twig snapping


“You need to … what is it?”  She felt herself getting nervous as his eyes met hers. He always made her feel weak in the best way, even though she’d never admit that to him.  Holding back his response, he continued slowly moving his face down to hers. 

“Wait, stop!”  A twig snapped nearby. She pulled away. “Did you hear that? They’re probably coming back, we can’t do this, they’ll see.”

Witch Tip

Get a bunch of decent size twigs and put them in a jar. Every time you get mad or frustrated, feed all of your bad vibes and negativity into a twig and snap it in half, releasing all of the bad energy and destroying it.

Could also be used as a curse if negative energy was fed into a twig about a person and the intent was there.

Good Luck and Clear Skies to All!

lily was cloudy days when the sun was just peeking out behind, she was holding a warm mug in your chilled fingers, she was laughing so much tears slipped down your cheeks and stuck to your lips, she was a ringing bell, she was the way you nodded when you finally understood something. she was a bubble that popped too soon

james was the feeling of running through an empty field, he was the rush of the wind that made your ears go numb, he was the sour sweets you sucked on as a kid, he was the smell of fresh mint in the winter, he was the kind of loud unbridled laughter that made everyone around you join in, he was the light sensation you got after drinking one too many cocktails. he was a flame that had been snuffed before it got a chance to grow

sirius was the way you bit your lips when you were filled with nerves, he was the way you tried to balance on an unstable log in the forest, he was the snapping of twigs in autumn, he was the hushed excited whispers you exchanged during the night, he was the tug of the hand that led you forward, he was a welcome cool breeze on a warm day that made you dizzy. he was a piece of thread that got torn from the rest of the fabric

peter was an arm around your shoulder that pulled you closer, he was the popping of knuckles in a silent room, he was the snap of a picture taken while your eyes were scrunched up from laughter, he was the feeling you got when you finally untangled your earbuds, he was rolling down a hill in the summer sun. he was the weightless feeling of falling you got when you tripped on the curb

remus was the way you run your hands through your hair, he was the drumming of fingers on a tabletop, he was the nicely organized photos on your wall, he was the sound of rain on your window in early spring, he was the breath that clouded in front of your face on chilly evenings, he was the shaking of your head at ridiculous puns, he was sweaters with long sleeves, he was the smile you couldn’t get rid of. he was the book that was never finished

               My love,
         wait for my arrival.

   I come in the hot breath of night –
          curling about your lips
   with my fire, burning
through your trees with love’s desire.

      Sever me from my life-line and I –
    will exist in simmering ashes,
 dormant; hidden behind
     the door that you
           would shut,
        but never could shut indefinitely.

                 You are the flame contained
                                          within me
        that travels through my day –
             leaving my heart
                         for your warmth.

              How can I close the part
         that sees my soul?

   I wait here
       'til you long for the backdraft;
             'til you long to be engulfed
         in violent warmth
           and light –
                      the light!
that snaps your twigs and roars for your all.

                                                  Ah, love!
              Surrender me up as kindling.
                                Let me crack
                 and smolder under
                     your blaze.  

You are the fuel that sustains my soul;
   the air that I breathe, the reason –
      of my existence as anything
           more than mere

“What forest burns in quiescence?”, a collaboration between @rhapsodyinblue45​ and @definegodliness​.

Aro and Caius meet their mate in forks and react to having a human mate and sharing them. (request)

Running around in the beautiful forest outside of your house was something you found yourself doing regularly, you just wished you had someone to enjoy it with.

Twigs snapped behind you and laughter filled the air around you, “Y/n you’re too easy to find!" Emmet and Jasper were smiling wide. "Well what do you expect? you’re vampires! Plus, I wasn’t even trying” They both looked at each other and shook their head in sync.

Suddenly Alice appeared from nowhere looking like she just had a vision, by the looks of it, it wasn’t good. “Y/n come on! We have to get you back to the house now” Emmett looked as confused as you did, Jasper ran to you and let you jump on his back getting ready to rush back to the house, “What is it Alice?” She couldn’t look you directly in the eyes and just muttered “They are coming”.

After arriving back at the Cullen house Esme rushes to you and seems to be panicking, Carlisle comes over to you and breaks the news. “The Volturi are heading this way to check on Bella. They don’t know about your existence, we are thinking to hide you upstairs, but I’m afraid they will bring the guard with them. Meaning Demetri, the tracker, will find you.”

Esme bumped in, using a worried voice. “He can still try Carlisle. Please” Carlisle lead you to a bedroom and put you in a closet where he told you to put one of his coats on. “Don’t worry y/n. We will try everything we possibly can to keep you from their knowledge” he gave you a reassuring smile and closed the closet door.

What felt like forever waiting to hear strange voices coming from down stairs you began to crack the closet door open only to hear a different male voice give a command “Carlisle, may I see your hand?” you knew who it was. Aro Volturi, Edward had told you stories about each of the three rulers, Aro could read peoples memories. You started to shake in fear, he would be able to see you.

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Negative thoughts/Energy away

Your mind
A stick or twig anything you can snap in half
Preferably outside

Okay so think of the memory or thought you have than picture it as a color. Now sit down and the ground while holding the twig/stick. Imagine the negative color going from your brain and traveling slowly down into your hands into the twig/stick. Just keep doing this until you feel like it’s a good time to stop. Than stand back up with the stick in your hand and break it in half and throw it as far as possible. By doing all this those negative thoughts or memory will stop or won’t be as bad. You could also use this if your just feeling a bad energy within you but can’t name it.

