Exclusive: Description of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman Costume

Plus info on the Batman Vs. Superman story and Gadot’s training.

High Points: 

  • We’re told Gal Gadot will be put on a 3500 calorie-a-day diet training three hours a day possibly with trainer Mark Twight.

  • Some details we have been given on the Wonder Woman costume include it will be similar to 300 and Greek Mythology.

  • The Golden Eagle breast plate is still there as are the bracelets on her wrists as well as the crown with a red torso top, which is more like protective thick leather armor and red knee high boots.

  • Wonder Woman is definitely not Kryptonian.

  • Some story elements for Batman Vs. Superman are said to include the fallout from the destruction in Metropolis and public opinion. These are things that people felt were missing from Man of Steel that were left out deliberately to be included in the sequel.

As producer or director, Snyder has [Mark] Twight fully booked, with plans to train Jason Momoa for Aquaman, Ezra Miller for The Flash, and Ray Fisher as Cyborg for The Justice League Part One - after Wonder Woman has wrapped. At the gym he built on the Warner Bros. lot northwest of London, Twight spent most of last November running a boot camp for Wonder Woman’s army of Amazon warriors. He also ran a workout for any member of the film crew or support staff who wanted to join in. Following Snyder ’s lead, the idea, Twight says, is “to create a culture of physicality on these productions that will follow on from film to film.” Twight finds movie work to be most satisfying when his relationships with clients, such as Gal Gadot or Henry Cavill, verge on being rites of passage. - VANITY FAIR