing, attempting to calm down enough to explain yourself.

“I’m sorry,” you apologized, wiping at the tear tracks on your face. “It’s j-just that, no one’s ever done that for me. Offered to let me stay the night, that is. They give me food, a-and some change if they can spare it, but never anything more than that.” You paused, looking at both of the agents in turn. “It’s just nice to know there’s still some good left in the world.”

“Ah, don’t mention it,” Plant said as he stood up and offered you a hand, which you gladly accepted. “You seem like a good kid, just in a bad situation.”

Blushing at the compliment, your gaze shifted to your feet as you followed the agents. It was all a bit overwhelming, seeing both of them again, and you knew it probably wasn’t the best idea to stay with them. But you were willing to take any risks if it meant spending time with them again, even if it was only for a little while.

You whipped your head up as you heard a car door open, and your breath snagged in your throat. There she was, just as beautiful as you remembered her. The sleek black hood caught the reflection of the moon and stars in the clear night sky. She was meticulously detailed, with not a scratch to be found. You found yourself running your hand over the trunk on your way to your seat behind the driver.

“She’s beautiful,” you breathed, more to yourself than the agents. But Agent Plant heard you as he walked to the driver’s side.

“Thanks,” he said, beaming with pride. “Rebuilt her myself. She’s a-”

“1967 Chevy Impala,” you cut in, unable to help yourself. You glanced up to see him giving you a look of mild impression, with a hint of curiosity, and you found yourself blushing again. “My dad was obsessed with classic cars, and it kinda rubbed off.”

He gave you a small nod of approval before opening his door and ducking inside. You quickly followed suit, sinking into the familiar leather of the backseat. You recalled fondly the many nights spent sprawled out back here, sleeping away the distance as you traveled across the country to gank the next SOB that decided to rear its ugly head. A contented sigh escaped you as you stretched your legs across the seat out of habit, making sure to keep your dirt covered shoes off of the upholstery.

You closed your eyes and let the gentle purr of the engine pull you under, a soft smile playing on your lips.

| Sonic Chaos | Chapter Two: The Great Dive-Bomb of Death

(Illustration provided by @sonicwind-01 <3)

                                                ~Chapter Two~

Sonic felt weightless. His eyes were closed, and his muscles relaxed. It was such a strange feeling like he was floating in a pool of water. He lingered for just a brief moment, and suddenly rocketed towards the ground. His eyes shot open, and his breathing suddenly became very quick and short.

He was met with a bright blue sky. For a moment, he was frozen in shock. Just an instant ago, he was inside of an exploding ship, and now he was without a scratch, but quickly falling to his death. He was confused, frightened, and relieved all at once, so the only thing he could do to express this was scream at the top of his lungs.

“AAHHHHHH!!!” He looked around frantically, searching for any debris he could grab onto, but there was nothing in sight. He raised a brow; where did the ship go? Didn’t it just explode? He quickly spun himself around and faced the ground. He was so high up that his vision was blocked by huge, dark clouds.

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#26 “You’re not going to kill me, are you?”, #27 “Curiosity killed the cat”, #31 “It was one time” Peter Pan One Line Prompts

Pairing: Peter Pan (OUAT) x Reader

Words: 957

Warning: smut

One Line Prompts

Walking through the thick woods of the dark Neverland forest, easily making sure not to step on any dry twigs along the way to my destination: Peter Pan’s secret hut.

With my heart racing and hands sweaty as I approach his secretive hut nervously. He built it himself, I watched it over time. Who knows how long it took, time doesn’t exist here.

I look around as I approach the entrance, feeling uneasy about how simple it was to reach how far I’ve come. I know I’m quiet and sneaky, but it shouldn’t have been this easy.

Curiosity killed the cat.” I hear a familiar British accent interrupt my sneaking around behind me.

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The Duchess - Part 6

Summary: She hated him, for everything he had done to them, the damage he had caused, the suffering and pain he had left behind. She hated him… Didn’t she? Emilia comes face to face with the leader of the Saviours and is confronted with his true nature, which in turn has her questioning her own.

Warning/s: Eventual smut, slow burner, profanity/swearing, graphic descriptions of violence.

