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How do you walk with those twigs for legs

i don’t, boys carry me on a pink velvet chair wherever i want go 

I MADE THE PICTURE (old pictureless textpost here)

yoi - height

in cm. an asterisk* means they still have potential to grow (i’m assuming 21). the grey is the ‘ground line’ where i assume their foot/heel is (because 3 of them aren’t in skates).

  • 155* – Minami Kenjiro 
  • 160* – Ji Guang-Hong
  • 163* – Yuri Plisetsky
  • 165* – Phichit Chulanont
  • 167* – Leo de la Iglesia
  • 168* – Otabek Altin
  • 170* – Seung Gil Lee
  • 173 – Katsuki Yuri
  • 178 – Georgi Popovich
  • 178* – Jean-Jacques Leroy
  • 179 – Michele Crispino
  • 180 – Victor Nikiforov
  • 183 – Christophe Giacometti
  • 183* – Emil Nekola

minami has a huge head. also victor has slopey shoulders. and yurio has twig legs lol. also i can’t help it because of the placement but seung and yuri look like they’re begrudgingly holding hands.


Requested: Jared talks a big game about sex but when his girlfriend initiates it his insecurities become apparent 

Warnings: Like one swear, bit steamy I guess, bad writing as its my first requested fic!


Jared is obnoxious, and loud, and cocky, but, as your boyfriend, he’s surprisingly soft and caring. And you love him, like a whole lot, more than you’ve loved anyone before. 

He’d been talking a big game about sex for nearly as long as you’d been dating, making jokes and boasting about his sex life to your friends. Yet, despite his bragging, you’d never actually gone all the way, taking it surprisingly slow.

But, now, back in his room, his parents out for the evening, there was an urgency and a heat that had always been suppressed which was now finally bursting through. You’re sat in his lap, your legs round his waist, your bodies pressed together. His mouth is on yours, hot and passionate. His hair is soft against your fingers as you run your hands through it, tugging to elicit his gentle moans. His hands are spread over your bare waist occasionally moving up to play with the lace of your bra, your breasts, your hair. 

You remove his open shirt and pull him closer, his t-shirt only separating your skin from his. You slip your hands under his t-shirt and feel his soft skin warm against your hands. His breath hitches but you don’t think anything of it until his kiss becomes stilted. 

“What’s wrong?” you ask, concerned. 

“Nothing, keep going. Please.” he says his voice low and husky. You pull back and give him a look, a look which tells him you know that he’s lying. 

“Alright, Jesus, stop looking at me like that” He jokes, pushing his glasses up his nose. “Well, surprising, I’m not built like a football player, or you know, twig-legs Murphy. I might not look how you want”. He chuckles and motions to his stomach, using his humour as a defence. 

“What?” you breathe softly, moving off his lap slowly. 

“Nothing, forget it, it was stupid” Jared says quickly, leaning in again. 

“Jared, JARED” you say as he starts to kiss your neck. You push him off you. You never assumed that under his cocky demeanour he could be self-conscious about his body, or even nervous about sex considering how mentioned it in nearly every conversation. 

“What? Do you not want me now? Or -” He says his voice rising slightly, his anger trying to mask his insecurities.

“Stop. Stop it right now” You say taking his face in your hands to make him look at you. “Not to contribute to your arrogance even further,” you say with a laugh, “but, come on, your stunning”. You weren’t even exaggerating. His hair was messed, his lips swollen, and his face red, and you’d never been more attracted to him. 

“You don’t need to compare yourself to anyone else. I don’t want a football player, or Connor Murphy” you chuckle at the thought, “I want you, I love you”. 

“Ew, nerd” Jared laughed, not looking at you. 

“Jared, if you don’t want to -”

“I do.” He cuts you off, “I really fucking do. I want this. I want you”. He’s no longer joking. His eyes have that rare lust ridden quality to them as he stares at you and takes your hands in his. 

“God you’re so obsessed with me” You tease. You kiss him softly, but Jared pulls you to him and deepens the kiss with an urgency. Pushing you down on his bed,he hovers above you. 

“Let me show you just how obsessed with you I really am”. 

What happened to Hiro’s sneakers?

I don’t know if I’m the only one who realized, but while Hiro had sneakers while in battle suit in the film:

Now Hiro seems to wear boots in the series (sorry for the bad quality of the 1st pic):

At first I was like “why, I love the noodle’s sneakers!”

Also, in the book “Hiro’s Journal” Hiro said he prefered sneakers to boots for the following reasons:

of course he would say they look cooler, what a nerd

But let us be realistic here, for a sec. Let’s take a look and see what is wrong:

look at his twig legs we don’t call him a noodle for nothing haha

Can you see the huge part of bare skin? From the half of his shin to the ankle, Hiro has a visible vulnerable spot. Let’s remember the noodle is fighting dangerous criminalshere.

Who knows what might happen. Maybe he’d get hit, tripped, clawed, slashed, grabbed, get a chemical or a dangerous projectile thrown at his legs, etc. Long story short, the chances of injuries are greater with his skin visible to villains who don’t care that Hiro is still a 14 year old kid.

