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Prompt:  just-danishgirl said to suitelifeofjughead: “ Hiiiii <3 Could you please make a imagine, where Y/N is a Southside Serpent, is Joaquins sister and is Jugheads girlfriend? The school knows about her “gang"life and Jughead always stands up for her, when a jock or a kid says something rude?”

A/N: Most certainly can! Greetings from Australia!

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“I don’t understand why you’ve got to go to school, it’s stupid.” Joaquin says. 

You roll your eyes, looking at your brother, “Just because we’re Serpents, Joaquin, doesn’t mean we can’t have a sound education.”

“Who the hell needs a sound education when you’re in a gang?” He retorts.

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Don’t Let It Bring You Down

Characters: Hinted CastielXReader, Bobby Singer, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 3248

A/N: One-shot written for @writingthingsisdifficult / Syn’s Monster Challenge / monster #12, the Utbard (ghost of a child who died a violent death in the forest – forces you to carry it on your back, demanding to be taken to the nearest graveyard – it gets heavier with each step you take, driving you into the ground until you die of exhaustion). Story is set during the end of season 6, after Castiel’s betrayal of the Winchesters, but before he breaks Sam’s Lucifer wall down and goes all Godstiel.

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The Beginning of the End

Bobby Singer considered himself a proud man. Wringing a well-worn navy trucker’s hat between gnarled fingers, eyes rimmed red and wet, he studied the pallid body laid out on the couch in his study – barely recognizable as the vivacious and lively hunter he’d mentored in recent months.

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I’m Not Done With You Yet (Newt AU)

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Request: Could you do a newt x reader where you’re together and you’ve been really stressed lately and while your taking a shower he comes in and is just really sweet and washes you and hella smut. I’m trash sorry. Thanks x

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Rated: M (Mature)

Warning: Smut Smut Smut

*I hope you like it! Sorry for the wait love *

I groaned and opened the door to my boyfriend and I’s small apartment. Living in New York definitely had its downs. Public transportation was one of them. My care has been in the shop since last week and I’ve been forced to take the bus. As if that wasn’t bad enough it was raining today and while I was at the bus stop some idiot in his car drove right into the puddle and now I’m drenched in dirt puddle water. “(Y/N) is that you?” He turned the corner into our living room and choked back a laugh.

“Someone had an interesting day” I glared and flipped him off. He just chuckled and walked over wrapping his arms around me. He really didn’t seem to care that I was soaked and full of mud. “You still look beautiful with twigs in your hair and your mascara running down your face” He kissed my nose and I smiled softly.

“I’m sorry, it’s just this past week has been so stressful. It’s like the universe is out to get me” I huffed and ran my fingers through my hair. “Mhmmm, hold on I’ll be back” He ran upstairs and came back with a bunch of towels. “You can shower after you tell me about this stressful week.” He wrapped me up in the towels and we went to sit at the table. “I’m all ears” I giggled staring at my boyfriend of 5 years. I still can’t believe I got so lucky.

“Okay so first off my boss was being a complete bitch. He kept piling on work and giving me deadlines that were impossible to reach. Everyone kept screaming at me while I work and I try so hard to do everything right. Today he gave me a stack of papers to file. First he told me to file them by last name which I did and I finished in half an hour. Then he comes back and tells me to do it all over by first name. Who files by first name anyway. There were like 30 Samantha’s in that pile.”  He frowned but listened intently as I continued. “Not to mention I’ve had to leave so early in the morning I can’t eat and you know how I get when I’m hungry. I’ve had to work through all of my lunch and my break too. I’ve been living off of coffee, granolas bars and deli sandwiches. So now today I’m waiting on this bus in the rain because someone at my job thought it would be funny to take my umbrella. This car comes out of nowhere and splashes me, which is the reason for my muddy face and twig filled hair. All of my papers for work are destroyed and I have to have all of that work done by tomorrow so that I do’t have another encounter with my boss” I huffed and rested my head in my hands. “The bus finally comes and its so full and this lady starts screaming at me because I’m wet and I look indecent and I just can’t deal anymore Newt. I’m so tired I get like 2 hours of sleep a night” I wiped away my frustrated tears and looked up at him.

