About two things Jenny was absolutely certain: Her new girlfriend was more like an 18 year old than almost 118, and her mother would be absolutely furious when she found out that she was going out with the oldest intelligent automaton in history without telling her.

Just. Don’t look at me guys. Don’t look at me and my desire to mash up my two favorite robotic ladies. Don’t look at me as I wallow in a strange pit of wanting Rabbit and Jenny to innocently smooch. Don’t look at me.

Bunny’s work lends to great inspiration. And being a member of a certain webomic fandom conditions you to the great form of “update art”. you should look at the full version of the background which is also cool i worked hard on that

Peter Sixth is really frickin’ cool, for a big nerd.


“Are you a boy or a girl?”
“I am a nightmaren”
“Yes but what’s between your legs”
“The unending void

Sometimes I see people using the wrong pronouns for NiGHTS (who is canonically genderless/agender…. and typically called "they” by writers, or “neutral he,” which is ptllhlhlhllblt) or worse, calling them “it.” Unacceptable. 
What is acceptable is the amount of control I get with the Huion 610 Pro, hot dang. Only used one size brush for all my lining and shading and coloring, and all the variation is from the pressure it picked up. bEAUTIFUL.

I am legitimately so proud of how this one came out. It captures Walter perfectly, I think.
People have asked me before what pronouns to use for Walter, and since I answered that question, I’ve learned more about her and need to change my answer: Walter likes both “he/him/his” and “she/her/hers.” He usually skews more towards he/him pronouns, just for ease of use and because he’s used to them, but there are definitely days or even weeks when Walter will ask for she/her to be used for her. Whatever you address her with, he’ll respond. 

Large version here.