panic! at the disco leaked album tracklist
  1. Hallelujah
  2. This is Gospel. Again
  3. The Church Isn’t That Bad
  4. I’m Straight, But…
  5. Religion Religion Religion Religion REL
  6. I’m Married And Ryan Ross Isn’t
  7. What Does That Say About You, Ryan? Haha. Fuck You
  8. I’m Over 2009
  9. Church Gay
  10. I Never Fucked Wayne, I Never Succd Zack
  11. But Seriously Ryan Are You Okay Man? Fuck You And All That But Like…. Are You Doing Okay?

“There are reasons…. I had you join the–”

“….Just shut up.”

Pocky Game Eruri - Part Two (Part One)

Erwin Smith Levi

Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin Military Police AU

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Do you have any fetus kaisoo pictures/gifs? 💕

I have tons T___T these are mostly from their rookie days, but also from predebut! <3 

(credit to gif/pics owners!!)


they apparently had a kid early on.jk

I mean look at them.. *whispers* no wonder there were rumors that they were dating during their trainee days.. they look so boyfriend.  

that time when nini was very close to cut a bitch cuz an interviewer criticized his dates with his boyfriend (same nini same)

they’re so domestic I could cry !!!! soo cooks and folds his clothes and then they cuddle on the couch watching cartoons T___T

what nini subletely is trying to say is “YOU ALREADY GOT A BF, SOO! WHO EATS VERY WELL ” 

pls notice him soo, he’s about to cry ;-;

look at them cuties holding hands (without having to hide..)

look at them being adorable and not used to the attention yet T___T

they got this natural chemistry you can’t fake.. tbh i’ve never seen anything like it before o_o

just like when they were in russia, they hung out together prior to that in london ;)

having breakfast privately from the other members hehehehe

more under the cut :) 

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What annoys me is if you say anything critical about these romance plots that make the show so different from what it was for the first season and a half, they write you off as shipper opposition. I didn’t even know what a shipper is. But if you’re offended when the hero falls for a stalker who threatened to rape her, it’s because you have another ship? No. It’s shameful that they’re romanticising Hook like a loveable rogue. He’s not Jack Sparrow or Han Solo, he beats up girls and cripples and he’s a pervert. They’re telling their young female audience to be flattered by a predator’s attention, because if it’s good enough for smart beautiful adult Emma Swan it must be good enough for them right?

And the Robin Hood relationship for Regina is insulting because a wizard did it. Pixies and tats? A romance has to be earned and it wasn’t. So they made Regina like a sulky teen who lost her first crush and won’t get over it, when they could have had her struggle with something real like learning she has a long lost traumatised sister and then having to watch her die. What happened with that?

It’s like they made these awesome female characters and then said we’re going to put all you women back in your place by showing you that they’re still stupid and weak for men like predators and cheaters. This is entitled male wet dream, isn’t it? It’s so irresponsible, we don’t want our girls to learn that this is what they deserve and I don’t think you want your boys growing up entitled like that. But if anyone criticises them they put it down to shipping and I just read their interview that there’s going to be more of it. But we’re not shippers of any sort. We’ve never been shippers and guess what else? We won’t be watching Once Upon A Time either or buying anything from their advertsisers.
—  view of another mother (via email, quoted with permission)

lestroispomme  asked:

heyy emmie! i just read ur post and there is a things, i never really understood twhat "he was ‘more casual than seeing’" means, i'm not the best in english and never really understand the meaning of it! could you explain it to me? xxx

Of course! The boys did an interview with Sugarscape on October 9th 2011 (it got published in October 11th). Here’s the video:

He says, and I quote (2.18 mark) ‘Eleanor? … uh, not going out it’s just… it’s more, it’s more low-key it’s kinda like seeing, yeah, it’s just like, more casual than that, it’s cool’

(I never noticed that Harry butts in and says ‘she’s actually called Eleanee’ lmao).

So basically Louis here is saying that he’s not ‘going out’ with her which is the step before officially dating. When you’re getting to know someone, when you start seeing them regularly. 

It’s MORE low-key than that, it’s kinda like seeing… it’s MORE CASUAL than that…

Remember in context, nine days before this he was PURPOSEFULLY papped by a HIRED PRIVATE PHOTOGRAPHER with her and their pictures appeared in THE BIGGEST NEWSPAPER IN THE COUNTRY a few hours later! And then remember that TWELVE DAYS LATER he brought her home.

Also remember that he first talked to Eleanor’s cousin on July 30th (two weeks after breaking up with Hannah), on the phone. According to Eleanor she and Louis were holding hands in August in V Fest -even though there’s tens of pictures of a very inebriated Louis there and no sign of Eleanor anywhere-, and she was seen at Niall’s birthday party in September. So it took them three months to get to KINDA LIKE SEEING, MORE CASUAL THAN THAT and twelve days from that to ‘hey, imma bring you to my mum’s house so you can meet my four sisters, but let’s stay in a hotel tho, and let’s tell my fans, even though you’re shy…’

This plot has more holes than a lesbian orgy.


Possessed and Well Dressed
Beast Wirt

It sure is a lovely day to stroll through the woods, Cipher.
I couldn’t agree more, Beast.

Been stuck in a long drawing block and apparently this was one of the only ways to get out of it.
What can ya do?

P.S. It’s transparent. >:3c

Fics i lurv


The Moonlight and the Frost series of two fics, 95k total, rated E
I stayed up last night, unable to stop reading, barely noticing the time pass as I read this story. It’s a post-HLV fix-it, and it’s absolutely masterful.

“John Watson,” Sherlock murmurs.