Newt smiled sympathetically and stood up taking my hand. “Go take a shower” I opened my mouth to object but he put his finger to my lips “No arguing go.” He kissed my forehead and practically pushed me up the stairs. I smiled and went into the bathroom. A hot shower might actually help me relax. I turned the water on so it would warm up and stripped off my clothes. I frowned when I looked in the mirror and saw what a mess I actually was. Slowly, I made sure to pull out all of the twigs and leaves from my hair.  Once the shower was hot enough for my liking I got in and stood under the hot water. I could feel my muscles relax, I grabbed my facewash first and washed all of the dirt off my face. Once that was done I just stood under the water and let my thoughts consume me. I jumped out of my mind when I felt someone wrap their arms around me from behind. Quickly I relax remembering that I did in fact live with Newt. He chuckled and rested his chin on my shoulder. “You’re so beautiful” I hummed and he pressed a kiss to my neck before grabbing the shower gel and squeezing some onto the loofa. “Relax baby. I got you” I smiled and closed my eyes leaning my head back onto him, He slowly slid the loofa all over the front of my body and I moaned in appreciation. This hasn’t happened in a while. If it was even physically possible my body relaxed more at Newt’s touch. He dropped the loofa and used his hands instead. “I’m going to take such good care of you” He rasped. His hands slid down in between my thighs but he avoided the place I need him most. His lips peppered soft kisses along my jaw and neck while his hands glided over every curve of my body. I leaned into him more and he cupped my breasts. I moaned as he kneaded them while sucking on my neck. He moved one of his hands so he could get the shower head and wash the soap off of me. “Spread your legs baby” I moaned and did as he said. He took the shower head and placed it right on my heat, sending a surge of pleasure though my body. “Oh Fuck Newt!” I moaned out, he smirked and slowly started circling it which only increased my pleasure. Gasps and moans left my lips so fast, this just felt so good. “Not to be a Debbie downer or anything but I think I’m better than a shower head” and with that he dropped to his knees and turned me around so I was right above him. He stared between my legs for a while before whispering “So pretty… so fucking pretty and all mine” I blushed knowing that he wasn’t talking about my body as a whole anymore. Without any warning he licked straight along my slit. I had to grip the shower walls for support or at least try to grip them.

“That’s a taste I’ll never get tired of” He continued lapping away at me, his tongue making figure eights. One of his hands gripped my hip and the other moved down to apply pressure to my clit. “Fuck Yes!” I gripped his hair and tugged him closer to me as if that was even possible. I felt him smirk against me before slipping a finger inside. My knee’s went weak and I grabbed onto the shampoo rack to help my balance. I needed him. All of him.  “Newt… I…. Need… You” I moaned out pulling his face up to mine. “As you wish” His lips crashed onto mine and I jumped up so that I was straddling him. He groaned as I tugged at his hair and pushed me up against the shower wall. He didn’t waste any time and just slipped himself inside of me causing me to moan out louder than before. “Fuck, you’re so tight baby” I whimpered and dragged my nails down his back as he sped up. “That pretty little pussy is always so ready for me” he sucked harshly on my neck. I threw my head back and screwed my eyes shut. “Fuck…” I hissed and leaned down attaching my lips to his. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and brought a hand down to slap my ass. A very high pitched squeal left my mouth. The combination of his thrusting, sucking on my neck and slapping my ass sent me over the edge pretty quickly. “Newt… I’m close!” I moaned. “I know baby, Let go. Cum for me” That was all it took to finish me off. Within seconds I was screaming his name and clawing at his back. He groaned and waited until I fully rode out my high before he came shortly after.

We were both panting and I can honestly say that this was the best relaxation technique he ever came up with.

“Call in sick tomorrow” He whispered “I’m not done with you yet”

Oh boy, I was in for a long night and I couldn’t be more excited.

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WoW Very Goddess looking in your selfies! GrAde A quality!! NIce!

someone on this website once called me a rat faced twig idk what to believe in anymore


It swims lazily in the peripheries of my mind, lurking blind 

Behind deep cast shadows and sharp corners 

Where it slips into my thoughts in the middle of a daydream,

In the middle of those moments when I catch myself thinking 


The fight begins then, the futile flurry of deception, 

Hiding what it might have been, hiding what I might have seen, 

Hiding what I know I should not know. 

Like you. 

It defeats me in the end. 

