elio, 4 seconds after having sex with marzia: i just had AMAZING sex with my GIRLFRIEND who is a WOMAN !!!!!!!! oliver WHO?????? if he came up and shook his ass in my face i wouldnt give him a second glance!!!!!!!!!!! marzia is BEAUTIFUl and FEMININE and WOMANLY and 

elio, 5 seconds after having sex with marzia: if i cant suck oliver’s toes RIGHT NOW im going to KILL MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

What are your favorite NaLu fics you're reading or have read before?

It’s rec time *throws glitter*

Finding Firelight by @canasexual

Lucy Heartfilia has a lot of reasons for attending summer camp, but getting spooked by campfire stories and falling in love with her best friend isn’t one of them. (Nalu, modern summer camp au). | Rated T

What Hides in Plain Sight by @not-just-any-fangirl

Natsu Dragneel is just an ordinary 21 year old trying to get by on his craft’s business, keep his landlady off his ass, and grow his friendship with his new weird neighbor Lucy. Without revealing that he’s a witch. Or his cat can fly and talk. So maybe Natsu isn’t that normal. And Lucy is starting to figure that out. (Nalu, modern Wiccan AU). | Rated M*

One-Ply Promises by @papalogia

Of all of the stupid shit Lucy has done while drunk, entering a contract with a demon probably takes the cake. The icing on said cake, however, is the fact that neither of the two know what the terms of the contract are. Until they figure it out, Lucy is stuck living with a demon who doesn’t really understand the concept of keeping a low profile. (Nalu, modern college/accidental demon summoning AU). | Rated T

Ignite by @absent-angel

Puberty hits late, and it hits hard. Natsu quickly learns that not even he can extinguish a fire when there is fuel to feed the flames. (Nalu, canonverse) | Rated M 

The Key That Binds Us by @wordsofawitheringwriter

Earth Land is dying. The Erlking are rising. At the height of the war, an unconscious and dying Natsu is unknowingly thrust into a celestial portal by his friends in a last-ditch effort to save him. It’ll take an old lighter and the remains of a rusted key to get him home, but with his travel cost him his memories. How does one get home when they don’t know they’re missing? (Nalu, AU? I believe? Similar to canonverse). | Rated T*

Natsu, the Friendly Demon by @akela-nakamura

What started as a friendly Demon leaving her helpful messages on her mirror explodes in her face-literally-when she invokes his name. Now she’s faced with startling revelations at every turn, unruly Mythics, and magick. Just as she’s figuring out her new life, a war ignites with one of Fairy Tail’s oldest enemies, and things go from weird to dangerous in a heartbeat. (Nalu, Demon AU). | Rated T  

Of Myths and Monsters by @storybooksandfairytails

Life is hard when you’re a succubus that’s literally dying of starvation because you’re too afraid to put the moves on your half-dragon best friend. Tossing in a descendant of Jack Frost, an overemotional siren, and several other mythological creatures only makes life ever more difficult. (Nalu, Paranormal AU). | Rated M  

A Hundred Kisses by Silva Bramley

After finding out that Lucy is dying, Natsu hastily promises her that he won’t let her go. Not before he’s even had the chance to give her a hundred kisses. Follow Natsu (afraid of losing Lucy) and Lucy (afraid of hurting Natsu) and a few others as they embark on a hopeful journey for a cure and deal with difficult feelings along the way. A story told in kisses. (Nalu, canonverse). | Rated T

Exceedingly Adorable by Sweet Little Demon

A magical mishap happens in the middle of a battle, leaving Lucy fluffier and more adorable than ever. Humor, Fluff, adorableness, cuddliness, master planning and envy guaranteed. (Nalu, canonverse). | Rated K+

*Have not officially read yet, but know they’ll be fantastic because I trust the writers with my life.

wanna chat? pt.24

on ao3
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24

yo whats up its been A Day and i started college here are some memes

love and support = alya
mental support = nino
snack support = marinette
existential crisis = adrien

3:13 in in this house we love and support each other

love and support: mari is so beautiful
im love her

snack support: Alya its too early for you to be this gay

love and support: its never too early for gay
also being overtired is gay culture

mental support: stop blowing up my phone

love and support: no!!!!!!!!!!!
im loving mari!!!!
join me

snack support: Pleae dont

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Park Jihoon [Fluff]

@parkji-hoons said:Can i request a park jihoon fluff bc i need more thank you!!~~

No problem :) By the way, sorry for the HORRIBLE ending omg I feel so bad but I don’t know how else to end it.

