Picnic by tazer-arien

“Dear princess Celestia,
I’ve learned that no matter who you are you can share many interests! Whether it be fighting strange creatures or sharing tea. There will be a few butt heads in the fandom, but that can’t stop you from enjoying what you love.

Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle”

Thank you future-mrs-frost!

Who doesn’t love an epic team-up?! We’ve teamed up with My Little Pony and ABRAMS Books on an upcoming art book and now we’re bringing you the next design contest so so grab your tools, Artists, because the My Little Pony Team-Up Design Contest is now open for submissions! 

The Grand Prize winner not only wins $1000, but their art will also be featured in the upcoming “My Little Pony: The Art of Equestria” artbook! WHAT?! That’s WAY better than a barrel of apples!