Also as a side note I’ve been getting a couple people messaging me and asking questions about Wicca. And I just want to say if you have a question feel more than free to message me and ask if you want. It’s not a bother at all and would love to help the best I can. ❤️❤️

How would Hanzo, Mccree and Zarya react if s/o took them to a deep part of the woods at night to show them where were lots of fireflies flying lightning up the place?


  • Being out so late in the dark, it’s natural that Hanzo’s on high alert. Not because he’s afraid of the dark per se, just what could be hiding in it.
  • He’s ready to protect you from anything that comes at you, man or beast, and insisted on bringing his Storm bow, even at your protests. The slightest of twig snaps sends him flinching into a fighting stance.
  • You’re going to have to keep him down, or else he’s gonna go mental trying to be overprotective. If you can manage to reassure him you know what you’re doing, he’ll likely stop pulling the bow out at any sound, but will remain prepared.
  • Give him a break, he just wants you to be safe.
  • When he sees fireflies, he kinda just stops for a second.
  • This… this was what he was so worked up over you showing him?
  • Be prepared for the quietest chuckle, just happy enough to shake his head in amusement at your antics. He’s seen fireflies before, in his many lonely journeys, but never this many and never so lively.
  • He will no doubt be grateful s/o would share this, and most likely affectionately hold their hand, staring up at the living stars swirling around them.


  • Jesse’s going to be whistling up a storm strolling through the forest. Double points if you join in.
  • Most likely has arm linked with S/O, and will try to pull them off track to mess with them.
  • “That looks like a mighty fine tree there darlin. Oh, is that a deer? Let’s go see”
  • Someone needs to get him a collar and leash, just to keep the cowboy on the damn track. If you can manage to get him under control, he’ll stop pulling you away in favour of pulling you closer, parking his hand on your hip, tucking you under his arm.
  • He definitely gets excited when he sees fireflies. Jesse would gasp, eyes locked onto all the little shimmering bugs.
  • Wants to catch all the little lightning bugs. He’ll be letting them land all over him, crawling along his metal arm, leading little reflections along the prosthetic.
  • If you let him, he will spin you around in the forest clearing, with what seems like little stars floating around you in the air, arms locked around your waist as you twirl.


  • Her first instinct is to no doubt joke that you’re bringing her to wrestle another bear.
  • Like, she isn’t shutting up about this bear. Kissing her will do the trick, if you can lean in fast enough. 
  • Getting deeper into the forest she’ll probably start pulling you closer. She really doesn’t want any nasty predators getting any ideas, not that they could with a bulking Russian next to you. She just wants your safety.
  • Entering the clearing, she’ll gasp loudly in excitement. She adores the cute little lights, and is so flattered you’d share them with her.
  • If you can catch her eyes, they’re already misting up. You’d notice that her eyes are only on you, watching the glow flutter across your skin, and reflecting in your eyes.
  • Even in the dull lighting of the fireflies, her face has clearly warmed to almost the same colour as her hair. She’s a bright pink crying mess, because this is all just so beautiful and a wonderful moment to share with her S/O.
  • If you take a photo with her, she’ll print it and keep it with her always, just to keep the memory close to her.

okay uhh … i’m going to do my best to describe what has just happened in my presence, to me, and im gonna post this on my proper blog so i can link to it without linking to my personal


so i head out a little over an hour before time of writing and i make it as far as the intersection at the top of the hill when i hear a crow cawing really loudly

i, being myself, it being a beautiful mid-morning, having just sat on the shore of a lake calm enough that no waves were breaking at all, decide to stop for a sec, enjoy the morning air, and stop to see what this crow’s up to.

i guess people don’t usually do that and it immediately took interest in me because of it, i guess. it jumped down a few branches till it was directly over me and then began to intently and precisely snap twigs with leaves on them and drop them down, so they caught the air and helicoptered down, into my hands. i identified it immediately as play behavior, since there was always a moment where the crow watched to see if i caught it after it was thrown.

once this crow caught on to the fact that i was ready and willing to play this twig drop game, i could hear it adjust its caw, and sure enough, a second crow that had i guess been paying attention or half-paying-attention from a tall tree across the intersection swooped directly over to the branch beside the first one, with no hesitation in direction whatsoever, and then immediately started playing the twig drop game too.

assuming that there wasn’t enough time to transmit any complex instructions, presumably they were both familiar with the game, although they weren’t exactly seasoned pros, either, because they both kept intently trying to ‘woodpecker’ branches that were too big for their beaks to reasonably break off without the twisting motion they can snap smaller branches with.

presumably they were just a little over-eager.

i spent a good hour on that corner, neck craned up, and they were just as fixated on the moment as i was. i’ve never seen two crows brimming with enthusiasm like these ones were. after a while they were just sort of yelling at each other and at me, but they didn’t seem angry at any point, they didn’t try to drive me away. in fact, to be sure of that, i intentionally faked having lost interest a couple of times and walked in either directions. they both followed without hesitation to land in branches above me.

like i said, i spent a good hour there. i came home with a handful of twigs and branches, plucked out of the air, given to me intentionally by a pair of crows. i don’t know if the idea that i would keep the twigs and leaves ever crossed their minds or if it was just the simple thrill of watching them fall and be caught by one of the big weird walking ones who don’t really ever interact with you. but i *could* understand a lot of the other cues they were giving me. we were interacting, we had taken mutual interest in each other and, essentially, broadcast that interest to each other.

i had no idea when or how the interaction would end but at some point, one of the crows i guess had some other business elsewhere and took off abruptly, the other stayed but fell back vertically, to a rooftop, i figured they were both done, so just for closure i nodded and parted ways as well (crows don’t nod and probably don’t understand nodding – that was just out of habit) 

anyway i had a big bundle of twigs and leaves in my hands and i wasn’t going to continue downtown and get breakfast carrying them so i 180′d and headed back down the hill home, sort of baffled at the real thing that had just transpired in my life.