Y/N // Y/AGE

🍨 Ice cream date with Jihoon, texting with obnoxious people, and a short adventure in the park🍦

You were on he phone with your best friend, Eunmi, who is Seongwoo’s cousin.

“Can you come over so that we can watch PD101 on crack?” she asks while you slip your feet into your Converse.

You laugh. “You always want to do the weirdest things,” you tell her. “But I can’t, I’m going on a date with Jihoon. Maybe after, if you’re awake when I come by your place.”

“Okay, I’ll be awake for sure. By the way, do you have Woojin’s number?”

“Uh yeah, but your cousin is Ong Seongwoo. Ask him. I have to go so I’m not late, bye!”

“Alright, fine. Bye Y/N! Have fun! Tell Jihoon I say hi!”

“I will! And by the way, don’t watch that Unhelpful Guide to Wanna-One video yet because I haven’t watched it.”

“Uhm, too late.”

Eunmi hangs up so you roll your eyes and happily put your phone in your pocket while thinking about Jihoon. You call out to your parents that you’re going to be out and will be back in a few hours. After you close the door behind you, you make your way to the ice cream shop, nearly skipping in joy because you haven’t seen Jihoon for the longest time.

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anonymous asked:

My mum refuses to believe that I'm trans. She says that I "don't show the signs" and that she doesn't understand why I feel the need to label myself like that, and no one realizes that she's just playing the victim. She offered to let me get therapy but only under the condition that she come to every session with me even though I'm not comfortable with that and have told her as much. I don't want to wait until I'm 18 for T because I get more depressed and anxious every day. What do I do?

Lee says:

I think you should take her up on her offer of therapy, because maybe the therapist will side with you once you explain that you’re really trans and you need to start hormones. I’m sorry she’s being this way, my mom was like that at first and it sucked highkey. I ended up having to wait until 18 to start T, and it wasn’t easy, but I survived and you can too.

Mental health:

What if someone is not supportive after I come out?

The Adventures of Cecia Seo

If you guys actually like this absolute bullshit then tell me and I’ll do a part two or even more parts

It was actually a lot of fun to write as a stress reliever

It’s been sitting in my drafts for a long time I finished it today


Have fun

Pairing: none

Genre: crack, texting au

Word Count: 1.8k

Meeting NCT, your older brother’s boyband, was a very good experience and you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.


Originally posted by nctaezen

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//WHEEZE// OKAY, calming down from Caps Lock now…. So, uhhh, I’m not great at acknowledging milestones in an interesting way so like??? I’m going to be boring and give special ‘thank you’s to ppl???

Okay, so first of all, I of course want to give a HUGE thanks to @paperhatcollection​! Their fic Hunger is what inspired this whole blog and basically got me into writing for this fandom??? (And the ever-talented @volbeast​‘s amazing fanart is what led me to it, so a big thanks to them as well!!!) Paperhatcollection is SUCH an amazing writer and aaaaaaAAAAAAA GO FOLLOW THEM AND VOLBEAST RIGHT NOW

Next I wanna thank @nightfurmoon​ and @drawinggheys​ for being my first friends in the fandom and supporting me right from the start! They’re such beautiful people who never fail to make me laugh and aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAA GO FOLLOW THEM TOO THEY ARE SO WONDERFUL (AND I’M JUST GETTING TO KNOW @avenoire​ BUT THEY ARE ALSO SUPER GOOD AND TALENTED AND AAAAA???)



Shassie Rec List Part Deux

Might as well call me the White Rabbit cos I’m always late :/ PART ONE

Beach Gazing by chibichibi_k | Rated G
Carlton can’t sleep. So when he goes for a walk on the beach to clear his mind, he runs into Shawn.
Great fic building on canon.

1930 by Nixa Jane | Rated T
See a penny, pick it up.
The first Shassie fic I ever read, waaayy back in the day. Starring Uncle Jack.

Go To Sleep, Spencer by thepolicebox | Rated G
Lassie shows up on Shawn’s doorstep in the middle of the night.
Post Yang in 3D. Lassiter has nightmares. Shawn is comforting.

Better by Debris_K | Rated G
Carlton bit back a curse and Shawn muttered choice words about ‘stubborn, unable to wait or ask for help, bull-headed, really ridiculously lanky cops’
Lassiter gets hurt; Shawn believes in the power of kisses. Very sweet.

I’d Rather… by whyamisoclever | Rated G
It’s Valentine’s Day and somebody is screwing with Carlton.
A clever little fluff piece.

