We already have THREE #ProudTwickster submissions! I smell a hashtag apocalypse coming. Who started the other two? GET THEM ON THIS!!!

What is #ProudTwickster?

It was an idea I had for the fanbook I’m compiling for Richard Speight Jr’s September birthday.

Everybody takes a selfie, wearing a face mustache, and holding up a sign that says “#ProudTwickster”! We get enough of them, I’m going to include a collage in the fanbook and RSJ will be sure to be pleasantly surprised!

iamthetwickster already did one here.

You can submit you photo here, or at

I know awkward-fallen-angel started the fallen angel apocalypse and could help out…not sure who started the bagel one or the rising demon one! 

Reblog and signal boost, guys! 


Iamthetwickster commissions

Any characters/fandoms/themes/ships accepted, with zero judgment!

Extra characters are $3 each and if you’re British, European or use another currency to all of the above, let me know and I can get an accurate translation for the prices.

If you’re interested in a commission from me, you can send me an ask, message me here or you can email me here;, if you’re really shy or uncomfortable.