Pairing: Negan/OC

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5  

No gifs are made by me unless otherwise stated. All credit goes to the original creators.
A/N: THIS IS A LONG ONE SO HUNKER DOWN! I couldn’t leave you another whole chapter without Negan, so I combined two as a thanks for all of your lovely support. 

Originally posted by shield-wolf

She couldn’t have been asleep for more than a couple of hours which meant she had a fair while to wait before she’d see the daylight again. She had two choices, stay here and hope they bypassed them or move and risk being heard. If she remained where she was and they discovered her, it surely meant the end for her and Logan…

If she moved maybe she had more of a chance, it would be harder for them to find her but in turn she’d be stumbling around in the dark and had more risk of running head first into a walker.

She listened hard, all of her senses were on high alert. She knew she was around 50 miles away from Alexandria, which was a days travel on foot, whoever these people were they could have a vehicle.

She jumped hard and pulled on Logan’s fur as a loud, high scream pierced the air around them, drifting from somewhere ahead. Then gun fire, the anguished screams of another person, she could hear them begging whoever was injured to say with them… Then more gunfire.

Then more screams.

A shot

Then silence.

She closed her eyes for a moment as the imagined scene flew up unbidden from behind her eyelids. Why had they used guns, the fools. That would have attracted every walker in the area right too them.

She clung to Logan, every noise making her jump.

She didn’t sleep any more that night, her heart raced in her chest and she was sure it was as loud as the gunfire had been, was sure it would draw every walker to them.

She didn’t know how much time had passed until she heard the shuffling, it had felt like hours but could have only been mere minutes. It sounded like a lot of them, gurgling and groaning and stumbling their way through the forest.

A herd.

And she was stuck right in their path.

She sucked in a deep breath as panic seeped into her bones, her arm tingled at the rush of oxygen and she felt light headed as she thought about the possible outcomes.

She’d never forgive herself if her foolhardy venture ended up with Logan being… No.

She wouldn’t think about it.


She trusted her dog and so laid in total silence beneath him, the large tree was their only cover. She listened intently as she heard them bounce off the rope surrounding the clearing and continued in another direction.

She felt every single second of the minutes and hours that passed, her muscles screamed from the constant tension in her muscles but she was too afraid if she moved they’d hear her. Her fists were still clenched in Logan’s dark fur as she held him atop her, fearing that if he moved they’d get him.

Silent tears tracked their way down her face as the stench of rotting flesh surrounded them. She was grateful for her nose being buried in Logan’s fur, his familiar scent comforting her as they waited together. Fear overwhelmed her, fear of moving, of being discovered, of the rope snapping or a twig giving way beneath their combined weight, fear of Logan shifting or one of them tripping and managing to get through…

As she ran through the many scenarios in her mind time passed slowly, she had never wanted to see anything so much as another sunrise, but she knew that if it rose whilst they were in the midst of the herd, they were done for.

Silently she prayed.

Gradually the noise seemed to lessen over time, fewer groans and dragging footsteps led her to believe that the bulk of the herd had passed them and it couldn’t have been in better timing as the sky was beginning to lighten ever so slightly. She could just see the glimpse of sky through the canopy of trees.

She remained where she was, her whole body felt as though it was on fire having had constant adrenaline rushing through her for the last few hours. She thought she’d either pass out or throw up when she moved. She hoped that she was at least away from the walkers if that happened.

The sky was beginning to glow now, before it had been a dark navy as the sun began to rise and now the sky was a glowing red and orange.

Suddenly she heard her mothers voice in her mind.

“Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight. Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning”

She refused to acknowledge the feeling of dread that filled her stomach, it was just her mothers superstitions rubbing off on her and she wouldn’t let them influence her now.

She had just enough light to see her surroundings and as the shuffling had lessened she risked a glance to her right to see their situation.

A few bodies lumbered their way through the trees, only visible as dark shapes shifting in the minimal light. She shifted slightly to try and look behind them, to see if there was a way out. They didn’t have much time now before they would be bathed in sunlight. She couldn’t see round the thick tree which had kept them hidden all this time, not without moving and Logan firmly remaining in place told her he was against that idea.