The creaking black branches stretch out towards me, closing in on me as black finger twigs 

Claw at my face, piercing the skin of my sallow boned cheeks and pushing against my teeth, filling my mouth until I cannot breathe, 

And I stumble

And then it creeps in through the slits in my face,

Burrowing deeper into the minute cavities of my skull where it settles,

Pushing Into my mind and filling the spaces 

where I cannot breathe for thought 

Of you.

Distracted Much?


Of all the places in Midgard that could hold up to his training, the gym at Avenger’s tower was one of the few. Between super soldiers and Asgardians and Hulks, Tony Stark had gone all out to ensure that the building wouldn’t collapse or the equipment wouldn’t fail. After promising to help in any Avenger level missions that needed a little extra muscle, Modi was gifted a security clearance card that allowed him into the gym. 

Between destroying weird twig faced creatures, being sent to Midgard, and dealing with an awkward love spell; Modi was long overdue to work off a little stress. He let Narvi tag along just to get her out of the apartment, and to show her where to go if she ever needed help. He trusted his father’s comrades enough that if something were to happen, they would protect her. 

As soon as the security system blinked green, Modi pushed open the gym door to find it empty aside from the equipment. Which was nice. He didn’t feel like sparring with anyone at the moment. He set his duffel bag down and pulled his shirt over his head. He never trained with the article of clothing on anyways. 

“Make yourself comfortable.” Modi smirked at her as he pulled out long strips of cloth to wrap his hands with. 

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"I can't see Syd's face but I know she's looking cute" this is literally a summary of Sydney Barrett and how I feel about her every time she's onscreen

she could be walking around with mud on her face and twigs in hair and she’d still be a 100/10

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Okay for the Jacob chapter, I absolutely adore how protective he is of Newt and I squealed when Jacob made the connection between how Grindelwald saw Credence (our poor baby boy) as nothing more than a weapon and how very, very likely it was for Grindelwald to turn around do the the exact. same. thing. to. Newt and go "Oh Hell no.". I hereby nominate Jacob Kowalski as Head of the Newt Protection Squad.

Newt Protection Squad Roundup:

Jacob Kowalski who is head because he shepherds everyone else into line like a pastry-bearing mother hen, and because the back rooms of his bakery smell like hopes and dreams and have giant cushions strewn haphazardly about around a small wooden table. The table has a cheery yellow-gingham table cloth and an enamel jug full of flowers in the middle, and the flowers have tiny little snidgets sleeping among them. The table also has chairs, old pine-wood chairs with smooth edges and worn seats, but for some reason everyone congregates on the cushions on the floor. There’s a stove in the corner with a copper whistling kettle because Newt must have tea, and there’s a bookcase overflowing with scrawled recipe ideas and half-finished plans (and, tucked away in the top-right corner, a page filled with doodles of a house with a nursery and a garden strewn with toys. Jacob thinks Queenie doesn’t know it’s there, but Queenie knows and it makes her feel all warm and fuzzy inside.)

Queenie Goldstein who runs this shit like a motherfuckin’ amazon warrior, just one that wears pink and smiles when she talks and calls people ‘honey’ as if she couldn’t eat them alive for breakfast. She’s the one who brings the newest threat to the table, most of the time, and she’s the one that gets things done. Even if they’re not particularly legal things, like snooping through records that were confidential, Queenie, what the hell or just so happens to know a person who knows a person who can sneak them round the back to disable Grindelwald’s latest plot despite the fact that those are dark wizards Queenie you can’t go around calling them sweetie and patting them on the cheek and basically, yeah. Jacob calls the shots and Queenie makes them happen, and if it comes down to wands then Queenie listens to Jacob and she fires spells at people she can’t see and ducks curses that Jacob spots and it’s all pretty damn badass. She gets a reputation for having eyes on the back of her head and being friggin impossible to sneak up on, and Queenie just laughs when people scurry away from her in fear.

Tina Goldstein who is the oft-ignored voice of reason and, sometimes, morality. It’s not that she disagrees with Queenie’s results, but really, those records were confidential, and that’s a necromancer that Queenie just waved at, and Tina feels that at least one of them should pretend to follow the laws. On the other hand, Tina is also the practicality and the dedication, the one that knuckles down and works through and gets things like trip-wards put up so they don’t always have to hare in at the last minute. And, when it comes to it, she holds the field and she fires the spells and she tells Jacob where to tell Queenie to go and she’s basically the captain with the battleplans and she gets everyone out and alive. Including whichever improbably creature Newt’s got attached to now, because he’ll be sad otherwise.

