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Picture this:

Leo Valdez lands in the centre of Camp Jupiter, valiantly striding his giant bronze dragon.

People are whispering.

“Who is that?”

“The son of Vulcan- Hephaestus. I heard he died in the war!”

“Then how is he here?”

“Is that dragon… metal?”

Leo smiles brilliantly, and raises a hand in a wave.

With surprising agility, he hops to the ground, dusts off his coveralls, and speaks. “I need to see the praetors of Camp Jupiter.”

There is movement in the crowd, two people dressed in purple togas over armour come forward.

One is a girl with light brown skin and thin fierce eyes. Her hair is braided down her back and a golden laurel is placed atop her head. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that she could kill the most dangerous of monsters with a single glance.

The other is a young Asian man, tall and broad shouldered with a look of awe on his face. His muscles let you know that he could snap your neck as easily as a twig, but his kind face says that he also would never want to hurt a soul.

Leo smiles uncontrollably, and holds his arms out wide at his friends. “Reyna! Frank! It’s so good to see you guys! I have something really important to-”

“Leo,” interrupts the male praetor, Frank, his dark eyes full of worry for his old friend, “if I were you, I’d run. Fast.”

A frown finds its way into Leo’s face. “Ouch, man. I just got here and you’re already telling me to leave.” He brings his hands to his heart jokingly. “I thought we had something special, Frank.”

Reyna shakes her head, her eyes wide, but before she can say a word, a different voice speaks, softly, “Leo?”

It was like music to his ears. Leo had wondered when he would hear the kind voice of his dear friend again. Excited, and ignoring the advice of his friends to flee, Leo turns around to see a girl.

She is quite short, with chocolaty dark skin and curly hair. She has bright golden eyes that hint at her real age, though no one would suspect her of it.

Leo can’t stop himself from smiling, and he holds his arms out again for a hug.

Running towards him at full speed, instead of a hug, Hazel Levesque, with all of her might, punches Leo square in the face.

forever and a night | jjk

summary: the werewolf in the forest isn’t dangerous, you told them, he’s just a boy with beautiful eyes and a heart of gold.
pairing: jungkook x female reader
word count: 7k (whoops)
genre: fluff, angst
warning: graphic depictions of violence, death
a/n: to the anon that didn’t want angst: i’m sorry!

part 2 of my fear is forever series. sequel to fear in your eyes

It’s as if the breath gets sucked out of your lungs all at once, leaving you empty and weak, because that’s how you feel under his piercing gaze, those dark eyes suddenly a lot more frightening than they appeared five minutes ago. Scared, that’s what you are. Scared, alone, and good as dead.

“It’s true?” You somehow manage to utter out, your mouth likely working on autopilot at this point, brain still frazzled. “What they say is true?”

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Prompt:  just-danishgirl said to suitelifeofjughead: “ Hiiiii <3 Could you please make a imagine, where Y/N is a Southside Serpent, is Joaquins sister and is Jugheads girlfriend? The school knows about her “gang"life and Jughead always stands up for her, when a jock or a kid says something rude?”

A/N: Most certainly can! Greetings from Australia!

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“I don’t understand why you’ve got to go to school, it’s stupid.” Joaquin says. 

You roll your eyes, looking at your brother, “Just because we’re Serpents, Joaquin, doesn’t mean we can’t have a sound education.”

“Who the hell needs a sound education when you’re in a gang?” He retorts.

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Title: Past the Crick
Author: celestialrebel
Artist: aurielsh
Rating: Explicit
Pairings: Dean/Cas
Warnings/Tags: Reunited, Case Fic, Amnesia, Nurse Cas, Hunter Dean, Fluff
Posting Date: 11/7/2017

Summary:  When Dean’s six years old, he meets a little boy he believes to be magical. They become friends quickly, but then tragedy befalls the Winchester family. Dean’s life turns into one long road trip, and he has to leave his friend behind.