So my guesses for Hiro wearing boots instead of his original sneakers are:

  • Hiro is still pretty smart and decided to wear boots for a reason of security by himself (but that would surprise me because the kid is stubborn as hell and too obstinate thus increasing his chances to get in trouble, also the nerd really loves sneakers)
  • More realistically, Hiro learned the hard way and got injured during a mission :/ (MY POOR BABY NOOOO!!!)
  • Baymax reminded him that a body part without proper protection could be more susceptible to injuries (before or after Hiro gets injured, Baymax would because he’s Baymax)
  • I’m telling a bunch of BS and the creators of the show simply thought Hiro would look better with boots
until they found me

If you’re bored, Stiles, you can always make me come.”

She says it in a light, airy voice, as if it’s not enough to make him choke on his own spit. Which, for the record, it is. When he looks up, he sees Lydia’s eyes tracing his biceps appreciatively as he continues to crank the jack. And seriously, bless his arms for making up for the twigs that he calls legs, because without them he’s pretty sure his girlfriend would be able to outlift him.

“I’m bored,” he says immediately, setting down the jack and moving to stand up.

(Prompt: Stydia sexting.)


Written for @stydia-fanfiction

  • Okay, so I was going back through all my humanformer stuff, and I realized I hadn't quite used that much stuff to describe what they look like. So here is a proper list
  • Rodimus: Gangly. Has a birthmark on his face that he claims is shaped like flames, but everyone else sees just a blob. He's Puerto Rican/Korean, with naturally brown hair that he dyes outrageous colors. His hair is never neat, it sticks up and a comb does nothing to tame it. Nor does hairspray or Drifts attempts to flatten it down. His chin is very pointy, and he does have asthma. Hazel eyes. Wears ugly ass bright orange Adidas jumpers. Looks hella good in skinny jeans. Pretty sure he only owns one pair of shoes, orange converse, becasue its the only pair of shoes he ever wears.
  • Drift: Used to be concerningly skinny, but put the weight back on in muscle when he was taken in by Megatron. When he moved into the Lost Light apartment building, however, he lost that weight, and the only person who noticed was Ratchet, who then made sure he was eating properly. Now he's rocking thunder thighs and a killer ass. He's Hispanic, and started dying his hair white, with one stripe of red (Which, unknown to everyone else, is in memory of Wing) in it. His natural hair colour is black. He's got the prettiest chocolate brown eyes you will ever look into. He grew his hair out pretty long, and wears in in either a messy bun or a ponytail. For some reason, his hands are always cold. Wears a lot of baggy pants and Nike singlets.
  • Ratchet: Black. Sort of chubby, wears a lot of orange and red. Has really nice hands. Surprisingly soft too. Thick af. Grows a beard on and off, tried a mustache once and Drift laughed himself silly. Large nose, and when he does smile (instead of scowling or frowning), it's the warmest fucking thing you will ever see in your life. Also has hella dimples. Dark brown eyes. Will pierce through your soul. Gap teeth. Doesn't give a shit about fashion, in the winter he wears what's warmest and in the summer he wears what's coolest.
  • Soundwave: Indian. Hardly ever speaks so you won't ever see those pearly whites. Has a long scar across his throat. Has large, dark blue glasses. Neatly styled hair that never gets messed up. It's always neat and perfect. Even the wind won't move that motherfucking hair. Quite tall and lean, has legs that go for miles. His twins did not inherit his height. Very, very dark brown eyes.
  • Chromedome: Muslim, with a fucking awesome set of hair. It sticks up naturally and it looks good, Rewind is forever jealous. Wears glasses, and has very thin lips and hella good looking jaw line. Super tall, super skinny, except he slouches a lot. He's sort of shaped like a dorito. Broadish shoulders and a body that slowly slims until you get to his twig legs.
  • Wears yellow Nike shoes a lot. Very long, spindly and skinny fingers. Needs to cut his nails. Goldenish eyes. Wears white jeans and actually looks good in them.
  • Sideswipe: People keep asking him 'what he is'. Stop. It's rude, and he'll kick you out no fucking problem. His mother was Japanese, and his father was black/Latino. (They both, unfortunately, died when he and Sunstreaker were young)Black fuzzy curly hair, and killer green eyes. He and Sunstreaker have very dainty hands. Average height, muscled. They both have really deep, cute dimples, and a killer jawline. The twins both have pretty long hair, and they both have a fair amount of scars. Mostly because of some bad choices (also from Sideswipe doing too much stupid shit for the vine) that neither of them are proud of, but they moved on from Megatron, and made their success. Has a nose piercing, and his ears pierced. Always wearing a red cap.
  • Sunstreaker: See Sideswipe XD They are identical twins, who some newer people still think are the same person.
  • Megatron: Polynesian. Fluffy hair, sprinkles of cute moles, and lots of scars. He has one through his eyebrow, a particularly nasty one on his cheek, and others on parts of his body that he can hide with clothes. Very, very tall. Broad, muscled and toned as fuck. Huge hands that will punch you so fucking hard, and then turn a page to a book with the utmost gentleness. Thick lips, mesmerizing. Sort of pointy chin, and a crooked nose from getting it broken so many times.
  • Grey eyes. Has lots of tattoos on his back. Owns many pairs of the same shirt and jeans that he wears every day. Black shoes, jeans, and a tight a grey, long-sleeved shirt. Wears a long black overcoat if it's cold.