“How are you the way you are?”


“You’re so ordinary on the outside,” Sherlock says quietly, his fond tone a counterpoint to his not-exactly-complimentary words.

“I hope there’s a ‘but’ coming,” John replies, amused.


Hot Dolphin Sex series, 47k, rated E
I mean what. This fic is hilarious, with brilliant characterization. John is off on his honeymoon and he and Sherlock start texting. Sherlock is confused because John’s texts seem… flirty. This is the story of how John kept a secret from Sherlock in order to save him, and how they were, as might be expected, two idiots who realize they are in love.


Working on the Edges, 56k, rated M
Winter Olympics AU. Sherlock is a figure skater, John plays hockey. They are idiots. I LOVE THIS FIC.

“You generally speak about topics I find boring, and I haven’t found them boring yet so long as you’re the one talking about them.”

“That is curiously flattering in the most insulting way possible,” said John slowly.


Watch What They Photograph series, 4k total, rated T
What fills up the picture albums on the boys’ phones? Hint: yeah, you know.


I Have Loved You in the Dark for So Long, 3k, rated T

Tipsy confessions by candelight during a power outage <3<br>


The Newlywed Game: Johnlock Edition
fake!married is my super secret weakness, and it’s by patternofdefiance. I’m actually going to die, or explode, or both.


Dawn Before the Rest of the World series, 50k so far, WIP, Rated M
This series is so good! Butler Sherlock and Gardener John in early 29th century English household. Adorable characterization, sweet and sexy moments… very well written. 

“This is the story you tell me.”

Sherlock tilted his chin.

“You’re leaving day after tomorrow, for two months, and you tell me about mad Miss Evans who killed herself when her lover left.”

Sherlock bit his lip, looked skyward, hummed.

John crossed his arms over his chest.

“I wasn’t suggesting her as a model for appropriate behaviour,” Sherlock offered. “I was merely making conversation.” He reached for John’s forearm, pried it free and entwined their fingers, resting the knot of their hands on his thigh. “You needn’t go completely mad,” he shrugged. “Only just mad enough.”


A Right Sap 1400 words, Rated T
This little fic. Adorable. 

LHR-NHL 35k, Rated E.
Our boys take a trip, ostensibly for a case. But they both end up relaxing a bit and exploring a new dimension to their relationship. This fic is atmospheric, intense, sweet and funny.


The Curious Adventure of the Drs Watson, 41k, Rated M
I… I am literally not sure if I’ve ever read a Johnlock fic I enjoyed more. ACD Watson and BBC Watson switch places thanks to a magical journal. Set during the Hounds case. Utterly wonderful. 


Letters from Sussex, 70k +, WIP, Rated E
Dear god what are you waiting for, go read this fic. Inspires much weeping, giggling, and gnashing of teeth. All epistolary, post-Mary, Sherlock and John working out their relationship.


Battersea Drowning 7k words, Rated E for angsty smutty gorgeousness. John overhears Sherlock and Mary talking about Sherlock’s feelings for John.


Let Me, 12k, Rated E
ACD Watson helps Holmes relax during his bouts with insomnia.

“I am the sort of fool who can make love to a man for six months without realizing that he is in fact in love with him.”

working through my for later tag and finding other goodies…


Left: pre-T
Right: 20 weeks on T

What did I notice in those 20 weeks:

Hair. Everywhere! On my legs, arms and torso. As well on my face. Mostly peach fuzz, but on each side of my moustache I have little dark hairs. I’m hungry all the time, and I’m starting to notice mustle growth and a change of fat in my body. I have less fat on my hips and sides, it kinda moved to the front. I’m a bit broader in my shoulders, without working out. I didn’t really gain weight yet, but I suppose that’s gonna happen soon enough. I still have a monthly cycle, very unstable and unreliable, but I think it’s slowly stopping. My voice is going lower and lower, and my girlfriend even thinks she’s seeing my adam’s apple sinking into my throat. My face is not as puffy and round as it was, I have very sharp jaws and cheekbones now. I also think my hairline has pulled back a little bit. But just a little. I hope it doesn’t pull back too far, but I’m afraid it will, looking at my dad and brother’s hairline. I don’t get misgendered often anymore these days, which I’m very happy about. I’m noticing a change in my bottom parts (not gonna go in detail about that but if you want to know you can private message me always!) and my thoughts and dysphoria regarding my bottom parts. I want to try and see if a STP/4-in-1 prosthetic works for me. I will update and let you all know if I truly am trying one out! For now only money is  a struggle for me, as the prosthetics are quite expensive.

i guess a big reason why ive been looking into pagan communities before im even all the way out of christianity is that

athiest communities are full of people who preach about logic, and they treat my old religion like a fairy tale. like everyone who is religious just decides to believe in santa claus for their whole lives or something.

i love the idea of trusting “reason” and science and stuff. science is so beautiful and fascinating. but the thing is that i can’t

what a lot of people don’t talk about is the way the ability to trust your own logic is taken away from you. it’s said that it’s normal to doubt, but you’re supposed to get over it, and realize that its just your imperfect humanity. you’re supposed to be unable to understand the workings of god, and people who try to apply human reason to his ways are sinful fools.

its nearly cruel for some athiests to chastise people who are trying to get out of their religion for believing in myth. im trying my best but there’s this lasting sense that there’s something beyond human comprehension in play. these were things that i was forced to listen to before i was old enough to be able to think critically.

literally, its just that. i was told that thinking critically was wrong before i was old enough to think critically. its not fair to laugh at lifelong christians because the adults and authority figures they trusted abused their trust in childhood.