A few decades later, Cas Tate’s working as a geriatric nurse at Edlund Nursing Home, the place his sweet grandmother spent the last years of her life. One day, a handsome yet awkward FBI agent bursts into the nursing home and Cas’s life, claiming they used to know each other and that monsters are real. Cas is certain he’s never met this man before, but he believes the part about monsters. There’s something about it that rings true and familiar.

Maybe almost too familiar.

- - -

The other side of the crick doesn’t seem so scary or even that different from his side. He wanders around, exploring for a bit.

There are all kinds of trees surrounding him, but he can’t seem to find any more mulberry trees. In a move his mother would call careless, he keeps his eyes trained up, looking for any sight of the dark little berries poking out from the leaves.

He doesn’t find any, but he does find something: a sliver of dark brown, up in the sky not apparently stuck to any tree. It’s there for a moment, then gone the next, the fluffy clouds seeming to want to hide it away from sight.

Dean stops and watches carefully, certain it wasn’t a figure of his imagination. The clouds shift and Dean sees it again. This time he sees more of it, and he follows the path of it in the sky.

Before he even realizes it, Dean’s running. He watches as this brown sliver in the sky twists and grows larger, barely remembering the bucket full of berries squeezed tightly in his hand.

He’s so utterly fixated on the curious thing that he doesn’t realize the rest of the trees have become sparse the further he’s run.

The thing keeps getting bigger until suddenly it’s attached to an even larger thing, and that’s when Dean realizes what he’s been running toward.

“It’s a root!” he shouts, just before he runs square into a leaf-covered branch. Grumbling, he pushes the scratchy twigs out of his face.

“You should have watched where you were going,” says a small voice from somewhere above him.

The voice startles him, and he peeks through the leaves, finding a pair of blue eyes looking back at him.

“What is this?” Dean asks.

“It’s a tree, of course,” the voice says.

Dean takes a few steps back, and takes in the sight before him. It <i>is</i> a tree, but not like any tree Dean’s ever seen.

“It’s— it’s upside-down!”

Don’t Let It Bring You Down

Characters: Hinted CastielXReader, Bobby Singer, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 3248

A/N: One-shot written for @writingthingsisdifficult / Syn’s Monster Challenge / monster #12, the Utbard (ghost of a child who died a violent death in the forest – forces you to carry it on your back, demanding to be taken to the nearest graveyard – it gets heavier with each step you take, driving you into the ground until you die of exhaustion). Story is set during the end of season 6, after Castiel’s betrayal of the Winchesters, but before he breaks Sam’s Lucifer wall down and goes all Godstiel.

(not my GIF)

The Beginning of the End

Bobby Singer considered himself a proud man. Wringing a well-worn navy trucker’s hat between gnarled fingers, eyes rimmed red and wet, he studied the pallid body laid out on the couch in his study – barely recognizable as the vivacious and lively hunter he’d mentored in recent months.

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I’m Not Done With You Yet (Newt AU)

Originally posted by inlovewithbooksandboybands

Request: Could you do a newt x reader where you’re together and you’ve been really stressed lately and while your taking a shower he comes in and is just really sweet and washes you and hella smut. I’m trash sorry. Thanks x

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Rated: M (Mature)

Warning: Smut Smut Smut

*I hope you like it! Sorry for the wait love *

I groaned and opened the door to my boyfriend and I’s small apartment. Living in New York definitely had its downs. Public transportation was one of them. My care has been in the shop since last week and I’ve been forced to take the bus. As if that wasn’t bad enough it was raining today and while I was at the bus stop some idiot in his car drove right into the puddle and now I’m drenched in dirt puddle water. “(Y/N) is that you?” He turned the corner into our living room and choked back a laugh.

“Someone had an interesting day” I glared and flipped him off. He just chuckled and walked over wrapping his arms around me. He really didn’t seem to care that I was soaked and full of mud. “You still look beautiful with twigs in your hair and your mascara running down your face” He kissed my nose and I smiled softly.