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How would a trip to the park go with each member?

Ah a trip to the park what a neat idea! 


Jumin would have body guards trailing the two of you. He would smile as you rush to the swings on the children’s playground and ask to be pushed. He would smile lovingly at you heartwarming laugh as you went higher and higher. He would walk with you, an arm around your waist around the sidewalk. Seeing the little birds and ducks made you “aww” and “ooh” and that made Jumin smile wider. He demanded his body guards go to the nearest convenience store to purchase what you called “white bread” (you rich bby) to feed them. You would walk around until sunset when he’d suggest going back home for dinner and wine.


Jaehee would wear more comfortable clothes, perhaps a sun dress and walk hand in hand with you and point out all the beautiful flowers. She would remark on how they were not as pretty as you and giggle as you got all flustered. She would buy you an ice cream from the ice cream truck and use a napkin to wipe your face when you get some on your cheek. You and she walked and talked till sunset when you went back to her place and watched some of Zen’s musicals.


Yoosung would be so excited. He loves the park! Lots of people with their dogs! Dogs! You both go around asking permission to pet them! All of them! He would point out all the squirrels he sees! He’d explain their features and why they have them! He would love to look at all the ducks waddling around. He’s super excited over everything.


Zen is super excited to show you off. Cameras are everywhere when you arrive but you ignore them and sit by the lake. He plays his guitar and sings you a song while the paparazzi are eating it up.  You feel a little uncomfortable with them all taking pictures but Zen takes your chin into his hands and whispers, “They are all just jealous of us… Jealous of my love for you…”


He no liek outside. But with you looking so happy he couldn’t say no. You both start making duck jokes, and ask if they want some cheese with those quackers.  His favorite thing would be sliding on the children’s slide and getting all the weird looks from the parents. He’d love to see you grinning and laughing at his actions. He would probably take it too far and try to swing in the baby swings. His twig legs able to fit in there. You take a picture of him and send it in the messenger and he struggles to get out and stop you. Luciel then after escaping pretends to be mad at you crossing his arms and huffing. Then hugs you with a kiss on your cheek, “I guess it was -kind of- funny~”


V would be so happy to go to the park. There would be a lot of beautiful things to take pictures of. He would ask you to help him find special things. You’d find birds, dogs, flowers and butterflies. V would chuckle at your excitement and snap each photo. Then he’d sigh, “ MC you forgot one very special thing to take a picture of…” and then he’d grin and take a picture of you.

Top 6 car guys that piss me off

1. The Stancefag

Non-competitive assbags that ruin cars on chassis level. These people have zero intrest in performance, and because they know they can’t drive worth a shit, they just stick to the bottom feeder world of art-project cars.

2. The jeep-queefer

These guys gloat about gigantic soccer-mom mobiles. The most offroading 90% of them do is a few burnouts behind the soccer field or in their dirt road driveway. That said, they’re better than the former, as they usually build their cars to be capable off road. But they’re still insufferable “Melon labia” types with their disgusting spergbeards, their synthol pumped arms with matching twig legs, and little man’s complex. Bill11b was a jeepqueefer 

3. The Never-wrencher

If you’ve ever been to a car cruise, you’ve seen the type. More money than sense, has some old ass GM professionally restored, but the concept of a battery tender is beyond him, so he can’t get it started as the battery is dead from storing it for 3 years without the slightest hint of movement. He opens the hood to look at what’s wrong, and as everyone asks him if he wants a jump, he sits there uselessly as he can’t even figure out how to hook up jumpers. The most pathetic kind of “car guy”.

4. The Richboy

This type isn’t super duper common, but we’ve all seen this type. Daddy has a shop, or a fuckton of money, so he teaches his daughter to change out tie rods and rotate tires in his heated, gigantic shop that has a fucking janitor and everything. These people are applauded as they bang rocks together, and throw money at problems till a turd is polished to a piano finish by people much more talented than them. These people are usually female.

5. The Memer

This dumbfuck has no idea what he bought. He just knows it was in back to the futrure, or mad max, or initial D, so he paid 8 grand for a rotten old 80′s hatchback. He touts his twingo or volvo 240 as some marvel of engineering because of poe’s law. This guy is more than happy to intterupt any conversation about tires to tell you about this time he watched mad max and it was awesome.

6. The Boomer

*tires are dry rotted to all hell, paint is rougher than sandpaper and it pisses more oil than BP in the gulf*
*drives a busted to shit dodge minivan*
*drives a rebadged suzuki/daewoo/opel*


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Summary: When you fall for your arch nemesis Chaeyoung, the head girl, student president and you’re regarded as nothing but the “bad girl”

Disclaimer: All the things that are mentioned in this are words of fiction aka it’s not real. I’ve literally just made this up and as always credits to @defneklt for the gif

Members: Chaeyoung from BLACKPINK x female reader

Rating: Fluff

Words: 1324

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