Breathing (series) by rispacooper | Rated T
What are you wearing?
Lassiter has the upperhand & it drives Shawn crazy. (definitely one of my favorite things in fic). UST that eventually is resolved.

Closeted by Midorisakura (Calacious) | Rated T
Shawn and Lassiter fear for their lives while trapped in a closet. Will the psychotic killer discover them before the good guys do?
Short but the way this is written is masterful.

I Know You Are (But What Am I?) by Loz | Rated G
Lassie isn’t evil, Shawn thinks, as he runs down the road. He’s just misguided. Like a train.
Shawn’s voyeurism gets him in trouble. A woefully underappreciated fic.

A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two That Don’t Know How To Forge Documents by Desdemon | Rated G
Shawn spends an entire day equivocating.
Shawn is a fool. Lassiter is annoyed. More pre-slash than anything.

anonymous asked:

A lil bit of angst and fluff for Hc's on how Lo'lo and Masrur would feel about accidently hurting their s/o cause of their super strength


  • he would be internally panicking, his mind going blank
  • his strength was no secret, it was bound to happen
  • but
  • Lo´lo never thought, that the knowledge of being the cause of his lovers pain would be so…painful
  • his face becomes emotionless while his eyes try to read his s/o
  • `It was not on purpose! I´m sorry, damn it!´
  • he want to apologize to them, yet, he couldn´t
  • what could he say after that?
  • ensure them that it won´t happen again?
  • give them promises to get a hold of his temper?
  • damn it!
  • Lo´lo won´t give such empty promises
  • should his s/o flinch when he tries to help them after that accident->he´ll leave them for good
  • should they still look at him warmly and with a knowing smile like they always do-> Lo´lo will vow on his pride as a fanalis, to use that strength to protect them and to keep his better half out of harms way


  • emotions are rarely evident on his features, but there will be shocked written all over it
  • he´ll try to catch himself, to show his eventually scared s/o that there is no harm done
  • that everything wil be fine
  • he´ll take them straight to the magic genuis to heal them, all the while staring ahead and only peeking at his s/o when he is sure, that they don´ t look at him
  • it will take a while for him to really calm down
  • but he will
  • things like that are bound to happen  at some point
  • Masrur will keep his lover at his side 24/7, trying to ensure himself and them, that he means no harm
  • for that reason and to.. well, keep them near him
  • they calm him down
  • and that´s what he need after that whole experience
RWBY Speculation: Will Ruby Be Captured in this Volume (or in a Later Volume)? *UPDATED*

So, I’m not a theorist in any way, shape or form, but I really felt like I had to get this off my chest because literally NO ONE has seemed to mention anything about Salem’s intentions for Ruby. So I brought it upon myself to put together this post for ya’ll. You’re welcome. (I think.)

DISCLAIMER: This post is mostly speculation, and not everything is held up by evidence. Some inspiration/speculation for this post came from some of @calxiyn‘s videos.

With Volume 5 now in full swing, fans will be piecing together theories 24/7. But, one theory that I haven’t ever seen talked about is the fact that Salem has plans for our favorite Silver-Eyed warrior (SEW), yet we don’t know what exactly what these plans are. I’ve watched countless theory, reaction, and analysis videos, and read pretty much every speculation thread I can, yet no one has seemed to mention anything about Ruby possibly being taken off to Salem’s castle (is it a castle? I’m calling it a castle.) in the near future, whether it’s in this Volume or a later one.  Of course, there ARE going to be 14 episodes this season, so anything’s possible, I guess… 

Anyways, seeing how things are currently going for Ruby and the gang, we can safely assume that she could very likely be captured this Volume, most likely by someone other than Tyrian since he already failed in retrieving her once.

Even in the last moments of the V5 intro, as RWBY is running towards Salem, Ruby looks a little bit afraid of her, while the rest of her teams just looks determined. Of course, the intro should be taken with a grain of salt, since several things from the last intros never made it into the show (like Weiss vs. Emerald in V2 and V3).

So, I’m basically going to present 4 different scenarios of what could go down once Ruby is taken to Salem’s castle. 

Scenario #1: Cinder will attempt to kill Ruby.

We’re all too familiar with the infamous scene in the Volume 3 finale. Upon seeing Pyrrha’s tragic death, Ruby activates the power of her Silver Eyes in sorrow, unleashing it onto Cinder and Kevin the Dragon.

Then, in the Volume 4 premiere, we see that a now severely debilitated Cinder is itching to get revenge against Ruby, even expressing intense anger towards the other members of Salem’s faction whenever they poke fun at her misfortune. 