i didn’t realize that on the way down the hill i’d be crossing the second one’s line of sight on the rooftop again until i was in the clearing where that would happen, and just as i wondered if the second crow would watch me walk home or not i felt an abrupt rush of air and heard feathers ruffle behind the nape of my neck, and i just immediately turned to the tree across from me where he landed and just flat out said “oh my god” out loud, but like the “don’t do it–oh my god” brand of oh my god. he flew back to the roof and i just walked home in absolute disbelief and it still feels a little bit like a dream.

you know what i also have among the sticks and leaves? one of them dropped a crow feather. i was paying attention to the other when it happened so i don’t know if it was already hanging loose or what, but the one who dropped it sure did watch me with the same intent as i went to pick it up. anyhow, now i have this bundle of stuff that crows gave me:

 pay … attention to crows. that’s all. wow. over and out.

My bones… I feel it in my bones
The age of my soul
Gripping me, finally
With long, thin fingers
Cracks, cracks in my bones
Creaking like the doors
That have been made in my heart
In my life
That so many people have left
Unopened, un-tended to
Rusted and swollen shut
My bones… I feel it in my bones
They’re breaking
Snapping like twigs beneath the feet
Of those who have run
In and out of my life
I’m tired, worn out
The age of my soul
Has caught up with me
My bones… I feel it in my bones
The weight of everything
I’ve ever carried
Weighing down my shoulders
Sore muscles, tired legs and arms
And a back, bent
Ready to give
Yet I carry on, I carry on
My bones… I feel it in my bones
That I may be tired
Sore, and battered
But it is worth it
Every creak, every crack
And twist and bend and snap
My old soul is full to bursting
With love
And a life that’s been worth living

© -Michael Greywood Poetry- 2016

Summer isn’t summer without a frozen treat. We didn’t have the money for fancy popsicles, so my uncle would make his own and bring them from across the street. He snapped twigs off of stranger’s trees, and froze salt water onto the ends. 

Here’s a request i got awhile back! Hope you guys like it! And Happy New Year!

Imagine holding a bow and arrow in your arm and a bag on your back. You trudged through the thick woods of Neverland to find your clearing. After living here for most of your life you had come to know these woods like the back of your hand. You finally saw the space up ahead, picking up your pace as you neared it. Once you finally broke through the trees you let out a sigh as the sunlight warmed your face despite the chilly air. You set down your bag and took out three of your best arrows, anxious to start your practice for today. You set an arrow in place, pulled back and prepared to loose it. You set your sights on the large oak in front of you and released it, watching proudly as it glided through the air and pierce the target. You bent down to pick up another arrow when you heard twigs snapping behind you. A smile crept onto your face as you listened to the footsteps creeping up to you.
After being in Neverland for years you had not only fallen for the island, but for the boy who lived there as well. Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up, had not only captured you and your family years ago, but your heart as well. When you were only six years old, you and your mother came to Neverland looking for something. Once you realized it was no longer there you attempted to leave the island, but of course, were stopped by Pan. Your mother vowed she’d find a way out one day, but even when you were just six, you had decided never to leave. While your mother was busy searching for a way off the island, Peter had found his way to you, showing you all the secrets Neverland had to offer. Now, that you were sixteen years old, there was no way you were leaving, even if miraculously, there was a way.
“You should know by now, Peter,” you said, anticipating Peter’s smiling face and his eyes that were greener than the forest, “it’s impossible to scare me!” You jumped around, only to feel the sinking feeling of dread creep into the pit of your stomach. Your mother, Regina, stood before you, her eyes harsh as she processed what you had just said, “Did you say Peter?” She asked. You tried to come up with a cover, but you had blown it. After ten whole years of keeping it a secret, this is how it ended? You quickly picked up your arrows, attempting you brush past her and back to your camp, but you were stopped by the firm grip of her hand on your arm, “Peter Pan?” She said, her voice rising to an unpleasantly loud tone.
“Yes! Peter Pan,” you yelled back, making her eyes widen in anger. She threw your arm down, making you stumble back. “How long?” She asked, crossing her arms.
“What do you me-”
“How long has this been going on?”
You looked down at the grass, already cringing before you mumbled, “Since we came here.”
“You’ve got to be kidding me,” she breathed before she continued, “(y/n), he’s evil-”
“Yeah, you’re one to talk.” You replied sharply, regretting it the minute it slipped past your lips. She stood there a moment, shocked at your harsh words before pushing past you, “It doesn’t matter now anyway, we’re leaving.”
You turned on your heel, watching her march into the trees wide eyed, “We can’t,” you said, but you were terrified of her response.
“We can now,” she said, causing the pit in your stomach to grow, “I’ve finally found a way. Now go pack your stuff.”
*Later that night*
You angrily paced around your room, racking your brain for a solution. You knew your mom would make you leave, even if it meant dragging you with her. You let out a groan, rubbing your temples as you stopped in front of your mirror. You closed your eyes for a moment as you took a much needed breath. You slowly let it out before you opened your eyes to see Peter standing behind you. You returned his smile with your own before you turned around to face him. He quickly grabbed your face in his hands and gently pressed his lips to yours. You smiled against him, wishing this would last forever, but your smile faded as reality washed back over you. You gently put your hands to his chest, pushing him away from you. Head leaned his forehead to yours, “What’s the matter?” He breathed, lowering his hands to wrap them around your waist. You looked up at him, studying every part of him with such preciseness, afraid this might be your last night with him. “We have a problem,” you said, resting your arms around his neck to twirl his hair in your fingers.
He laughed confidently, “I’m sure it’s nothing I can’t handle,” he said as he began to trail kisses down your neck, distracting you further.
“Peter,” you signed, only to have him wrap his arms tighter around you. His kisses became more intense as he started to make his way back to your lips. “Peter, it’s my mom, she’s make me-”
“I know,” he said, his hot breath creating chills on your skin, “don’t worry about it, I’ve got a plan.”
You lifted your hands to his face and made him look at you, “What kind of a plan?” You asked suspiciously.
He smiled, “You’ll have to wait and see, love,” he leaned in close to your ear, just barely brushing it with his lips, “I won’t let her take you from me, I promise.”

