Shassie Rec List Part Deux

Might as well call me the White Rabbit cos I’m always late :/ PART ONE

Beach Gazing by chibichibi_k | Rated G
Carlton can’t sleep. So when he goes for a walk on the beach to clear his mind, he runs into Shawn.
Great fic building on canon.

1930 by Nixa Jane | Rated T
See a penny, pick it up.
The first Shassie fic I ever read, waaayy back in the day. Starring Uncle Jack.

Go To Sleep, Spencer by thepolicebox | Rated G
Lassie shows up on Shawn’s doorstep in the middle of the night.
Post Yang in 3D. Lassiter has nightmares. Shawn is comforting.

Better by Debris_K | Rated G
Carlton bit back a curse and Shawn muttered choice words about ‘stubborn, unable to wait or ask for help, bull-headed, really ridiculously lanky cops’
Lassiter gets hurt; Shawn believes in the power of kisses. Very sweet.

I’d Rather… by whyamisoclever | Rated G
It’s Valentine’s Day and somebody is screwing with Carlton.
A clever little fluff piece.

Breathing (series) by rispacooper | Rated T
What are you wearing?
Lassiter has the upperhand & it drives Shawn crazy. (definitely one of my favorite things in fic). UST that eventually is resolved.

Closeted by Midorisakura (Calacious) | Rated T
Shawn and Lassiter fear for their lives while trapped in a closet. Will the psychotic killer discover them before the good guys do?
Short but the way this is written is masterful.

I Know You Are (But What Am I?) by Loz | Rated G
Lassie isn’t evil, Shawn thinks, as he runs down the road. He’s just misguided. Like a train.
Shawn’s voyeurism gets him in trouble. A woefully underappreciated fic.

A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two That Don’t Know How To Forge Documents by Desdemon | Rated G
Shawn spends an entire day equivocating.
Shawn is a fool. Lassiter is annoyed. More pre-slash than anything.


First of all I wanna say that I’m not trying to bash the artist, whoever they are, I just don’t understand and I am hoping to get an explanation.
I could have asked staff via ticket but it felt like reporting when it’s not twhat I want, I just don’t get the rules about lineart for CW.
I’ve stumped into this hair today and on the forehead there’s NO lineart, when it’s clearly stated in the rules and in the official guide to CW denials that black lineart is mandatory.
It’s really frustrating seing something like this onsite when other items get rejected several times for way less noticeable difects. 

External image


“There are reasons…. I had you join the–”

“….Just shut up.”

Pocky Game Eruri - Part Two (Part One)

Erwin Smith Levi

Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin Military Police AU

ciscovaldez-deactivated20160321  asked:

i'd love to read some good ones! i don't usually read much fic because hunting around for good ones can get kind of disappointing so usually i just end up reading ones that friends write or ones that get recommended. i hate opening up a fic that looks so promising and then finding out it's formatted weird or the grammar is terrible or something like that

yay! i used to just compile a huge list when i first started reading it when i was younger so it’s come in useful, especially if i want to re-read anything. and i’m the same way. like, i know some writers that push everything together, like you’re reading a book, and i’m like, it doesn’t look the same on the website. it just ends up looking like a huge paragraph haha. 

okay, so I compiled a sort of gigantic list, complete with summaries so if it doesn’t sound good you don’t have to open it. haha. also, I didn’t know how you felt about ‘M’ rated fics, but I love them so I thought I’d throw them in here. These are my absolute favourites.


A Bent Fork in the Road by knowhere / Rated M 

Alternative Universe. Literati. Now in their early 30s, as Jess and Rory juggle careers and expectations, they find that their friendship has been the one constant in their lives. 

A Gradual Descent by knowhere / Rated M

Literati. She refused to be a cliche, falling for the seemingly dangerous guy when she was with the safer one. He refused to let the innocent girl of his friend make him feel something unwanted. AU.

All’s Fair in Love and War by xiao chan / Rated K+

AU: The year was 1945. In times likes these, you never know when something could come along and change your life. In my case, I broke the rules. I fell in love.

(dont’ worry, it’s not actually written in first person.)

Both Sides Now by columbiachica / Rated T

It’s summer in Stars Hallow, and the heat is making Rory feel unfamiliar feelings. 

Community Service by Jay-La52 / Rated K+

Jess never went to Stars Hallow, continuing down a bad path living in New York, eventually getting punished with community service, where he happens to bump into a certain Gilmore fresh from her yacht-stealing escapades. Set around 6x03 and onwards.

Daily by liz-macgregor / Rated T

“Rory,” he said, touching her elbow and guiding her towards his friend. “Allow me the pleasure of introducing my good friend. Jess Mariano,” he addressed the boy now to his left, “this is my friend Rory Gilmore.”

Freudian Slip by Hallon / Rated T

Rory lets something slip that completely changes the chain of events. AU, starting at the dinner in Nick & Nora, Sid & Nancy.

