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               ❝  —- peeta ?  ❞ she’d been looking for gale in the twilight hour, unable to sleep with the tormenting images plaguing her mind and yet, her big brother wasn’t in the makeshift bed next to hers or on watch like he was supposed to be. posy always worries if she can’t find him, and though she shouldn’t wander in a dangerous world like this – even if in camp – she needs her brother. the only family she has with her ; he’s not someone she can lose.

              ❝  … where did gale go ?  ❞

Hydrogenase Airships

Ages ago I posted a link to an article on these things but I’ve really been thinking about them lately and I’m just really excited about them.  These are Vincent Callebaut Hydrogenase Airships.  These amazing machines could be floating around our skies by 2030. They are essentially huge flying algae farms. They absorb CO2 and recycle it into bio-hydrogen fuel - powering themselves and cleaning the air at the same time.

They could carry 200 tons of freight each (A freight-truck can carry approx 44 tons) and they fly at 175 kilometers per hour - twice the speed of a ocean ship and one and half times the speed of a freight truck. They don’t require roads or runways. Just a floating port that would also house; homes, offices, goods warehouses and, of course, farms.

All that and they just look amazingly gorgeous.

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