I have this theory that waking up in a car means that you’re still dreaming. So if you ever change your mind and decide that it might be worth the drive, then just drive. So we just drive, careless and full of smiles while the radio plays on the way to some basement. We do it for the sentiment. It started as a self-asserted promise. And now the moon hangs low over us as we travel to some new destination. I will be okay. Everything.

A list of songs that make you feel something Pt.4

Pine - Basement

Gig life - The world is a Beautiful Place…

Pyotr - Bad books 

I Exist I Exist I Exist - Flatsound

Cutting my Fingers off - Turnover

Despair in The Departure Lounge - Arctic Monkeys

The Scientist - Coldplay

Mental Health - The World is a Beautiful Place…

Poison Oak - Bright Eyes

How to Tell a Girl You Really Like Her Eyes - Cyberbully Mom Club