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Where's Ice Bear in your Villain Charlie comic?

He’s off looking for Chloe!
(Don’t worry I didn’t forget him)

She came along on the mission but got separated from the bears when Charlie caught them

Ice Bear got out of his restraints pretty quickly
Grizz and Panda are honestly just staying there to be distractions for Charlie in the meantime via polite attempts at conversation

"Claimed" a Daryl Dixon X Reader

It was just another day in the life, the life of the living and The Walking Dead. Since the group had found an empty house to stay in for the night you and Daryl decided to go for a little walk, hoping to catch some squirrels so you wouldn’t have to eat canned food once again for tonight. You’ve known Daryl since the beginning of this new world, he saved you from a whole Hurd of walkers. Ever since that day you’ve been inseparable. Of course the group heavily made fun of that because you two were so…Sexually teasing each other constantly. When said things were brought up both of you denied it. But there was always a little bit of flirting…Grabbing at times but he was ‘just makin’ sure you wouldn’t fall’. Mmhmm. That’s what the hand shaped bruise on your ass says.

You two walked silently for awhile until you both heard a twig snap. Daryl instantly raised his crossbow towards the noise as did you with your gun. It was a man, dirty black hair, shirtless with some very worn out jeans on. Once he saw you two he raised his hands, “Wow wow wow, hey there I didn’t mean anything by that twig snapping. I swear it wasn’t my fault” he said with sass. You rolled your eyes but you couldn’t lie, He was kind of hot. Daryl notices you eyeing him so he stepped in front of you. “Who the hell are you?” Daryl asked. You rolled your eyes at Daryl for being so over protective. At least that’s how you saw it. You stepped besides him and kept your gun raised. “Names David.” The man said, walking closer to the both of you with his hands still up. You stayed wary of him. As always. “Anyone else with you?” You asked. “No. Don’t worry it can be just us later.” He sent you a sexy grin along with a wink. You blushed. It’s…Been awhile. He stepped closer and you swear you saw Daryl about to pull the trigger. It’s not even been a minute and he’s ready for him to be gone. But that’s just Daryl. “You best back off.” Daryl said in his deep, rustic voice in hopes of scaring the guy off. Instead ‘David’ looked at you. You kept your gun raised and ready to fire at him if needed. Though you hoped you wouldn’t have too. He definitely wasn’t sore on the eyes. “Is he holdin’ you against your will? Show me where he touched you” he stepped closer and you backed up. “H-He’s my friend. He wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.” You spoke up. Daryl’s anger and jealousy levels raised as his finger tightened on the trigger. “Now listen here, lover boy, if I were you I’d get movin’. And in the other direction.” Daryl warned him. The man just chuckled at Daryl and looked at him as he slowly lowered his hands. You tightened your grip on your gun, preparing for what you thought was a fight about to break out. “What? I didn’t do anything. Don’t get so worked up over words.” He chuckled then turned back to you. You looked at Daryl worried that he was going to beat the shit out of this guy. But he stood still with his crossbow still aimed at the guys head. “So…You got a group?” He asked. You gave him a look for such sudden question. “Look, I haven’t eaten in days, I’m just trying to find a warm place for the night. And in all honesty, you’re the friendliest-sexist person I’ve seen since the break out.” He smiled softly at you. You couldn’t help but crack a smile but you shook it away fast. “We got a group back a little ways. You can stay with-” Right before you could finish Daryl pulled you aside aggressively. Which was odd for him to act especially towards you. “No. Ain’t no way I’m lettin’ some-some fuckin’ dumbfuckin’ piece of shit like that around our group! Look at the way he’s fuckin’ lookin at you he’s a creeper!” Daryl whispered/Screamed at you. You just rolled your eyes at him and pulled away. “Daryl he’s just going to come back for night. Rick will decide what happens to him. And besides, when did you ever care if someone looked at me and thought I was good looking? You sure never seem to notice.” You rolled your eyes at him and went back over to the David guy. You explained about the situation and that the leader would decide but he could stay for the night. He smiled happily and kept thanking you.

You and David walked ahead of Daryl, talking, laughing, hell even flirting. Daryl only stayed behind a few feet so he could have a clear shot to kill the guy if he hurt you most likely. That and he couldn’t stop thinking about what you said earlier…Of course he thought you were hot and everything…He had deep feelings for you…Feelings you didn’t know about but shared the same for him. His jealousy was clearly obvious. At this point of the walk David was trying to impress you with his stories. You just laughed and smiled at them. And he smiled back. Daryl rolled his eyes in the background. “I’m gonna take a piss.” Daryl said walking off by a tree. You sighed and stopped along with David to wait. “So…Are you two…? Ya know” you simply just giggled at the thought and looks down to hide your blush. “No. We’re…Just friends. We go far back. He’s just protective of his family don’t mind him.” You replied and looked up at David. “Oh…I get it, good. So there won’t be a problem if I did this” he slowly leaned closer and closed his eyes, your eyes widened and you froze. This guy was nice and all but you liked Daryl. Just as his lips nearly touched yours a arrow shot between your faces, it cut only David’s face somehow but he would be fine. “Hey!” David yelled as he backed up and held his forehead. You jumped back and your eyes shot to Daryl with his raised crossbow “Daryl what the hell!? You could’ve killed us!” You yelled at him, completely furious that he’s jealousy almost got you killed. He tossed his crossbow on his back and walked in between you two. “Caught dinner.” He said picking up a possum that was running across and just between you two. You sighed deeply and David just looked shocked and confused. “C'mon let’s get back before dark.” Daryl said as he kept walking. You sighed again, “C'mon.” You motioned for David to follow. Which he did.

