twiggy look

Mommy + Twiggy

I have the most adorable and prettiest mom! Would you believe she’s turning FIFTY this year? :) I sure do hope I got those “forever young (looking)” genes from her!

Mom decided to go as Twiggy to a 1960’s themed Valentine’s Party complete with the little dress! And yes, she did the Twiggy eyes on herself too. Many people don’t know that my mom was my first ever makeup guru. When you went to the salon to get fixed up for prom, I was at home with my mom doing her magic on chubby 16 year old face!

She’s wearing a Diane Von Furstenburg dress and has with her a Chanel purse. Such a glamorosa mommy!

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life! Not only did I meet and have some time to talk to Marilyn Manson, but he jumped out and scared me when I came onto his tour bus. He loved my suit and called me a dapper guy, I asked him about his art and he told me he was gonna be showing at an art gallery called The 101 in Beverly Hills soon! His performance was absolutely amazing! A lot of people have been complaining lately about him playing drunk, forgetting lyrics and slurring his words, but not last night. The crowd was fantastic, and I even caught Twiggy looking at me a couple times, while playing.

And on a side note, I saw some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen last night. Marilyn Manson fans are the greatest!

anonymous asked:

Would you ever cut your hair short like Ruby Rose?

i for sure wanna wanna cut my hair super short one day, but I think I’d prefer something more along the lines of the retro twiggy-esque look so I could still tuck my hair behind my ears. Short platinum hair is my SHIT