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The Wedding 

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  • Dany: Bend the knee, Jon Snow, or I'll burn you alive.
  • Jon: Sorry, can't.
  • Dany: Very well then, as you wish. Dracarys.
  • Drogon: lol I think tf not, ma. *lets Jon pet him*
  • Dany: 😶?
  • Jon: Who's a good boy?
  • Dany: Drogon, wth are you doing?!
  • Dogon: *rolls on its belly. Dany falls off of Drogon.*
  • Dany: Drogon, I swear to all the go-
  • Jon: *tickles Drogon on the belly* You're a good boy, yes you are.
  • Drogon: *heart eyes*
  • Dany: FML
  • Jon: YOLT

New succulents!

In order: Gasworthia Sprite (a gasteria x haworthia hybrid); Delosperma Lehmannii; Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg; Sedum Jelly Beans; Sempervivum Blue Boy; Sempervivum More Honey; Lithops


gif request meme → chocolat-e asked: game of thrones + most attractive
“gods be good, why would any man ever want to be king? when everyone was shouting king in the north, king in the north, i told myself, swore to myself, that i would be a good king, as honorable as father, strong, just, loyal to my friends and brave when i faced my enemies… now i can’t even tell one from the other. how did it all get so confused?

Please do not forget that Yuzuru Hanyu is an actual, real person who deserves to be seen as such and not just as a reference to your favourite anime, especially now after he won the world cup for the second time. This goes for every other figure skater too btw. It’s okay if Yuri on Ice got you into figure skating or whatever, but Yuzuru Hanyu is not Yuri and he should be known and appreciated for the fact that he is an outstanding figure skater and not for the comments on his performances saying that he is definately Yuri. Thank you.


So I was rewatching YOI again and then I got to think…

In Episode 7 when Yuuri cried:

  • He’s always been an anxious fellow; he gets extremely nervous before important events
  • Now his anxiety and nervousness doubled because he thinks that his mistakes will reflect badly on Viktor, too, and of course he of all people doesn’t want the living legend to look bad in front of everyone - especially on Viktor’s debut as a coach
  • He’s trying his best to man up and hold himself together
  • But then Viktor said “i will resign as your coach if you fail” like testing him, so Yuuri gets extremely upset because it feels like Viktor has so little trust in him
  • Thus he reaches his limit and breaks down in tears

And then in Episode 12 when Viktor cries, at first I was like “well of course he cried, who wouldn’t be sad suddenly listening to yuuri saying something like that?”

But when I tried to put myself in his shoes:

  • He has been fascinated by Yuuri since the banquet last year; he was lonely and at the brink of losing inspiration, but then Yuuri came and brought colors to his life
  • His relationship with Yuuri has made him extremely happy; Yuuri taught him “life and love”, they have just recently exchanged engagement rings
  • They have been practicing for the Stay Close to Me Duet; that night Viktor must be looking forward to tomorrow’s exhibition when he could finally show their love to the whole world while skating to this program - the program that represents his desperate plea for love which was answered by Yuuri
  • But suddenly Yuuri said he would retire after this final, making that Duet he looked forward to the last time they skated together