My hand is gonna kill me in the morning! Oh well. 

Fun expression practice- go to different webcomics that have “random page” buttons, go to a random page, quickly (3 minutes or less) sketch your rendition of that expression on one of your own characters, and then go over it to refine it.

Honestly, I love how Jess, Steph, and Red came out the most. 

About two things Jenny was absolutely certain: Her new girlfriend was more like an 18 year old than almost 118, and her mother would be absolutely furious when she found out that she was going out with the oldest intelligent automaton in history without telling her.

Just. Don’t look at me guys. Don’t look at me and my desire to mash up my two favorite robotic ladies. Don’t look at me as I wallow in a strange pit of wanting Rabbit and Jenny to innocently smooch. Don’t look at me.

Bunny’s work lends to great inspiration. And being a member of a certain webomic fandom conditions you to the great form of “update art”. you should look at the full version of the background which is also cool i worked hard on that

Peter Sixth is really frickin’ cool, for a big nerd.


Well the world might try to do me in
It’s all right cause I’m with friends

Honestly couldn’t decide which version I liked better.
But I do love these babies a lot. So much. I need at least Eight many.

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