She loosened her grip on his fur and felt somewhat guilty as clumps came away in her sweaty palms. She couldn’t believe she had been gripping that hard and he’d not even made a move or noise, again she felt her heart swell for her loyal pup.

The sky was lightening by the second, now stained with pink and yellow and the dark shapes became more discernible. They were still surrounded, though now by a massively reduced amount of the walking dead. She would have guessed during the darkness they were in the midst of a herd of at least a hundred walkers, now however she could guess more or less ten of them were straggling along at the back.

Logan shifted and she knew that was her signal to move. His warm heavy weight lifted, hitting her with a blast of cold air which helped alert her further. He was silent as he moved, his paws settling into the leaves beside her without even a crunch. She sat up as slowly as she could, hoisting her bow and ignoring the pain in her arms knocked an arrow, on one knee she surveyed their surroundings.

Her movement had attracted attention and the walker closest groaned loudly and stumbled towards her, arms outstretched whilst his exposed guts swung from the slit in his bloated stomach.

Disgust curled her lip as she pulled back and glanced briefly to her side at Logan. He was gone.

Panic shot through her and her eyes darted around the area. She couldn’t see him. Surely she’d have heard him if anything had happened?

She loosed the arrow, fear for her best friend now driving her as the wood hit home and lodged within the eye socket of the disembowelled walker. It fell with a thud, drawing the attention of the remaining.

She had five arrows left and at least double that were now all heading for her, enclosed in her self made rope circle she realised just how pathetic it looked. They bounced off the rope but kept coming, she fired her arrows one by one, the adrenaline coursing through her veins as she knew she couldn’t miss a single shot, and she didn’t.

But she still didn’t have enough arrows.

Once she had run out she threw her bow over her shoulder and bent down to retrieve the hunting knife, her eyes still frantically scanning for Logan. She didn’t realise she had been backing away until her back hit rope and fingers clutched at her clothing.

She gasped and jumped forward, spinning quickly to see an open mouth full of teeth and a black, rotten tongue snapping at her. The walker seemed aggravated to have been so close and not gotten a taste and lunged forward, his head pushing through the two lines of rope as he toppled forward into her inclosure. She took her advantage whilst he was on the floor and lodged her blade firmly into his temple. The body stilled and she breathed, finally noticing the growls and thudding of bodies dropping to the floor around her.

She span to the noise to see him and relief filled her just as much as fear as he leapt at a walked and ripped at its throat until its head was dislodged from its body.

“Logan!” She hissed as another walked stumbled towards him. He shot out of its way just in time and sped into the trees, a long low howl striking her to the very core as she realised what he was doing.

“No!” She whispered as tears streamed down her cheeks as she watched him lead the walkers away.

She leapt into action and retrieved her arrows, not having time to untie her rope Emilia grabbed her pack and ran after them. She stayed alert, well aware her crashing footfall through the forest was alerting everything with ears to her presence, but she wouldn’t lose him.

Each walker she came upon she stabbed through the back of the head, lodging her knife upward from where the neck ended and head began and swiftly removing it and carrying on her pursuit. Her chest burned and her breaths puffed out in clouds of air as she ran until she could run no more.

“Lo-gan!” She called, bending over with her hands on her knees, knife dangling from her fingertips as she panted. “Logan!”

She heard a low howl, and her head snapped around to the echoed noise, it had come from back the way she had come. He had circled round for her only to find she had disappeared.

“Fuck. I’m coming!” She cursed and retraced her footsteps back, running past the bodies of the fallen walkers, some she had killed and some she had come across with their heads ripped clean from their bodies.

At this point she thought she may pass out, her legs burned and her chest pulsed with warning as oxygen set her lungs on fire but she refused to stop until she found him. She had been running across the dirt road which cut through the forest when a set of large paw prints leading up caught her attention. She looked in the direction of the clearing they had spent the night in and saw the tracks had come from that way. Had he realised she wasn’t there and continued up? She knew he could have tracked her, found her, but if he knew she was coming maybe he was leading her to something.

She followed the tracks, happy to see the large paw prints but knowing the gnawing dread in her gut wouldn’t be assuaged until she saw him.