“I’m sorry, it’s just this past week has been so stressful. It’s like the universe is out to get me” I huffed and ran my fingers through my hair. “Mhmmm, hold on I’ll be back” He ran upstairs and came back with a bunch of towels. “You can shower after you tell me about this stressful week.” He wrapped me up in the towels and we went to sit at the table. “I’m all ears” I giggled staring at my boyfriend of 5 years. I still can’t believe I got so lucky.

“Okay so first off my boss was being a complete bitch. He kept piling on work and giving me deadlines that were impossible to reach. Everyone kept screaming at me while I work and I try so hard to do everything right. Today he gave me a stack of papers to file. First he told me to file them by last name which I did and I finished in half an hour. Then he comes back and tells me to do it all over by first name. Who files by first name anyway. There were like 30 Samantha’s in that pile.”  He frowned but listened intently as I continued. “Not to mention I’ve had to leave so early in the morning I can’t eat and you know how I get when I’m hungry. I’ve had to work through all of my lunch and my break too. I’ve been living off of coffee, granolas bars and deli sandwiches. So now today I’m waiting on this bus in the rain because someone at my job thought it would be funny to take my umbrella. This car comes out of nowhere and splashes me, which is the reason for my muddy face and twig filled hair. All of my papers for work are destroyed and I have to have all of that work done by tomorrow so that I do’t have another encounter with my boss” I huffed and rested my head in my hands. “The bus finally comes and its so full and this lady starts screaming at me because I’m wet and I look indecent and I just can’t deal anymore Newt. I’m so tired I get like 2 hours of sleep a night” I wiped away my frustrated tears and looked up at him.

Newt smiled sympathetically and stood up taking my hand. “Go take a shower” I opened my mouth to object but he put his finger to my lips “No arguing go.” He kissed my forehead and practically pushed me up the stairs. I smiled and went into the bathroom. A hot shower might actually help me relax. I turned the water on so it would warm up and stripped off my clothes. I frowned when I looked in the mirror and saw what a mess I actually was. Slowly, I made sure to pull out all of the twigs and leaves from my hair.  Once the shower was hot enough for my liking I got in and stood under the hot water. I could feel my muscles relax, I grabbed my facewash first and washed all of the dirt off my face. Once that was done I just stood under the water and let my thoughts consume me. I jumped out of my mind when I felt someone wrap their arms around me from behind. Quickly I relax remembering that I did in fact live with Newt. He chuckled and rested his chin on my shoulder. “You’re so beautiful” I hummed and he pressed a kiss to my neck before grabbing the shower gel and squeezing some onto the loofa. “Relax baby. I got you” I smiled and closed my eyes leaning my head back onto him, He slowly slid the loofa all over the front of my body and I moaned in appreciation. This hasn’t happened in a while. If it was even physically possible my body relaxed more at Newt’s touch. He dropped the loofa and used his hands instead. “I’m going to take such good care of you” He rasped. His hands slid down in between my thighs but he avoided the place I need him most. His lips peppered soft kisses along my jaw and neck while his hands glided over every curve of my body. I leaned into him more and he cupped my breasts. I moaned as he kneaded them while sucking on my neck. He moved one of his hands so he could get the shower head and wash the soap off of me. “Spread your legs baby” I moaned and did as he said. He took the shower head and placed it right on my heat, sending a surge of pleasure though my body. “Oh Fuck Newt!” I moaned out, he smirked and slowly started circling it which only increased my pleasure. Gasps and moans left my lips so fast, this just felt so good. “Not to be a Debbie downer or anything but I think I’m better than a shower head” and with that he dropped to his knees and turned me around so I was right above him. He stared between my legs for a while before whispering “So pretty… so fucking pretty and all mine” I blushed knowing that he wasn’t talking about my body as a whole anymore. Without any warning he licked straight along my slit. I had to grip the shower walls for support or at least try to grip them.