Once you arrived at the house David was already making a great first impression on the group. Which pissed Daryl off and led to him storming up the stairs, the important part was that he grabbed your arm and brought you with him. “Daryl what the actual fu-” Before you could finish he took you into his room and slammed the door shut. Right as you were about to question him again he presses his lips against yours, giving you the most deep passionate kiss you’ve ever had or could imagine. Your eyes were wide as you slowly relaxed into it and kissed him back. In the mix of your tongues fighting for dominance and his hands exploring your body you both ended up on the bed. As the kisses deepened he removed your pants and you kicked off your shoes before hand. You broke the kiss to quickly remove his vest and his shirt to which you threw on the floor. He gave you a quick kiss as he pulled off your shirt and tossed it into the floor along with his. Your wrapped your arms around his neck as he slowly slid his hand underneath you and unclipped your bra. He reattached his lips to yours and your hands moved down to his belt. Once it was gone you unbuttoned his pants and he slid them off revealing him to be boxer-less. His member was already way past hard. You bit your lip and he snapped his fingers, your eyes shot to his which he was looking down at you with his deep blue eyes. “Eyes on mine, Sunshine.” He winked and you bit down on your lip harder. You slowly ran to he hands down yourself starting from your collarbone and to your panties. You gripped onto the sides of your panties and went to tug them down as he placed his hands on top of yours. You looked deep into each other’s eyes as you slowly slid your panties down your legs with his help. Once they were gone you leaned back up and kissed him. He ran his fingers through your hair as he pressed you down to the mattress using his body against yours. His other hand explored your body all the way down to your thigh where he caressed it up onto his waist. He started kissing down your neck, playfully bitting in spots causing you to moan out. He looked up at you as he kissed down to your breasts and started sucking on them as his member rubbed against your center. You moaned out and gently tugged on his hair “God damnit Daryl just fuck me!” You yelled and He pulled his head away and looked up at you “You best watch your mouth, sunshine. Might have to-Punish you” he said with a wink as he slowly entered you. You moaned out, letting your head fall back onto the pillow feeling something you’ve been waiting for a long time, pleasure. You bit your lip as he sudden sped up his thrusts, going harder, faster, you were forced to place your hand against the headboard so you wouldn’t slam into it. You moaned out louder, tugging on his hair with your other hand as you wrapped your legs around his waist, letting him go deeper. “What’s my name?” He demanded to know as he slammed into you, his sack slapping against your ass most likely leaving marks. “D-Daryl…” You bit your lip. “Daryl who~?” He asked again, flipping you over and pounding into you from behind. You screamed and gripped onto the head board, getting closer to your high by the second. “D-Dixon! Daryl-Fucking-Dixon” you said In between moans. He grinned and wrapped his arm around you, pulling you back and holding you to his chest as his other hand rubbed little tiny quick circles on your cilt and he continued thrusting into you as you partly sat on his thighs, “That’s right. And you’re mine,” he said bitting your neck leaving a big mark. You screamed with pleasure as you tightened around his throbbing member, hitting your high with a brick as it felt like. You screamed out his name, he grunted as you caused his high to hit. He let his seed fill you to the brim as he thrusted in once more, “Claimed.” He stated.

You both calmed down after a little while and cuddles took place, you went back down stairs fully dressed. Everybody looked at you both oddly. You started blushing deeply concerned that they all just heard-that… You and Daryl sat on the empty couch in the living room with everyone else. They continued to stare but soon went back to their conversation. Just as you went to sit down besides him he grabbed you gently by your hips and sat you down in his lap and kissed your ear. This caught everyone’s attention considering this was not how Daryl usually-or ever is in fact. It especially caught David’s attention. When Daryl notice him starring he grinned and whispered in your ear, something for you to repeat aloud. You blushed deeply and bit your lip, “I’m…Claimed.” You said loud and proud like he had told you too. God this was embarrassing, but hot as well. David at that moment got up and walked outside as everyone else went silent for a few seconds. Daryl grinned happily into your neck as he wrapped his arms around you. “Damn right.” He said with a smirk.

{This was requested by: dixonimagines . Written by: Me!}
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It Was Nice To See You Again (Brohm Dead By Daylight AU)

Okay, like promised, here’s my first Brohm oneshot!

@gochilad requested “ I was wondering if you’d like to make a Dead by Daylight AU where Ohm is the lonely killer who just wants somebody to love and then Bryce comes in and he’s like “oh shit a beautiful person”.” This isn’t quite what you asked for, but I think it’s relatively close, so there’s that, at least! I tried to mix in actual Dead By Daylight mythos, too, with where the killers are presumed to come from. I hope you enjoy!

Bryce raced through the woods, terror fueling his run. His breath came out of his mouth in harsh pants.

A twig snapped somewhere behind him, and he pushed himself to go faster, before crouching down behind a large tree.

He didn’t remember how long he’d been doing this. It felt like years since he’d last seen the real world. There was just the endless repetition of waking up in the forest, finding generators, and either escaping through the doors or the hatch, or dying to whatever monster was after them that time.