The tracks led her back into the forest, she was up about 5 miles from where they had been the night before when, whilst tearing through the trees, familiar eyes pierced hers and she let out a happy laugh as she ran at the black, furry figure which was sat next to a fallen tree. She launched herself forward and wrapped her hands around him, his large tongue licked the side of her face once as she muttered how happy she was to have found him into his fur.

Then her eyes slid sideways and she realised what he was sitting next to. It was two bodies, they must have been the ones who were caught by the herd unaware last night, the two they had listened to as they die. She pulled the black scarf around her neck up and over her nose as the smell hit her. The first man had been torn apart, there was a large open cavity where his stomach used to be and a single hole in his head. She looked to the other figure and realised what must have happened. He’d shot his friend as he was being ripped apart and then himself when he realised there was no escape.

She let go of Logan and shut off her feelings as she opened her pack to take whatever she could from them.

She’d nearly lost Logan for their stupidity.

She picked up the gun from the undergrowth and was about to deposit in her pack when a carving caught her eye. Her gaze jumped over the two bodies and then back to the handle of the gun. A baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. They were saviours.

The image of Negan flashed into her minds eye and she shook her head to dislodge it, taking a little satisfaction knowing these couldn’t be good people. Not if they followed him.

They had been carrying a lot, food, weapons and even medicine. She wondered if they had been separated from a larger group, perhaps raiding and stealing from another group nearby. Emilia shouldered both her pack and the one they had been carrying.

She was slightly disappointed not to be able to head on and look for more but she simply couldn’t carry anything else on foot. She motioned for Logan to follow her and he did, his head pressed into her hip as they walked and she rested her hand on his neck as they made their way back to the dirt road, knowing that following it would lead them home.

“You scared me you know.” She said as she looked down at him, he only looked at her as he panted, his tongue and teeth dripped with blood and only now did she rub her cheek where he had licked her. “That’s fucking disgusting Logan.”

She wiped her face on her shoulder, fully aware she was just smearing the blood across her cheek.  Still she ruffled the fur on his neck, pleased they had made it out of there together as they walked together.

A couple of hours had passed judging by the position of the sun when the low grumble of an engine caught their ears. They both diverted from the path, Emilia ducked behind a large tree and looked back up the road, trying to catch sight of the vehicle. The sunlight glinted off the windscreen and it wasn’t until she could see the driver that she smiled with relief. She’d know that hair anywhere.

She stepped into the path and waved, Logan took her cue and reappeared at her side as the car slowed to a stop and she opened the door to let him in, getting in behind him.

“Mind if we catch a ride back?” She turned to Michonne who eyed her with a grim smirk, her gaze lingering on the new pack and blood smeared cheek.

“Sure… What happened to you?” The engine started and Emilia laughed, she delved into her bag as she explained their night, finding the remaining can of dog food she passed it back to Logan who stuck his head straight in.

“He deserves the rest of that for what he did.” She concluded and Michonne looked at her in disbelief.

“Jesus.” She looked back at the road, seeming tense as if she was deciding whether or not to say something. Emilia gave her time, enjoying the cold wind on her face as they drove with the windows down. “I found The Saviours and their compound. We’re massively outnumbered and outgunned. There is nothing we can do to fight.”

It was the first time she had heard Michonne speak with an air of defeat and she looked at her friend in shock.

“That big, huh?”  Michonne only nodded, her hands gripping tightly to the steering wheel. “Well then I guess we can only keep on doing what Negan wants until we find another way.”

When Emilia spoke the name of the leader of the Saviours Michonne shot her a strange look and chewed over what she was about to say.

“He’s got his eye on you.”

“Ha.” Emilia snorted, rolling her eyes. “He’s just a self important, egotistical jackass who thinks he’s gods gift to women and that we’ll all fall at his feet if he flashes a smile.”

“I agree.” Michonne said as she turned to look at the woman beside her. “But be careful. It’s you he’s singling out. Don’t do anything stupid.”

The conversation died then as she briefly mulled over Michonne’s warning before her thoughts turned to having a shower at home, she missed being able to have a hot bath but it wasn’t an easy thing to come by nowadays. Her daydreaming was interrupted as Michonne cursed loudly and she realised why as they pulled up to the already open gates of Alexandria.

The Saviours were here.

