twice as stoned


Temple of Dushares (Qasr al-bint Firaun- Palace of Pharaoh’s Daughter)

Petra, Jordan

~30 BCE

23 m. high

The monument was built in the Nabataean period. Most of the blocks are of yellow sandstone were transported from a quarry a few hundred meters downstream in the wadi es-Siyagh.

It was in fact the largest place of worship of the city, and consecrated to the god Dushares, and May also be to the goddess Al-Uzza.

After the Roman conquest , it was modified and adapted to the Roman gods, perhaps to Apollo, and maintained a central position in the city at the end of the main street (Cardo Maximus) and in the immediate vicinity of the main Roman temple and of the market.

The temple of Dushares also has the largest facade in Petra — 4 m wider than the Khazneh and the Great Temple. It belongs to the Parthian ‘flight’ type of temples with two staircases giving access to a flat roof. The central interaxial column spacing of this temple is around 8.00 m, a very impressive span, if one takes into consideration that the same span in the Artemis temple at Jerash is 'only’ 4.90 m, and in the Hercules temple in Amman it is 5.18 m. Each of the column drums of the temple must have weighed around 7 tons. The masonry, the craftsmanship and the ergonomics of its construction indicate that Qasr el-Bint was a very costly project. Wooden courses inside the masonry secured the elasticity of its walls.

In the bluescript:  (A) The Pronaos delimited by four columns in antis. It then reaches the barlong room of the cella (B) which consists of three adjoining rooms. The middle one © sheltered the beast of Dushara, represented by a rectangular stone, twice as high as it was wide on a golden base. This stone was destined to receive libations of blood from the little cattle or from the sacrificed camels.

The two lateral chapels (D) had a staircase (E) to reach the top of the temple. The presence of a higher terrace for outdoor religious ceremonies is not proved, however, even if Strabo mentions that the Nabataeans worshiped an altar on the top of the temple. The lateral chapels were to be rooms for the rest of the priests officiating or could be used for ritual banquets.


The Librarians || Cassandra/Ezekiel/Jake || Criminal

Basically, Cassandra Cillian and Jake Stone are in love with Ezekiel Jones, to the tune of Britney Spears’ ‘Criminal’. (Clips are from all 3 seasons so there may be spoilers.)

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look reeeeeeeeally closely at the H.I.V.E. kids in the background between screencaps #2 and #7.

apparently Billy Numerous isn’t the only one who mastered the art of self-duplication at the illustrious H.I.V.E. academy

imafugitive  asked:

hello, I want to watch a before the storm playthrough on youtube and I was wondering if you knew any youtuber who's really passionate about the game and pays attention to the details. some people seem to rush through it too much for my liking or not know much even about the original game. thank you!

If you speak german, I can highly recommend you Gronkh. I am watching his let’s play right now and he is very passionate about the game and it’s character.

Or you can check out @geekremix and @geekremixalot on there joined channel geekremix. The way they analysed Season 1 I am more than certain that they turn every stone twice before moving on. I really love there theories. Short but always so thoughtful.

Or maybe some one else has a good recommendation and can added them :)

Pompeii 36


“Where are you going, hag?”

Sakura turned, closing the door slightly. “Going back into the forest, Sai.”

He frowned slightly, lines puckering his forehead. “Isn’t that dangerous?”

“There are answers in the forest, Sai, and no one else seems to be very forthcoming these days,” Sakura replied. She pulled the knife from the makeshift sheath on her belt. “Besides, you gave me a weapon for a reason.”

“I will accompany you.”

“No, you won’t,” she said firmly, shutting the door and moving closer to him. “You already have plans today. You said you wanted to get a job and you need to go to those interviews.” She paused, tucking the knife away and adjusting the collar of his shirt. “There. You look perfect.”

Sai looked her over. “You too look aesthetically pleasing, hag.”

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Request:  “PART 5 for the Grant Ward!! It’s so good”

Description: You wake up after being unconscious for some time after being rescued from the botched mission that led to both yours and Grant’s torture.