There was the sound of clunking boots, and then, practically right next to him, just on the other side of the tree, he heard a trap getting set. A generator banged on the opposite side of the enclosed yard, and the boots clunked away towards it.

Bryce crept out from behind the tree, and started to fiddle with the trap. He doubted that he’d be able to do anything, as he didn’t have a toolbox handy, but he always tried if he got the chance.

The bear trap remained stubbornly open. Bryce muttered angrily under his breath, and decided to give up and try and get a generator.

Before he could even start off in any direction, there was an ear-piercing shriek from the direction of the wall which encased the yard. The direction the trapper, the monster, had gone in. It was accompanied by a familiar, sickening crunch.

Someone had been hanged on a hook.

Bryce considered going towards them, helping them get off of the hook, but he was tired. He was so tired of going to save people, just to watch them die right before he got there. Someone else could save them, and he’d work on a generator.

By the time he was done, the screaming had grown. It must’ve been a new victim, someone that had only just been pulled from the real world into this horror filled reality. They were still adjusting to the torturous cycle that all the humans were stuck in.

They only needed one generator. Bryce could go get it done. But at the same time, the other human was still hanging from the hook, surely nearly dead by now. He could go save them. Or at least try to.

He started to creep ever so slowly in the direction that the screaming had come from, cautious. If the coast was clear, he’d save them. If the trapper was anywhere nearby, he was just going to go after the last generator.

He could see the victim now, struggling against the spider-like claws. The monster was nowhere in sight Bryce ran towards the other person, a woman, he thought, though in the dark it was hard to tell, and started to pull them down from the hook.

“Th-thank you. Thank you so much….” She started to sob into his shoulder. Yeah, she was definitely new to this whole thing. Only the newest victims took the time to thank those that saved them. It wasted valuable time.

“Don’t thank me yet. We have to go. Like, now. Run!” He pushed her in a random direction, then took off, heading to the left, as soon as her instincts took over and she started to leave, as fast as she could.


Oh, god, he was in so much pain. His mind went practically blank, only sensing the agony that was the bear trap around his leg. He started to struggle, desperately. As he did, lights went up around the perimeter, flashing for a minute before fading away. Someone had gotten the last generator. The victims could escape. But Bryce was stuck, trapped, all because he’d gone over to help someone. Typical.

The trapper came up behind him, and Bryce struggled all the more fiercely, even as he felt the metal grinding on his bones. But the trapper just stared for a second, before walking away towards the door. Apparently, Bryce wasn’t as much of a risk, which he was grateful for. The monster would go after the others, leaving Bryce with enough time to free himself from the bear trap, then get to the door himself.

But before he had a chance, the trapper came back, cursing loudly. The others must’ve escaped already. Bryce tried to shift back into the tall grass, but just whimpered in pain.

“Well, I guess you’re all that’s left, then.” The monster grumbled. He went to reach down for Bryce.

Bryce blinked, eyebrows furrowing in confusion, even as he tried to duck under the massive man’s arm. “H-have I heard your voice before?”

The man paused. “What?”

“Your voice sounds familiar. Like this guy I knew, back when I first showed up in this forest.” Bryce had accepted the fact that he’d lost this time, was going to die on a hook, but he couldn’t drop the question. It was important. And he didn’t know when he’d next be in this trapper’s yard, so he had to ask now. “He’d been here way longer than me. He was a cool guy. Really smart.” The trapper had stilled. Bryce couldn’t see his face under the mask, but he could see the man’s fingers flexing, like he was thinking, but also irritated. “We kinda made out once or twice. I don’t actually know how much he cared about me, but honestly, it was just nice to see a friendly face.” At this point, he wasn’t even talking for the sake of the question, just rambling, fear leading him to remember more than he had in a long time. “I stopped ever seeing him, well, a while ago. I miss him.” Suddenly, Bryce realized that the trapper, a potentially supernatural killer, was staring at him like he was insane, and he blushed. “I just- you sound like him, is all I’m saying.”

“Uh-huh.” He could sense the raised eyebrow, rather than see it. His blush grew.

“His name was Ohm. Have you at least seen him, while you’ve done your murdery things? It’d be nice to know he was still alive. Then again, you probably don’t ask people’s names much, do you?”

The trapper was silent for a moment, then spoke, sounding practically human. “When the humans in the forest lose hope, they turn into one of us, the killers. He probably doesn’t remember you.” With that, the trapper reached down and pulled the stricken Bryce out of the bear trap, and flung him over his shoulder.

No. Ohm couldn’t be a monster. He’d taught Bryce everything there was to know about the forest. He’d been so good at everything. How could he have lost hope? How could he have turned into, into one of them? The killers?

Bryce was so distracted by his thoughts, he didn’t even notice where the trapper was carrying him to. He was dropped in front of a trapdoor.

He blinked, then glanced up at the trapper. “W- what?”

“Just go. You managed to bore me with your rambling.” The trapper crossed his arms and stared at him.

“Okay.” Bryce crawled into the hatch. Once he was there, he practically instinctively started to run, well, jog, with his injured leg, down the passageway.

“And Bryce?”

Bryce froze. The only person in the entire forest he’d ever told his name to was-

“It was nice to see you again.” Ohm said, before shutting the trapdoor behind him. As soon as the threat of being killed was gone, the entire cycle reset, and Bryce woke up in a clearing by a campfire, with three people he didn’t know.

They didn’t understand why he started crying.



Part One

Part Two

Part Three 

Never Land was definitely not the place Walt Disney made it seem to be. It was not the bright happy care free place from your favorite movie. It felt like endless night and short days, the air was thick, but not humid and heavy.