In Society by Lucille Mabel / Rated T

AU. Jess is raised in the Hartford upperclass… “Tell you what, if another girl even comes near me I’ll run off and hide in the teachers lounge.” “Where I’ll undoubtedly be waiting for our tryst, right?”

Keyless Entry by Cadence / Rated M

What if Rory and Jess had sex in “Keg!Max!”? What if that didn’t actually solve any problems?

Losing Left and Right, Finding In Between by someone5 / Rated T

Post Season 4. Never in a million years did he expect to find her on his doorstep. Her, of all people. And truth be told, she never expected that it would be him she was running to.

Love Me or Leave Me by laurenventi / Rated M

Two words: Arranged Marriage.

Lux et Veritas by knowhere / Rated M

A more relaxed college freshman Rory meets a more confident adult Jess for the first time. Different backgrounds, attitudes, and behaviors for both of them.

Shivery by Green Eve / Rated M

Dark Literati. Jess offered her his hand, and she took it; she climbed out her bedroom window. 

(omg i love this story so much and it’s long and lovely yet unfinished, but it’s amazingly AU. i couldn’t write like this if i tried.)


Bend and Not Break by Francesca Jones / Rated T

Jess knows he has to leave. He needs to face the horrors of his past. He needs to figure out his life, and how to fix all the mistakes he’s made. Will the journey lead him back to her? 

Come To My Window by Fadeaway Windwaker / Rated T

“Maybe he calls out your name,” he whispered, restarting the slow, careful movement of his hips against hers. He dropped his head, burying his face in her neck. “Rory,” he breathed, his exhalations rapid and irregular. “Rory…” Oneshot.

(probably my favourite sort of sexual one shot. starts out with a tiny bit of dean and rory smut, but it gets over with really quickly, you’ll see.)

Hollywood Hearts by Bittersweetbloodbaby / Rated T

Sequel to ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ When the pressures of fame and family get to be too much, Rory turns to drunking while Jess turns to the nanny. Is there any hope of returning to the happiness they knew in their youth?

(this hurts my heart because hello look at that summary but eventually you cry for both good and bad things.)

Laundry Night by Shannon Michelle / Rated T

What if Paris never came over in “There’s the Rub” and Rory and Jess had the house to themselves?

Lights, Camera, Action! by Bittersweetbloodbaby / Rated T

AU. Jess is the bad boy playing the nerd, while Rory is the good girl playing the vixen. There’s chemistry onscreen, but what about off?

Lovely Things by Buffychick / Rated M

Rory and Jess run into each other, two years after she graduates college. They’ve grown up, but have they moved on?

Pennames by Bittersweetbloodbaby / Rated M

Jess and Rory are 25 years old, living on opposite ends of the country, and both happen to have books on the bestseller list. Jess never came back East after leaving for California, until now.

Pleats & Puzzle Pieces by Finnigan Geist / Rated M

He liked finding all the ways they fit each other. A bit of saucy fun set mid/late season 3.

Amnesia: Memories Walkthrough: Toma’s Good Ending "You really have bad taste in men”

It’s really important that you choose all the correct choices! If you get even one wrong you get the normal ending. I had to skip through the game 4 times ‘cause I messed up while writing things down 。・゚ヾ(✦థ ェ థ)ノ。゚・。

Anyway, little explanation:

I only wrote down trust and affection, apparently suspicion and doubt and a lot of other things don’t matter so long as you are rabu rabu enough

/ = no change

+ t = trust, + a = affection

++ = trust and affection

bold = choice for the happy ending


▶Date 1/8

I’m ok / | I don’t want to go to the hospital /

▶Date 4/8

Thank you very much +t |  I’m sorry /

I don’t remember much +t |  I can’t tell you /

I’ll be fine / |  I want Shin to stay ? |  I want Toma to stay +t

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anonymous asked:

im actually still really shaken from cassian killing that guy twhat is the reason you're giving to say that's ok?

well the way i see it is that this is supposed to illustrate the reality of war as well as set the tone for what kind of movie this is going to be. cassian’s face afterwards clearly shows that he’s shaken but he steels himself and climbs out. the informant wouldn’t have been able to climb out anyway so, either way, he’s dead– cassian kills him quickly because he knows that the troopers will kill him anyway or, worst case scenario, take him away to torture and interrogate him before killing him.

i don’t think cassian wanted to or planned to kill him. the situation arose, he assessed the possibilities, and he chose the smartest one: for his survival to be guaranteed so he could pass the message on to the resistance. but, clearly, cassian doesn’t like having to do so. he tries to calm the man down right before he pulls the trigger in an attempt to remind himself of his own morality. 

the scene is there to show what sorts of things people are forced to do by the circumstances of war (i believe cassian himself says “we’ve all done terrible things for the rebellion” at some point). you being shaken by it is, i think, one of the intended reactions– the act of killing someone is, of course, a terrible one, and cassian himself knows it, but in this situation, it was the best solution

Fics i lurv


The Moonlight and the Frost series of two fics, 95k total, rated E
I stayed up last night, unable to stop reading, barely noticing the time pass as I read this story. It’s a post-HLV fix-it, and it’s absolutely masterful.