Continuation of Part 1, Part 2Part 3, & Part 4

Rating: E (Mild Language)

Characters: Grant Ward, Reader, Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons, Daisy Johnson (Still Skye at this point in the story), Melinda May (Mentioned), Phil Coulson (Mentioned)

Relationships: Grant Ward & Reader, Leo Fitz & Reader, Jemma Simmons & Reader, Daisy Johnson & Reader

Warnings: I am so sorry if I get anything wrong medically. The worst I’ve ever had happen to me was passing a kidney stone. Twice. And there was no need for any major medical equipment involved.

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“He smashed the golden garden light,

And scampered through the shadow night!”

Cried Susie after catching sight

Of Jacob and his breaking ways.


“That menace man is uncontrite!

Again, he circled twice tonight,

And stoned the blue bulbs burning bright.

That Jacob and his breaking ways.”


“This man, he needs a lesson taught,”

She groaned and gripped her pen in thought,

Then wrote a letter in distraught

To Jacob, and his breaking ways.


She heard a distant roar and shot

Grimace towards an outdoor spot,

Where, tangled in a garden knot

Was Jacob; and his breaking ways


Broke Susie’s look of discontent.

She swallowed all the anger pent,

And yelled, “There’s been an accident!

It’s Jacob, and his breaking ways.”


A stretcher came. He waved goodbye,

And thanked her with a tearful eye.

Then Susie let a quiet sigh,

“Oh Jacob, and his breaking ways.”


In four days time, to her surprise,

A door knock brought a thank you pie.

She thought, “he’s quite a gentle guy.

But Jacob has his breaking ways.”

standing in the water // HOSEOK

summary - It was short-lived. It was quiet. It was all I ever wanted. Why did the river take us down this way?
word count - 2.5k

genre - angst, fluff
pairing - Hoseok x OC/Reader
warnings - none (depends on how you interpret it though, I guess??)

A/N - it has been FOREVER!! i’m glad i managed to write something again. honestly i didn’t think i’d be that busy with uni (and having my priorities not sorted out properly rip). i hope you enjoy this little oneshot and I highly, highly recommend listening to Stand in the Water by Wildlife, i had it on repeat while writing~ ((and i know the summary sucks soz))

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I don’t know if I’m reaching too far. But I kind of understand Eva. I mean, I think she’s remembering how she felt in season 1 when everybody ‘hated’ her because of what happened at the Halloween party and Ingrid bullied her since episode 1.

In my opinion, she’s angry at herself, because she let her guard down and trusted Ingrid (and the others girls) again, and now they did to Vilde what Eva suffered back at the begining.

So, now she’s mad at everybody because admiting that you’ve tripped over the same stone twice is hard.

legend of Welp! #70

Zelda: I haven’t been getting any suitors vying for my hand lately. Not that I’m complaining (quite the opposite, actually) but I can’t help but come to the conclusion that the reason is my bodyguard is too intimidating to approach.

Impa: Your ex is a Goddess chosen knight who has bested an evil warlock capable of decimating armies in battle, then his stronger demon form, then came back in time and battled a God-like imp into submission, temporarily became a God himself and prevented the falling of the moon, wears an eye patch and battle armor with monstrous horns on it, constantly takes down monsters eight times his size, can lift stones twice the weight of a peasant’s house with little effort, and slays undead beasts in Hyrule field on a daily basis to pay his taxes with the rupees they drop, and you suspect that I’M the one intimidating one. That of the two of us I am the one likely scaring the boys away.

Zelda: Yes.

Impa: … Okay, I admit it. I’m your secret boy repellent.

Zelda: *smirks* I love you.

Implied Zelimpa? Nah, the age gap in OOT makes that inexcusable. Just some good ol’ Zelda and Impa interaction.


I’m absolutely overwhelmed by how many people have laughed at my stupid reverse mouth edits, oh my God!!! I’ve also seen that Aizawa was a favorite of many so I just…………….Did some more…

BONUS: I couldn’t bring myself to edit any of the pictures of Aizawa’s battle with the Noumu (he has suffered enough, hasn’t he?!)– But I just noticed how terrified Aizawa must have been in this particular pic:

 Noumu scared his facial hair right off