Both women exited the car quickly and Logan stayed at Emilia’s side as they entered, Negan’s many men loitered around the entrance as they leant against the vans smoking and drinking. All eyes were on them as they entered and they aimed to quickly make their way past.

Michonne was ahead of Emilia and walked up toward the storage lockup quickly, assumedly to check what was being taken. A large bald man stepped in front of Emilia as she made to walk past, blocking her route.

Michonne looked back but Emilia shook her head once, telling her to go on, saying she could handle it.

“Well what the fuck we got here?” The man laughed and looked over to his friends, all of whom laughed and jeered from their place against the metal side of the van.

“Move.” She said, glaring at the man who took a step toward her, only to hesitate as Logan snarled at her side, his upper lip pulled back to show his large, sharp teeth.

“You better tell your fucking mutt to heel bitch or i’ll make it my dinner.”

Before any of them could react she had her bow drawn and aimed as fury pulsed through her veins, the sharp metal tip was inches away from the brutes eye socket and he looked shocked as his friends withdrew their weapons and yelled at her to drop hers.

“Say that again.” She spoke, ignored them. How dare he threaten Logan after what he had just saved her from, after the hell they had been through. “I fucking dare you.”

“Oh yeah?” His voice quivered slightly and he didn’t move any closer, although he tried to uphold his false bravado she could see through it. “What, you gonna shoot me?”

“My arrow in your eye socket will be the least of your problems.” The large, bald man got the insinuation and his eyes slid down to Logan at her side, clearly now noticing the fresh blood staining his teeth as he snarled and snapped at the man. “I have often wondered what would happen if he bites someone with rotten walker blood is on his teeth… Do you think you’d get infected? Shall we find out?”

“What in the ever loving fuck is fucking going on? Why can’t you fucking people get the damn message I swear to-” The familiar deep voice approached from behind the large balding man who blocked her path and field of view. His speech stopped as he approached from their flank and saw who it was and what was going on. “Well, hello there Duchess, I was wondering where the fuck you were.”

“Out scavenging. For you and these dim witted morons.” She could feel his eyes on her but she dared not look away from the man in front of her. Her arm didn’t even quiver as she held the tension in her drawn arrow.

“Lower your fucking weapons.” Negan spoke to his men who did as he said, the bald man frowned in protest and opened his mouth to complain before the authoritative voice spoke again. “You fucking move back from her unless you want your dick ripped off by her fucking guard wolf and an arrow in your eye. I don’t think she’s fucking around.”

He did as he was told and stepped away, his eyes narrowing on the pack at her shoulder and she lowered her bow slightly, the tension easing as she allowed the arrow to rest but didn’t put it in her quiver, just in case.

Negan entered her field of vision, his eyes tracked over the blood on her face which was probably mixed with tears and dirt. She clenched her teeth and swore to herself she didn’t give a damn what she looked like. She’d been out scavenging she wasn’t going to look clean and fresh as a daisy. He handed Lucille off to Carl who was stood behind him, his hollow socket fully exposed as he bowed his head. She frowned at him for a moment in confusion before that voice captured her attention then.

“Well, aren’t you the most fucking beautiful thing i’ve ever seen.” For a split second she thought he’d been talking to her… Then she realised his eyes were fixed on Logan who was still at her side, his snarls having reduced to low growls now that the other man had moved out of her personal space.

She saw Negan take a step and looked around, everyone was watching. The whole of Alexandria knew Logan and his temperament, it was as if they were all waiting with bated breath to see him lunge at Negan. Well, she wouldn’t let her dog be shot because they wanted a show, begrudgingly she warned him.

“I wouldn’t… He doesn’t like strangers. Men especially.” Those dark eyes flicked up to hers as he smirked cockily and crouched, his arms resting on his knees as he met Logan’s eyes.

“I’m sure we’ll be best of fucking friends.”

She snorted in disbelief. “Yeah right, okay. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. If he rips your throat out we aren’t responsible and they aren’t allowed to shoot.” She pointed toward his men who were watching the situation with morbid curiosity and fear.

“Yeah yeah sure Darlin’, no one shoot if the dog moves. Happy now?” He flashing his white smile at her before looking back to Logan. “What’s this beauties name then?”

