tonight is my brother’s prom, and incidentally, two years on the nose since the first picture was taken.

I wanted a tuxedo for prom. I wasn’t allowed it. I picked a dress that looked lovely, and that I liked, even though the idea of wearing it made me go eCHH. Now I look at this picture and just marvel at how much I kind of look like an awkward drag queen.

Conversely, the second picture was a few months ago, and features me looking like a slightly confused male model. Vast improvement.


Granted, there’s a few details I need to finish- weathering the strap, adding rust effects on the helm portion- but for the most part I am complete, and really proud of my work on this!!! I Need to get some good pictures of the way the faux metal has reflection- it’s metallic tissue paper and mod podge, but holy cow, I think I pulled it off!!!