“John Watson,” Sherlock murmurs.


“How are you the way you are?”


“You’re so ordinary on the outside,” Sherlock says quietly, his fond tone a counterpoint to his not-exactly-complimentary words.

“I hope there’s a ‘but’ coming,” John replies, amused.


Hot Dolphin Sex series, 47k, rated E
I mean what. This fic is hilarious, with brilliant characterization. John is off on his honeymoon and he and Sherlock start texting. Sherlock is confused because John’s texts seem… flirty. This is the story of how John kept a secret from Sherlock in order to save him, and how they were, as might be expected, two idiots who realize they are in love.


Working on the Edges, 56k, rated M
Winter Olympics AU. Sherlock is a figure skater, John plays hockey. They are idiots. I LOVE THIS FIC.

“You generally speak about topics I find boring, and I haven’t found them boring yet so long as you’re the one talking about them.”

“That is curiously flattering in the most insulting way possible,” said John slowly.


Watch What They Photograph series, 4k total, rated T
What fills up the picture albums on the boys’ phones? Hint: yeah, you know.


I Have Loved You in the Dark for So Long, 3k, rated T

Tipsy confessions by candelight during a power outage <3<br>


The Newlywed Game: Johnlock Edition
fake!married is my super secret weakness, and it’s by patternofdefiance. I’m actually going to die, or explode, or both.


Dawn Before the Rest of the World series, 50k so far, WIP, Rated M
This series is so good! Butler Sherlock and Gardener John in early 29th century English household. Adorable characterization, sweet and sexy moments… very well written. 

“This is the story you tell me.”

Sherlock tilted his chin.

“You’re leaving day after tomorrow, for two months, and you tell me about mad Miss Evans who killed herself when her lover left.”

Sherlock bit his lip, looked skyward, hummed.

John crossed his arms over his chest.

“I wasn’t suggesting her as a model for appropriate behaviour,” Sherlock offered. “I was merely making conversation.” He reached for John’s forearm, pried it free and entwined their fingers, resting the knot of their hands on his thigh. “You needn’t go completely mad,” he shrugged. “Only just mad enough.”


A Right Sap 1400 words, Rated T
This little fic. Adorable. 

LHR-NHL 35k, Rated E.
Our boys take a trip, ostensibly for a case. But they both end up relaxing a bit and exploring a new dimension to their relationship. This fic is atmospheric, intense, sweet and funny.


The Curious Adventure of the Drs Watson, 41k, Rated M
I… I am literally not sure if I’ve ever read a Johnlock fic I enjoyed more. ACD Watson and BBC Watson switch places thanks to a magical journal. Set during the Hounds case. Utterly wonderful. 


Letters from Sussex, 70k +, WIP, Rated E
Dear god what are you waiting for, go read this fic. Inspires much weeping, giggling, and gnashing of teeth. All epistolary, post-Mary, Sherlock and John working out their relationship.


Battersea Drowning 7k words, Rated E for angsty smutty gorgeousness. John overhears Sherlock and Mary talking about Sherlock’s feelings for John.


Let Me, 12k, Rated E
ACD Watson helps Holmes relax during his bouts with insomnia.

“I am the sort of fool who can make love to a man for six months without realizing that he is in fact in love with him.”

working through my for later tag and finding other goodies…

Amnesia: Memories Walkthrough: Shin’s Good Ending "I love you. I really love you”

A little more lax when it comes to picking choices compared to Toma’s route, but you still have to be careful~

Little explanation:

Unlike Toma, Shin doesn’t have a gauge for doubt. Only affection, trust and suspicion. Most of the time the parameter doesn’t change right away after you’ve made your choice. Kind of confused me as well because with Toma the effect was always instant, just keep that in mind.

/ = no change

+ t = trust, + a = affection

++ = trust and affection

bold = choice for the happy ending


▶Date ?/?

You could at least knock / | … /

I’m not very good with directions / | Maybe I have my address written down? /

Green Tea | Barley Tea / | Black Tea | What do you want? /

Okay, I understand… /  | No need to go to any trouble /

▶Date ?/?

You don’t need to get me anything / | Will you buy me a cake? /

! At this point the suspicion gauge will max out, nothing you can do about it

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Naruto - Episode 21

What is this eyebrow guy saying???

Go out??? Sakura??? With who?? With this EYEBROW GUY???

Damn. What if she says yes? I’ve been cold to her lately. Aw sh*t

What? She said no? She really did say NO? She said NO, right???

Thank goodness I thought she would go like this guy after liking me

But did she really say no? Damn this eyebrow guy, he caught me off guard. I guess I should be nicer to Sakura from now on