“Logan.” She said, finally putting her arrow back in her quiver and her bow over her shoulder to free up her hands to lay one upon Logan’s neck, attempting to calm him anyway she could. If Negan was determined to do this, she hoping her lack of hostility would show Logan not to do anything that could put them in danger.

“Well, hello there Logan. You are fucking magnificent!” He extended one large, tanned hand toward her dog, leaving it handing in the air between them, waiting. Logan continued to growl, the hair on his back and neck was raised upward as he held Negan’s gaze, she patted his neck and sighed.

“I told you, he doesn’t like men.”

“Sure he does.” Negan said tilting his head at Logan. “He just hasn’t fucking met a real man yet.”

She rolled her eyes, his alpha male, macho rubbish wouldn’t work on Logan. She was just hoping they got out of this encounter alive.

Then, suddenly, the air appeared to shift and she stood amazed as Logan went quiet, licked his lips and stepped forward, butting Negan’s hand with his head once as the man in question grinned from ear to ear.

“Theres a good dog!” Negan scratched Logan behind the ear once and stood, now toe to toe with her and she suddenly wished she hadn’t holstered her bow. “See, he knows who’s in charge. Does his mistress?”

She clenched her jaw and couldn’t resist rising to the bait. “Don’t get cocky, one word from me and he’d rip your throat out regardless.”

“Oh I don’t fucking doubt it Duchess!” His eyes glinted with hunger as they roamed over her. “Hell if I got to sleep in your bed every night i’d rip any fucking throat out you asked me too.”

“Can we get through now?” She decided to ignore his previous statement, heeding Michonne’s warning with determination not to stoke to fire.

He swept his arm out behind him and turned on the spot, hit tongue touched his teeth as he spoke, his southern accent slightly more pronounced. “After you Darlin’.”

She stormed past with Logan at her heels, she could have sworn she heard him chuckle with glee behind her but she didn’t turn to look. She heard a swoosh of air which could only be Lucille as he took his weapon back from Carl and swung her up onto his shoulder before his longer strides meant he was walking along side her.

“Where is Rick?” He asked her, his eyes watching her carefully as they walked, Logan trotted along between them.

“I was about to ask you the same question.” She turned to look at Carl, a frown pursing her lips before she looked back to Negan. “I’ve been gone two days.”

Negan stopped suddenly and she turned to face him, irritated that her wait for a shower was being prolonged.

“If you weren’t with fucking Rick out there, who did you go scavenging with?” His tone sounded deadly but she didn’t know why, didn’t know what she had done wrong this time so she went on the offensive.

“Logan.” Was all she said before storming ahead, only to be stopped by a strong hand on her bicep. Logan growled in warning at her side as she swung around and faced him again, he was now holding his hand up to Logan to show he meant her no harm before he looked back to her.

“You were out there alone for two days with just your fucking dog? What happened why are you covered in blood and dirt? Why is Rick sending out a fucking woman alone?” Fury seemed etched into his features as his jaw jumped with a tic.

“I wan’t alone, I had Logan. I didn’t want anyone else, I don’t trust them to have my back and I wasn’t going to babysit. Maybe if you didn’t keep turning up days ahead of schedule we wouldn’t need to split up to find somewhere which hasn’t already been picked clean of supplies!” She hadn’t noticed she was approaching him as she got more and more riled up until she realised their chests were practically pressed together. She refused to back away however and show a weakness to him.

“Okay Duchess.” His tone had completely reversed and was now calm as he looked her over. “Point taken, are you hurt?”

She shook her head once. “No, like I said down there. Logan saved me from a big herd and all I want now is a shower here-” She dropped the pack she had recovered from the bodies of his men at his feet. “It was thanks to your men using guns rather than knives Logan and I almost died. Thankfully we didn’t, but your two didn’t make it. I recovered their things. I’m going to take a shower now.”

She walked away, not turning back to acknowledge him as he called out to her.

“You’ve got ten fucking minutes Duchess and if you aren’t at Rick’s house I’ll come and get’cha. Even if you’re still naked as the day you were born!”

She ignored him and the thrill of embarrassment his words sent through her. She refused to give him any form of reaction or proof he got to her.