Credence Barebone who is the loyal bodyguard, lurking in the shadows like a vengeful demon just waiting to devour people whole. Or for Newt to beckon him forwards to show him a thing, at which point Credence will materialise out of the ether like the over-dramatic little shit that he actually is underneath all that angst, and will obligingly coo over whatever acid-spitting little hellspawn Newt’s found next. It’s not exactly Credence’s fault that most of Newt’s animals are shit-terrified of him and that half of them react to that with teeth, poison barbs, eardrum-splitting shrieks or bubbling gouts of sulphuric hellfire. Newt is determined to find at least one that likes Credence, and if it makes Newt happy then Credence will doggedly keep trying.

Pickett who yodels battle cries at super-sonic pitches and knows forty eight different kinds of karate, just because. You might think he’s small and therefore not scary, but have you ever had a demented twig flying at your face? It’s a surprisingly effective deterrent. Grindelwald, for one, is traumatised.

Seraphina Picquery who sits in her office and thinks fondly of the times before Newt came to New York and random armies of giantass tortoises and crazy fish started attacking her city, but also manages to smooth things over each time so that somehow the no-majs never catch on and somehow the international magical community aren’t banging on their shores with a cease and desist.

… and Percival Graves, what, I love him and I can’t just leave him out. I can’t. I can’t even promise that there won’t be a Gramander subplot going on because one day I might not be paying attention and it might just happen oh no the horror. But seriously tho, all other parts of this fic are gen/eventual Newt/Tina and I shouldn’t really mess with that.

However in an alternate universe where everything is exactly the same except the pairings are free to mess with, Graves will break out and learn about this person who is causing Grindelwald to attack New York every month with increasingly ridiculous and convoluted plans that never work. It’ll start out as him being a bit curious and a lot annoyed - do you know exactly how much paperwork Grindelwald’s schemes generate, and why is Goldstein always mysteriously busy whenever it needs to be done this is a conspiracy - and he’ll be completely underwhelmed at first because what? this? the great and powerful wizard that Grindelwald is hellbent on defeating is currently stuck up a tree with a clabbert because “She had a nightmare, she didn’t want to go back to bed by herself and I accidentally left my wand on my nightstand, but it’s all ok because she’s happy now” and Graves will just. What. This?

But somewhere around the fourth or fifth time he rescues Newt from various trees, window ledges on twenty story buildings (there was a fwooper! I couldn’t leave him!), random giant holes in central park that weren’t there yesterday?? (rock-wyrms, Newt chirps happily, stroking the grotesque creatures under their bulbous, drool-slathered chins, Aren’t they darling?) and on one memorable occasion an over-amorous lady in a speakeasy, Graves starts expecting it. If he hasn’t rescued Newt in the last week he gets twitchy. His Newt-senses start tingling. He ends up on stake-outs outside Newt’s apartment because at some point something dire is going to happen, and Graves may as well be on hand when it does.

Then Newt starts inviting him in, and it’s still a stake out even if Graves is in Newt’s workshop, and it’s still just being time-saving if he helps Newt feed the animals, and it’s still just avoiding more paperwork if he brings Newt back to his place because Graves has better wards than Newt’s crappy apartment does, and really, there’s nothing more to it than being practical when he cooks Newt dinner or walks with him to work in the morning or slips an arm around his shoulders to keep him close when it’s dark out.

And, in this alternate universe that remember won’t happen because I was determined to write a gen fic, Graves will be completely dismissive of anyone that says they’re dating and will be totally confused when he hears people talking about Newt’s boyfriend because what the hell, who dares, why is Goldstein rolling her eyes at me, Newt, Newt what are they talking about -

And Newt’s face will be flaming red by this point and Tina will be cackling in the background and summoning a hotdog because a show this good needs food, and eventually Newt just marches across the room and grabs Graves by both ears and smashes their faces together in the most awkward, painful kiss that Graves has ever experienced.

He’s insulted on behalf of kisses.

So of course, it’s only natural that he shows Newt how it’s done.


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Hey! I'm not the cursed dragon!genji anon but OMG I loved it and I was gonna ask if it would be okay to request a part two? Because it was so good like???? I'm having a mad thirst for cursed dragon!genji now and it's all your fault??? like, WHY MUST YOUR WRITING BE SO GOOD AND ADDICTIVE TO READ

I’m very glad you enjoyed it! Thank you! 

