twigs & yarn

flau night in tokyo 2013 flyer 1

アメリカで最も影響力のあるカルチャーマガジンTHE FADERが、今年最も注目すべきレーベルの1つに選ぶなど、好リリースの続いた1年を締めくくる豪華レーベル・ショーケース!今年リリースした IKEBANA、Cuushe、Sparrowsの日本人3組、イギリスからDanny Norbury、Clem Leek、Ian Hawgoodの3人がBlack Elkで、そしてアメリカよりTwigs & Yarnが1年ぶりの来日です!

open 16:00 / start 16:30
adv. 3,000yen / door 3,500yen(共にドリンク代別途)

Twigs & Yarn
Black Elk (Danny Norbury + Clem Leek + Ian Hawgood)

PA:福岡功訓 (Fly sound) / SHOP:Linus Records
装飾:kotoriten office / FOOD:川瀬知代(粒粒)

件名を「flau night in tokyo」とし、お名前・連絡先・枚数を明記の上、上記のアドレスまでご送信ください。


Lauren McMurray and Stephen Orsak are Twigs & Yarn, an experimental duo from Austin, Texas. Their brand-new album is called Still Forms Drift, which is comprised of field recordings that they made in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Japan, then they finished them at home. “Sonora” is an exemplary track, weightless and dreamlike. You can buy the album from Eilean Records, its packaging is extraordinary and lovingly-created, and their Bandcamp page is here.

Not many people know about our little mixy tape of improv. But if you need something to relax to today and don't mind rough edges and no editing well then these bird whispers are for you. One of these days we will get around to fine tuning and will feature these songs on different albums if not its own. 

Paper Cloud Improvisations are a collection of sketches that were recorded live in our rehearsal space, usually with one or two microphones and some pedals. Many of our songs are “written” in this way, with stream of conscience lyrics and improvised guitar accompaniment.

Extended ambient drone play, love.

New ambient drone by Twigs & Yarn, Casiopia.
Available for streaming and for download.

Live looping using Lauren’s childhood Casio PT-1, a Strymon TimeLine and an EHX 2880 looping pedal, organic sounds, and chimes.

We have a new song up for you!

We will play a short version for you live, tomorrow at the PROTOS festival, but you can listen to the super long, extended version on soundcloud.

Casiopia by Twigs & Yarn.
Available for streaming and for download.

Live looping using Lauren’s childhood Casio PT-1, a Strymon TimeLine and an EHX 2880 looping pedal, organic sounds, and chimes.

a quiet mixy mixy of music we like.


Ryuuta Takaki
Twigs & Yarn
Monolyth & Cobalt
Mute Branches
Masayoshi Fujita
The Green Kingdom
and many others!

shhhh….sleepy time, dream time.


Slow motion, slow.

I rotate in the space above your eyes.

Look at me from the sides

And bring me down to unfold

Floating softly, string tied.

If I could love you like I did before

We are changing

Fall and turn and shift.

Iron out the folds, or leave them


Soft edges, snowy grey, lines and lines and lines

A stranger to yourself

twigs & yarn: sanyu


Twigs & Yarn, “If I Were an Artery”. It’s a series of mysterious little variations: jazzy, ghostly, warm and very, very relaxing. It’s out now on Flau, and with huge snowflakes falling and blowing, it’s something serene for this icy weekend.

Writing to whales

These last few days between wakefulness I’ve been writing my thoughts. They are like strange fibers and filaments coming out of my mind. They remind me of Jack’s beard full of yarn and dust when I used to sit weaving. He will die soon, and somewhere in a book I wove his fur into a pattern on a simple loom. There is a song for him, privately recorded, that may make it to an album. I write so many songs about passing. Maybe because everyone is waiting for someone, to say goodbye to? It’s a song that will reach you when you’re ready to hear it.

“Say adieu, fade into the wall of the room. And I crawl through the tall grass, I see your black eyes.”