You had no clue how long you had been moving, the sun had set twice, but the night seem to be fifteen hours. At some point you began counting in your mind to keep track of time.

Another weird thing about Never Land was that it seemed to effect your body. Normally you would be exhausted from walking over a mile and your feet would hurt like hell, but you had been walking for over thirteen counted hours and you were fine. You figured the island did more than keep you young it kept you constant, the state you are in when you show up is how you will be.

Thank God yesterday was the last day of your period.

Suddenly you heard a twig snap behind you you turn ready to fight Pan like your life depended on it, cause it kinda did. Only it wasn’t Pan, it was two boys, one looked around your age, the other looked a little over ten.

‘Please help us!’ the younger one asked.

Before you could ask any of the six questions you had you heard more running, a lot more meaning a group of people.

You pulled them both into a deep brush and covered their mouths. You saw about ten Lost Boys all with weapons run past. once it was quiet you turned to the boys and let their mouths go.

‘Who are you?’ you asked.

‘I’m Jamie, and this is my little brother Sam. We were sleeping in in the orphanage one second, the next this shadowy…thing was pulling us out the window. It flew us here. Then all these boys came chasing us.’ the older one, Jamie. answered.

‘Do you know where we are?’ Sam asked.

‘Neverland, where are you from?’ you responded.

‘We’re from the south of Oz.’ Jamie answered.

‘Oz? Like wizard of Oz, wicked witch of the west, that Oz?’ you asked in shock.

‘You’ve heard of it.’ Sam said.

‘Yeah you can say that.’ you sighed.

All you needed was Alice and the Mad Hatter to show up.

‘Um ma’am, I don’t want to be rude, but in your land is it custom run around naked?’ Jamie asked pointing to state of dress and lack their of.

‘I was sleep when I was taken, sorry for not wearing my best threads.’ you scoffed.

‘I’m tired.’ Sam said as he yawned.

‘We have to keep moving or they will catch us.’ Jamie said.

‘No, let him rest, you don’t get far if you are exhausted, physically or mentally.’ you said.

‘But what about the boys?’

‘I’ll keep watch, you boys sleep.’ you said.

‘How about you sleep instead.’ Jamie said.

Before you could ask what he was talking about he threw a dust into your face, immediately you were out cold.

Sam pulled out a horn and blew it, signalling the other boys and Pan that they had the girl. 

‘Good job you two.’ 

Above the brush floated Peter, he smiled as he landed above your body.

‘Sleep well darling, tomorrow is the wedding.’


(Requested by Anon)

It was supposed to be another normal day hunting and for the most part it had been, you’d caught a few deer and a couple of mountain lion, you were having a swell time. 

Until the wolves that is. You’d hunted wolf before but this was different, this was you standing in the middle of the woods aiming for a large buck when suddenly this mammoth wolf comes out of the bushes to your right. It was giant, it was more than giant it was humongous. It stood a good head taller than you at the very least and it was built like the hulk. A small part of your brain told you that it would be an excellent kill. Another larger part told you to get the hell out of there. 

You listened to the larger part. Backing away slowly you stood on a twig which snapped simultaneously scaring away the buck and making the wolfs eyes snap to meet yours. 

That’s where it got weird, the wolf, rather than attacking as you thought it would, simply stared at you. Not a normal stare though, a stare which you imagined was what you’d imagine a wolf in love would look like. Your brain was screaming at you to shoot it, especially considering it knew you were there now but you couldn’t make yourself do it. 

So you continued to slowly back away, sure this was the end and yet it wasn’t. The wolf let you back away until you were out of sight and then you high-tailed it back to camp all the time wondering what the bloody hell just happened. 

You had a really odd feeling settling in your gut, the type that told you you were likely to meet that wolf again. You weren’t entirely sure yet if that was good…or bad.

Foreign Object
  • Foreign Object
  • Mountain Goats
  • Live at City Winery Apr 12 2015

the Mountain Goats - “Foreign Object”
Live at City Winery 12/04/2015

Sink my teeth into your scalp, take a nice big bite
Save nothing for the cameras, play the angles all night
One of these days my legs will both snap like twigs
If you can’t beat ’em make ‘em bleed like pigs

I’m gonna jab you in the eye with a foreign object
I’m gonna stab you in the eye with a foreign object

Tennessee - A Carl Grimes Imagine

“Can I have a Carl grimes imagine where rick finds you and your baby brother on a run and brings you back to Alexandria and michonne and him take you in but carl finds you extremely cute tries to flirt and stuff?”

Me and my brother Adam had been wandering the woods for awhile now. I was 16 and he was 8. We were with our parents at the start, but sadly the walkers got to them. So it’s been me and him ever since. We were in the woods, aimlessly walking, when we heard twigs snapping. I stopped, put my arm out to alert Adam to as well. I drew my gun and scanned the area. I saw a figure approaching, a man. “Stop right there!” I shouted. He slowly came forward with his hands raised. “Lower your weapon. I’m not gonna hurt you,” he spoke calmly. “I’ll kill you if you come any closer!” I shouted again. “Lower your weapon. I just wanna talk.” I slowly lowered my gun. “My name is Rick Grimes. And you?” “Y/n, and this is Adam,” I gestured to my brother. “How old are you?” He asked. “I’m 16 and he’s 8,” I answered, still on guard. “Do you have a group?” “No.” “Do you have a camp?” “Why?” “I’m just asking. Where are your parents?” “They’re dead.” Rick sighed. “I’m sorry to hear that,” he paused. “How many walkers have you killed?” I looked at him as if he was crazy. “Hundreds, if not thousands. Why does that matter?” “How many people have you killed?” “O-one..” I admitted. “Why?” “He tried to take my brother. I shot him.” Rick paused again. “I have a camp. We have lots of people, walls, food, running water, and electricity. You and your brother are more than welcome to come back with me.” My mouth fell open. Everything he just named I never thought I’d see again. “Water? Electricity? How?” Adam asked excitedly. Rick laughed, “You’ll have to wait and see, bud. What do you say, y/n? Will you come back with me?” I looked at my brother and saw the look on his face. I couldn’t deny him this. But how could I trust a stranger? “How do I know I can trust you?” I asked. “Because if I wanted to hurt you, I already would’ve.” I thought for a second. “Alright. We’ll come with you. But if you try anything I’ll-” “I promise I’m not gonna try anything. You have my word.”
We followed Rick through the woods to a road where a car was parked. We got in the backseat and drove to what would become our new home.