“That’s a taste I’ll never get tired of” He continued lapping away at me, his tongue making figure eights. One of his hands gripped my hip and the other moved down to apply pressure to my clit. “Fuck Yes!” I gripped his hair and tugged him closer to me as if that was even possible. I felt him smirk against me before slipping a finger inside. My knee’s went weak and I grabbed onto the shampoo rack to help my balance. I needed him. All of him.  “Newt… I…. Need… You” I moaned out pulling his face up to mine. “As you wish” His lips crashed onto mine and I jumped up so that I was straddling him. He groaned as I tugged at his hair and pushed me up against the shower wall. He didn’t waste any time and just slipped himself inside of me causing me to moan out louder than before. “Fuck, you’re so tight baby” I whimpered and dragged my nails down his back as he sped up. “That pretty little pussy is always so ready for me” he sucked harshly on my neck. I threw my head back and screwed my eyes shut. “Fuck…” I hissed and leaned down attaching my lips to his. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and brought a hand down to slap my ass. A very high pitched squeal left my mouth. The combination of his thrusting, sucking on my neck and slapping my ass sent me over the edge pretty quickly. “Newt… I’m close!” I moaned. “I know baby, Let go. Cum for me” That was all it took to finish me off. Within seconds I was screaming his name and clawing at his back. He groaned and waited until I fully rode out my high before he came shortly after.

We were both panting and I can honestly say that this was the best relaxation technique he ever came up with.

“Call in sick tomorrow” He whispered “I’m not done with you yet”

Oh boy, I was in for a long night and I couldn’t be more excited.

Counterclockwise Snippet

Yeah. That Obikin timetravel AU. Not edited.

Suffer, Obi, suffer. And you too, @albaparthenicevelut @tomatosoupful @writegowrite and whoever wanted this to exist.

No, this isn’t the porn part yet.

The ship entered the night cycle. Obi-Wan excused himself to his cabin. It was the first time he had spoken up ever since Qui-Gon brought him – perhaps dragged was a better term – to the ship. Anakin had to force himself to focus on the steering rather than run after Obi-Wan.

The countless blue and purple bruises, the half-healed burns, the awful blaster wound on Obi-Wan’S left hand, the scars crossing his back and front. They were burned into Anakin’s memory like a brand ever since he met him in the hospital.

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anonymous asked:

Another celebrity has the same kind of 'Larrie' fans. I saw this article about Robert Pattinson (look up this "Robert Pattinson confirms he's 'kind of' engaged to singer FKA Twigs") He literally describes the entire thing perfectly with how he has some fans who think everything he does is part of a conspiracy with ex Kristin Stewart and how he wants to protect his girlfriend and not let the crazies in. Really, you should read it. It fascinates me so similarly his situation is with the Larries.

Pattinson addressed being press-shy when it comes to his relationship with Twigs, and noted that while he does want to be more public, he’s wary due to the level of scrutiny he’s under. For example, when news broke that the two were dating, Twigs faced racist attacks on Twitter.

“It’s one of the most frustrating things in the world, because you want to be able to do that [show PDA], but to get kind of stuck in a position where, like, you have to make the decision … Do you want to let, kind of, crazy people in, because for whatever reason with Twilight, there’s like, a crack troop of crazies who think every decision you’re making is creating some kind of conspiracy,” he said. “And so you kind of think, to protect it, I want to create a big boundary between it, but then it makes it difficult for your actual relationship.”

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The Man That Would Be King Part 1

Request By: @nonnie-villeneuve

Summary: This request is a twist on The Hobbit Trilogy. Girion, Lord of Dale (Ancestor Of Bard) defeated Smaug when he unleash his wrath on Dale. Bard is next in line to be King of Dale. But becoming King isn’t all he will becoming. He’s also will soon be a husband to a young woman he’s never met before. A course, that doesn’t suit will with Bard since he happens to be quite the ladies man. Will Bard be able to put his wild life style behind him and do what needs to be done? Or will be still be chasing maidens around the kingdom?

Warning: Clean this time lol.

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