twice as stoned


The Librarians || Cassandra/Ezekiel/Jake || Criminal

Basically, Cassandra Cillian and Jake Stone are in love with Ezekiel Jones, to the tune of Britney Spears’ ‘Criminal’. (Clips are from all 3 seasons so there may be spoilers.)

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WTH? He DRUNK TEXTED her! Have any of you ever gotten drunk and texted someone and done stupid shit? They said just abut an entire bottle of whiskey. He was fricken WASTED. He wouldn't have done that sober. God help you guys i hope you all never got so drunk you do something stupid because trust me you will be thinking twice before throwing stones. and god forbid Becca is held accountable for being sober and not stopping a drunk man from a bad decision. Can't have that now can we?

How she’s acting like a victim here is f**king annoying me!


Request:  “PART 5 for the Grant Ward!! It’s so good”

Description: You wake up after being unconscious for some time after being rescued from the botched mission that led to both yours and Grant’s torture.

Continuation of Part 1, Part 2Part 3, & Part 4

Rating: E (Mild Language)

Characters: Grant Ward, Reader, Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons, Daisy Johnson (Still Skye at this point in the story), Melinda May (Mentioned), Phil Coulson (Mentioned)

Relationships: Grant Ward & Reader, Leo Fitz & Reader, Jemma Simmons & Reader, Daisy Johnson & Reader

Warnings: I am so sorry if I get anything wrong medically. The worst I’ve ever had happen to me was passing a kidney stone. Twice. And there was no need for any major medical equipment involved.

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I’m absolutely overwhelmed by how many people have laughed at my stupid reverse mouth edits, oh my God!!! I’ve also seen that Aizawa was a favorite of many so I just…………….Did some more…

BONUS: I couldn’t bring myself to edit any of the pictures of Aizawa’s battle with the Noumu (he has suffered enough, hasn’t he?!)– But I just noticed how terrified Aizawa must have been in this particular pic:

 Noumu scared his facial hair right off

One day, one rhyme- Day 919

We are much bigger in the night
We don’t just gaze at stars,
We walk among them as they shine
With all their flaws and scars.
We drift along shimmering paths
They’re never the same twice,
Cross galaxies like stepping stones
From fire unto ice.
We watch as stars are born and die,
Amid cosmic debris,
While surrounded by such wonders
That none else ever see.
Small planets like marbles orbit,
Each a different hue
The most beautiful thing I see
Now and always, is you.

i'm a badass bookworm too!

i read harry potter and the philosopher’s stone twice in one day when i was seven. i was bored.

when i was 14-15, i read 45000 pages in one year. that earned me a 100 euro national prize ‘for a student that reads versatile books’. there was no competition in our school.

i remember when we had a reading lesson when we were supposed to 'start’ the boy in the striped pyjamas. i read it 1,5 times that lesson.

i always won the book reading 'competitions’ in primary school (when we were supposed to do book reviews and the one who made the most won).

we were supposed to read easy reader books in school when i was 8. i went straight into the teen book section.

i ran out of interesting books in my local library when i was twelve.

i have carried tons of book into and out of the library.

i read my first foreign language book when i was 13 or so? it was probably some harry potter, i can’t remember.

when i was 8 and didn’t have a phone of my own, my mom had the library number memorised. she would call there and the librarians would tell me to go home. (at which point i had spent about 3-4 hours there)

i remember fridays on which i would go to the library, check out five books, sit on my bed and read one book after another.

when i was 10, my favourite book was harry potter and the order of phoenix because it was the thickest book i had read and hence took more time to read.

books have gotten me though a lot, including bullying and all kinds of tough time.

Why, then?” The box was heavy; a gracious, substantial, satisfying weight across my legs, its wood a delight under my hands. He turned his head to look full at me, then, his hair fire-struck with the setting sun, face dark in silhouette.
“Twenty-four years ago today, I married ye, Sassenach,” he said softly. “I hope ye willna have cause yet to regret it.
—  I think that it is funny how Claire still doesn’t know the date she married Jamie. Claire doesn’t remember a lot of the ceremony and admits she didn’t want Jamie at that point in time. Jamie, on the other hand, wanted Claire from the very beginning. Claire choses Jamie though, time and time again after the wedding. She chooses him at the stones, twice, and she chooses him after she finds out about Laoghaire and Willie. She chooses him in ABOSAA when he gives her a stone and she throws it out the window. They both chose each other time and time again throughout the novels. Both knowing that their love is the most important thing and they will go through hell and back just to preserve it as long as they can.