Part 1 here.

When Genji arrived at your usual meeting place, you weren’t there.

He frowns, but doesn’t panic. There are a million reasons for you to be late. Maybe you’d been help up by a sick child, or maybe there’d been an accident and you had to help. After all, even though you were the only one he was close to in his life, there were so many who depended on you in yours.

He’d come to recognise the jealousy he felt when he remembered how little you needed him. How many others were in your life, close to you. He knows it’s not right, that he isn’t entitled to your time, that you do good, important work -he’s happy that you have friends, people you can rely on for help in the villages where he cannot follow you.

In the weeks since you’d first met, he’d been able to finally admit to you what he was. The acceptance he’d found with you was unlike anything he’d ever felt before. Even before he’d been cursed. His home on top of the mountain that casts shadows over your village was far too dangerous to return to, but still, he could not bring himself to stray too far from it.

He lies down to wait, frowning, trying to figure out how long it’s been. Perhaps he should go and check -not enter the village, but see what he could find out from around the edges.

But when he tries to rise, the first shudder rips through him.

Not now, he pleads to whatever spirit controls his shifting -a power he was born with, taken from his control until he learns his lesson. He does not know what lesson he is supposed to learn, and he does not see how being forced into his dragon form at random will help him learn it.

But it is done, and now his serpentine body rests on the ground, and he lets out a snarl of frustration that scares the birds from the trees. 

He can’t seek you out like this, but his senses are far better in this form. Perhaps he can still go near the village, far from where the trees end, but close enough to hear if anything is wrong.

Creeping through the forest, his form weaving through the trees with no difficulty, never cracking a branch or disturbing a leaf, he strains to hear anything at all past the edge of the forest.

But there is nothing. No laughter of the village children, no talk at the marketplace, none of the normal hustle and bustle of a normal day.

Hackles raised, he moves closer, trying to discern more. 

There. A hush had fallen over the village, but he could make out scared whispers, the whimpers of children -and above that, the barked orders of men. Hunters.

They must’ve heard that he was visiting this spot somehow. He was foolish to think that he had been careful enough -that he could stay here with no consequences. And now you were paying with it, along with your home. 

His dragon form could not cry, but he felt the snarl of frustration and helplessness bubbling up. 

It would be best for him to run away. To leave, and never look back. But there was no guarantee that the hunters would leave the villagers peacefully. More likely they would steal supplies and burn houses, accuse the villagers of harbouring an evil creature. 

They might even kill.

He imagines you, scared, knowing that it was him who brought this upon you and your village. A sad sound, not quite a whimper, escapes him. There will be no more walks through the forest, quiet filled with your voice -you will not help him with his injuries anymore, or smile at his jokes. He’ll have to leave you, and his home, far behind.

But first, he can’t leave the village to the hunters.

Stealth is difficult within the village in this form, but he manages, weaving low to the ground and avoiding any hunters searching the houses. They’ve gathered the villagers in the town square, and that is where he goes.

The entire village huddles in the centre of the square, and he scans the crowd for your face. He doesn’t find it.

Heart pounding, he suppresses a whine and looks again, but you’re not there. Of course they would’ve singled you out. They know how often you go into the forest. They’re probably interrogating you right now, because of him, because he was too selfish to leave when the hunters got too close-

But then there you are, dressed impeccably -if they’ve hurt you, it doesn’t show on your face, or in how you carry yourself. You’re carrying a tray of drinks, and bow as you offer it to the hunters.

One takes a cup, and leaves you alone -and the others do, until only one is left. The last takes the cup, drinks it all, then smashes it against your face.

Genji sees red.

The hunters yell, the villagers scream, and you gasp as the dragon flies above the square, snarling and diving straight for the hunter who had hurt you.

He snatches the man up in his jaws, flying from the square -luring the hunters away. No longer concerned with stealth, he flies through the village, taking sharp turns and nearly crashing into houses -he can hear shouts behind him, the hunters giving chase.

Let them come.

He enters the forest, his element -the man’s body smacks against trees and Genji is only barely aware of his pained groans. He doesn’t care. 

He reaches a clearing, throws the man against the tree. Doesn’t check to see if he’s dead or alive. Only turns, and waits.