We had been in Alexandria for 2 weeks now. Rick and Michonne were kind enough to take us into their home, and we were already being treated like family. Rick’s baby daughter Judith was adorable, and his son Carl was really nice. He was 16, too. Honestly, I kind of had a little crush on him.
I was sitting on the couch one afternoon reading a book when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. “Hey Carl,” I said when I saw him. “Hey,” he said with a slight smile. “Can I sit?” He asked. “Yeah.”
We sat and talked for a while, getting to know each other. We talked about where we were from, what video games we played, music, everything really. The conversation eventually died down, so we were just sitting in a comfortable silence. “So y/n, have you ever..had a boyfriend?” “Nope. Have you ever had a girlfriend?” “No.”
We sat there for a little longer, stealing glances at each other. “Your eyes are really pretty,” he blurted out. I blushed slightly. “Thanks.” “Your face is pretty,” he mumbled. I giggled a little. “Um, thanks.” “Are you from Tennessee?” he asked. “Carl, I told you I’m from-” “Because you’re the only ten I see,” he grinned. I started laughing “Carl, you’re too cute.” “You think I’m cute? So it worked?” “I never said that. But, yeah, you’re cute, no denying that.” His cheeked turned a slight pink. “Can I ask you something?” he said. “What is it?” “Can I, um, ah, never mind.” I giggled. Damn, he was adorable. I suddenly felt bold. I leaned in and kissed him. He was shocked at first, but then he kissed me back. He put his hand on the back of my head and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I’d never kissed anyone before, and neither had he, but it came naturally to us. It felt right. Perfect. We pulled away and smiled at each other. “Wow,” he said breathlessly. “Definitely wow.”

i. I WAS A BEAST, ONCE. cloaked &. bathed in darkness, a nightmare with all claws &. teeth that longed to scratch & tear — nothing that moved was safe from me, no, no, so enthralled was i with the metallic taste of blood on my tongue &. the feeling of bones snapping like twigs in my teeth was too much my ecstasy. nothing was safe; i killed for sport as much as i did out of gluttony. rip &. tear, rip &. tear, monstrous butcher was i, &. O! How i loved it. how i loved the smell, the screams, the taste — i looked down at the blood ‘pon my claws &. laughed in joy.

ii. I WAS A BEAST, ONCE. i bathed in darkness, wrapped myself in it til’ i could only see my disgusting desires to hurt &. never to feel hurt, to maul but never be touched. &. there i lurked, 'til one day the curtains of shadow were abruptly pulled back. i snarled in the blast of light, bared my teeth — only to find you there. wide-eyed yet not a hint of fear in your eyes, even when you stared at me, the most hideous thing on this planet. i could’ve snapped off your head right then &. there, but to my surprise you did not cower. you stood tall, &. you commented that i could do with some sunlight. it made me stop in my tracks, &. in my confusion i forgot what i had spent my entire life building myself up to be in the presence of someone who was either bold or couldn’t see what i was ( &. IF SO YOU WOULD BE THE FIRST ). i looked down at my claws &. felt confusion.

iii. I WAS A BEAST ONCE. you took me by my inhuman paws &. dragged me outside to where there was light &. life &. color. i squinted my eyes as i had spent my entire life in darkness, stunned by the brightness of the sky &. how it reflected in your hair. in any other circumstance i should’ve killed you a long time ago; eaten up your heart &. spat out your soul — but you thwarted every chance i got, took me by the hand &. swept me off my feet. you danced with me by the riverside, sat among the flowers &. made me laugh even though i had always believed i didn’t know how. i’ll never know if you knew what you were doing, when you ripped every chance for me to hurt you; to bite into your lungs &. make you another pile of bones in that den i never even visit anymore — but i doubt i would even care. not anymore. i look down at my claws &. they feel like they belong to someone else — someone more monstrous than me, because you took the monstrosity right out of me.

iv. I WAS A BEAST, ONCE. you can’t erase your past, love, no matter how hard you try. you can scrub your skin for as long &. as hard as you want, but the stain’s never gonna go away. you may have pulled me from the darkness, but some of the darkness came with me. i just wear the skin now, but the skin reminds me. i’ve been having nightmares i haven’t told you about, where the darkness fills my lungs &. my eyes glow an evil green — i take you into a seemingly beloved embrace before taking my somehow re - sharpened teeth &. biting your head clean off. the friends i made thanks to you litter the floor 'round my bed, chunks of meat flowing in a sea of red. i sit on the bloody mattress &. let out a laugh that belongs to something crawled forth from hell — &. then i wake up. i wake up &. i cry but i won’t say anything because you already did so much for me. but…. i’m terrified. i look down at my claws &. i hate them, i fear them. i hallucinate your blood on them &. it makes me sick every time. what if i relapse? i don’t want to. i love you. i don’t want to dig my teeth into you. not after all you’ve done for me.

—  I was a beast, once. please help me not become a beast again.