Nonetheless once the door to her house was closed she sprinted up the stairs shedding clothes as quickly as she could as she laid her weapons down in her bedroom and shot into the shower. The cold water hit her but she didn’t have time for it to heat up, she scrubbed at her face and body using the small lemongrass soap she had stashed aside. It has barely been touched and she refused to analyse why she was suddenly using it now. She washed until the water running down the drain was no longer stained with dirt and blood.

She used a small amount of shampoo, taking care not to knot her hair as she didn’t have any conditioner to help detangle her mane. Once rinsed and just as the water had some warmth she turned it off and jumped out, quickly towel drying her hair before wrapping it around her torso and peaking outside the bathroom door.

She breathed a sigh of relief at the only sound being Logan’s soft snores and quickly got dressed into the only other pair of trousers she owned. They grey jeans hugged her legs tightly and she jumped up and down to get them over her legs.

They were a bitch to get on but she never got caught on fences and there was no excess material for walkers to grab.

She pulled on her combat boots, a bra and a black tank top before looking sadly at her jacket. It was filthy and certainly in no fit state to be put back on. She took a deep breath and looked around for something else, anything else, whilst fully aware the clock was ticking.

She felt too exposed without a jacket or long sleeved top but grit her teeth and took her frustration out on her hair as she dragged a comb through the already curling strands.

Emilia slung her bow over her shoulder along with her quiver and headed toward the door, Logan stretched and yawned before following her and as she turned the handle and pulled the door open she was hit by the autumnal breeze

She walked quickly down the steps and towards Ricks house, the chill of the air combined with her damp hair and lack of sleeves sent goose pimples up and down her arms.

She wrapped them around herself and rubbed at her bare skin, practically jogging to the house only to freeze suddenly in shock as she spied Negan and Carl on the porch.

Part 7

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With one last deep breath and tight grip on his shirt, I released and pulled away from him, wiping the stray tears with the back of my hand. “God, I’m so embarrassed.” I muttered, keeping my eyes down to the floor. The last few sniffles racked my body and I hiccuped as I tried to control my breathing.

“Why are you embarrassed?” He asked. With my eyes still cast downwards I saw him take a step towards to me, closing the gap once again.

“What is it with you making women in this family cry Harry?” Sam piped up from nowhere. Harry and I jolted away from each other like teenagers, who were about to get caught breaking the ‘no touch’ rule.

“Bore off.” Harry warned, as I turned away and made myself busy collecting my hat from the sofa, willing my reddened cheeks to return to a normal colour. I wasn’t ready to be interrogated by Sam about whether the colour was because of my crying, or close proximity to Harry. To be honest I wasn’t too sure myself.

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A Confession

Hamliza Supernatural AU

So many thanks to my amazing co-creator of this AU, the wonderful @minky-for-short as well as my fantastic beta readers @childofdustandashes and @lookatvanessasface, all super cool ladies who encouraged me to finally resolve this cliffhanger. 

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Of course some part of Eliza knew.

She’d spent her entire life surviving on her ability to read people, to see the things they tried to hide from her; so many times she and her sisters, she and her husband, had lived or died based on catching that slight listing of a person’s iris to the right as they lied, the way their fingers (or claws, as the case often was) tightened, the way the slight inconsistencies crept into their story on feet so light, so quiet that only she would catch them. It had always been what she was good at. Angelica was quick and wicked smart, making decisions within seconds that always somehow turned out to be right. Peggy could find her way anywhere with having only glanced once at a map, with her eidetic memory and the compass apparently set in her heart. Alex, after she started hunting with him, he was just a hurricane with a fury inside him that very few things could stand against.

But Eliza, she knew people. And a surprisingly large part of their job, or their duty as she frequently found herself thinking of it for ‘job’ implied that there was a choice in it, it concerned people rather than monsters. And the lines were so often depressingly blurred.

So there must have always been some spark of realisation, right from the first moment Eliza opened her eyes, wincing at the bright hospital lights and the strangling fear in her chest, from when Alex caught her arms, held her so tightly it hurt them both, clutched her like he was terrified he’d never see her again and sobbed into her shoulder for twenty minutes before telling her…that everything was fine.

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