When the hunters arrive, they are confident. But he is furious. He tears through them easily, jaws snapping and tail thrashing. He knows he should be more careful, that killing a group of hunters will draw more to him. But he can’t stop. Not after what they did to you.

He’s breathing heavily, surrounded by unconscious or groaning men. The men that had caused so much trouble for him before now torn through like paper. He hears the crack of a twig, and whirls to face his final opponent -and then freezes.

The hunter has you in his arms, a cut on your forehead dripping blood down your face, his grip tight on your throat. Genji growls, but he only gets a laugh in return. 

“If you give up, I’ll let your pet go.”

He snarls at the insult to you, but you shake your head, looking calm. 

“Don’t do anything stupid. It’s going to be o-” The hunter cuts you off with a yank of his arm, leaving you coughing and gasping for air. Genji wants nothing more than to attack, rip the offending limb off, but he can’t do it without you getting hurt. Still, you’re looking at him, pleading him to not give up. As if you still care about the safety of someone who endangered you.

Genji whimpers, and bows his head. A clear gesture of submission.

The hunter laughs, drags you forward with him. A coward, unwilling to leave you behind until he’s close enough to strike. You’re struggling, trying to get away, to stop this, but the hunter is far stronger, and the glint of the knife gives you pause.

“It’ll be okay,” you whisper, right before the hunter shoves you away and raises the knife-

-and then drops it, stumbles, and collapses in front of Genji.

Genji stares, trying to piece together what happened. The man has no visible injuries, and you’re still picking yourself up from the ground, so what-

“Poison,” you whisper. He looks up at you questioningly, unsure whether to approach or not. “I- they were going to hurt people, so I- they were going to hurt you-”

Genji did approach, then, very much wishing he could just change back into human form. He could not offer the comfort he wished as he was now, or hold you in the way he wanted. All he could do was hope you would allow him to be near, as he doubted you would welcome a touch from him right now.

But to his surprise, you lunge for him -your arms wrap around his neck, face buried in his scales. Instinctively, he curls his body around you, trying to hold you in a strange approximation of a hug. Your breathing hitches and he rumbles, low in his throat, a deep sound he prays you find comforting. He wants to talk to you -to tell you that you did what you had to do, that he’d never have been able to defeat the hunters without your poison weakening them, that you saved your village and him.

But all he can do is try and hold you tighter without actually hurting you, stuck in a form not designed for comforting.

He barely feels the shift when it starts, too focused on resenting his form and holding you. But he notices it when his form becomes smaller, pressing you into him -the shock is enough for him to want his body to stop, and it listens.

Experimentally, he lets you go, backing off just a little. Your face is tear-stained and confused, and he tries to make a sound to reassure you but the quickest way to do that is to see if he is right.

He focuses on his wish again, his desire to turn back, and it’s slow, but his body responds -he can feel himself getting smaller, human-sized, and then in a burst of light he’s back.

He doesn’t waste time thinking about how the curse his broken, how this changes everything, how he might be able to go home -he just rushes into your arms.

It feels good, to hold you tight, and he realises he’s wanted to do this for a while. He buries his face in your hair, savouring the moment, resisting the urge to press a kiss to your forehead, not caring about the drying blood.

“You saved me,” he whispers, and he isn’t only talking about the hunters. “Thank you.”

I Know

Requested by: @miladyjoe

Request: Can you do a one-shot with Peter where he’s very protective over the reader, because he loves her, but doesn’t know how to show it. But the reader gets tired of it and decides to show him she can take of herself so she fights him and wins by pining him against a tree. And she kisses him but expects him to yell at her but he kisses her back? Sorry if it’s to complicated :)

“Let me go just this once, Peter. I know the rules, I won’t get in any trouble!”

“No,” he snapped, quickly shutting her request down with a shake of his head. “The boys sometimes get out of hand with the hunting weapons, and the woods here aren’t any place for a-”

“A what?” She challenged angrily. “A girl?”

“You know that’s not what I meant. Don’t start putting words into my mouth.”

“That’s exactly what you mean, you sexist bastard!”

But she was wrong, so wrong. Peter wasn’t worried about her because she was a girl, he was worried because she was a girl he loved.

“Enough of this nonsense, Y/N!” He shouted. “You’re not coming with us!”

Her wide eyed followed him as he turned on his heel and left her there alone.

