My advice is… not to be scared of challenging things and not to be afraid to fail. Because for me, in my experience, I’m kind of a timid person. Just in everyday life I’m kind of a mellow laid back person. I’ve learned to not be as quiet and when I have questions to be vocal about them and not scared to ask and not be scared to take risks and do things that are a little scary because some of the times when I’ve taken big risks, I’ve really been rewarded for them and learned a lot the times that I’ve really messed up and done really stupid stuff. But in our world of, you know, trying to get a job, we’re always auditioning and even when you don’t get the jobs, I feel like I went into the room and did interesting stuff and made choices and really achieved some sort of goal whether it be trying to take some risks that I usually wouldn’t. At least at the end of the day I’ve been proud that I’ve taken those steps and grown a little bit in that.