•                      •                      •                       •

The patterns she was drawing in the dirt resembled nothing but her boredom. The boys were all out hunting, something they only had to do once in awhile as they’d always come back with more than enough meat, but she was commanded to sit at camp alone.

She couldn’t understand why Pan wouldn’t let her come help when she’d been proven useful with a bow and arrow. She often thought Pan simply deemed her a not good enough hunter. So, she practiced and practiced, but he still would not have it.

Nearly growling in anger, she hopped up from the log she’d been sitting on and scooped up her bow and some arrows. She swiftly got into position several yards away from the tree which held the poorly drawn target and took her aim. Her Y/C/E eyes squinted slightly before she released the taught string, sending her arrow flying through the air. She walked back over to the tree, finding she hadn’t gotten it exactly in the middle, but very, very close. Perhaps what Peter wanted was perfection, not just nearly perfect. Could all the Lost Boys handle a bow and arrow perfectly?

Her head snapped up when she heard the crunch of leaves under boots.

Slightly. It was only Slightly.

A breath she didn’t realize she was holding in left her.

“Don’t have a heart attack on my behalf.” He joked, glancing at the arrow in the tree and nodding in approval.

“Why aren’t you out hunting with the other boys?” She asked, a slight edge of jealousy hidden in her tone as she wiggled the arrow out of the tree.

“I scared off our hunt.” He shrugged, clearly upset. “Pan said I was too loud so I got sent back.”

She chuckled at his disdain.

“Welcome to the club. I’ve been stuck here alone for hours.”

“Why are you never out hunting with us?” He asked and walked past me, nudging me with his shoulder.

“Peter’s sexist, that’s why.” She spat.

His brows shot up at her response. Slightly thought she always chose not to come with them each time, but hearing that it was because of Peter?

Peter had been the one who warned the boys that he’d throw them in to swim with the mermaids if they treated her differently because of her sex.

“Well, we don’t need all of the boys to have fun.” He said, trying to change the tense topic of her and Peter.

“What do you mean?”

Slightly winked with a sly smile.

“Catch me if you can.”

With that, he took off on a sprint into the woods. An excited smile made its way onto her face, and she quickly ran in after him.

They could both hear each other’s harsh breathing as they ran across the expanse of Neverland like cat and mouse. Though they made sure to steer clear of the hunting grounds where the other boys were.

Finally, she’d gained on him and was just close enough, so she pounced, sending them both tumbling to the ground. Sharp twigs scraped their faces leaving lengthy scratches, but living on this island and playing the way they did so often, they were far too used to it to mind.

They wrestled with each other for a bit, yanking the other’s hair and smearing dirt in their faces. All in good fun though, of course.

Slightly managed to roll them over, gaining the upper hand and held her to the ground.

“Get off, dimwit!” She yelled jokingly, her chest heaving up and down from their previous chase.

“Do I win then?” He asked with a raised brow.

“Of course not. I always win.” She challenged.

“Guess you’re stuck, princ-”

He didn’t get to finish. He was yanked up by the back of his top and thrown off of her.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Peter roared, knocking Slightly back to the ground once he’s finally found his footing. “You think because I’m away you can turn into some savage?”

“Peter, get away from him!” She screamed, all her patience quickly draining as he yanked Slightly by his arm and pushed him against the tall rock beside them.

She grabbed the sleeve of Peter’s top and pulled him back, the fabric nearly tearing under her pull. Once close enough, she gripped his shoulders firmly and threw him against a tree.

“Go, Slightly!” She demanded, and he quickly scurried away from the scene.

Turning her attention back to the crazed boy, she held him against the tree, one hand gripping his collar bone fiercely, and the other holding down his dominant hand.

“I know you might not think so,” she spat as her eyes glared deeply into his wide green ones. “But I can take care of myself, Pan.”

Though in that moment she should have been angry with him, the slight vulnerability Pan had right that second was rare, and she saw him for what he truly was, which was just a boy. Not a demon, and not a ruler.

Daringly, she inched forward and pressed her lips against his. The consequences were already present in her mind, so she simply waited for him to toss her away from him and send her to a cage, but that consequence never came. In fact, for a second, maybe two, she felt him return her stolen kiss before he pulled his head away from her.

“And I know you might not think so,” he breathed, his eyes darting between her’s. “But I know.”