Later, in the finale of Volume 4, we see that Cinder’s hatred for the protagonist hasn’t faded one bit. Emerald creates a hallucination of Ruby for Cinder to practice using her Maiden powers on. Even Salem herself watches this, and appears to express some satisfaction in the brutal murder of the vision (though it could be that she’s simple pleased with Cinder’s progress). 

Now, in this scenario, I believe that Ruby will be brought to Salem’s castle (obviously), and thrown into a battle against Cinder. Cinder will go on full-on Fall Maiden (aka “Avatar State”), while Ruby will use the full(?) extent of the SEW powers.

Because of each character’s desire to seek vengeance on the other, this scenario can make a lot of sense. But before we come to any conclusions, let’s take a look at some other probable situation that could explain Salem’s intentions.

Scenario #2: Salem will somehow steal Ruby’s powers.

Now, I know what ya’ll may be thinking:

“Marii, now you’ve REALLY gone crazy! There’s no evidence for this!”

I hear you, comment section. Just let me state my case. Besides, this is all just speculation, so chill out. XD

If you’ve ever seen any theories about Salem, you may know of one that suggests that Salem was once a SEW herself (according to her supposedly having Silver Eyes in the concept art she was seen in).

In this speculation, Salem somehow became corrupted and turned into the evil ruler of the Creatures of Grimm we all know today. It is also theorized that she gained the power to “absorb” or even “steal” the SEW abilities from other Warriors. Some even believe that this is what could have happened to Summer Rose. Perhaps this is what Ruby’s fate could’ve lead to if she wasn’t the main protagonist.

It seems very unlikely, but it’s still a plausible outcome.

Scenario #3: Salem will possess Ruby in order to gain her powers.

This one is pretty similar to the previous scenario, but instead of Salem simply taking Ruby’s powers, she could possibly just straight-up possess her, or absorb her soul in some way.

Much like the last situation, there are many theories about Salem possibly being a former SEW. Some of these theories state that Salem could have the ability to absorb the souls of other SEW’s, or even just possess them. This could also possibly explain Summer Rose’s fate.

If you look at one of Salem’s hands, you can see a ring or bracelet resembling a beetle of some sort. This might be just the thing that Salem could use the possess other SEW’s, much like the glove (which might I add also had a beetle in it) that Cinder used to steal the Fall Maiden powers from Amber in V3.

But, of course, we won’t know until more information is revealed about this mysterious villain before we can come to a conclusion like this.

Scenario #4: Salem will manipulate Ruby, and turn her over to their side.

Now, this is the scenario that I’m most on board with. It also seems the most probable to actually happen.

If you recall the World of Remnant episode about the huntsman and huntresses, the final seconds of the video could very well be foreshadowing this exact situation…

Ozpin, the narrator of the V2 WoR episodes, says this: “…all are expected to serve humanity, and never succumb to the darkness.”

As he states this, a silhouette of Ruby in front of the moon is shown on screen. This moment here has to be foreshadowing if I’ve ever seen it. After all, why would RUBY of all people be shown during a statement like this? Seems a little fishy to me… :/

What I predict could happen, is that when Ruby is taken to Salem’s castle, Salem will “push her buttons” and manipulate her into joining Salem, forcing the girl to use her SEW abilities against the rest of our heroes.

In the V4 director commentary (which I had the privilege of seeing during V5 premiere in theatres), Kerry himself talks about Salem being really good at getting others to do her bidding, and she does so by hitting a the “weak spots,” so to speak. For example, she can easily manipulate Tyrian by using his obsession with pleasing her, and she only has to tell him that she’s disappointed in him to set him off, and he’ll punish himself and make sure he doesn’t fail her again.

With this information, we can predict that Salem will use this same tactic on Ruby in order to get her to “succumb to the darkness,” as the WoR episode states.

So far, I can definitely say that this one is my favorite. It has a lot more evidence to back it up than the others do, as well.

If/When Ruby is captured, what will it mean for the others?

Now that I’ve gone through the different scenarios of what could happen to our protagonist, let’s talk about what  Ruby’s capture will mean for the rest of our heroes.

To start out with, Ruby could very well be the only one who’s able to stop Salem, for all we know. And if Ruby’s gone, Salem wins. So, if (or when) Ruby gets taken away, the rest of the crew will HAVE to go after her, no matter what. Even if it means losing a few battles along the way (like the Fall of Haven?). If their only hope of saving the world disappears, then Remnant is royally screwed. (Now, obviously she won’t die or join Salem’s side permanently, because she’s the main character, but that doesn’t mean she’s necessarily invincible, either.)

What will be most interesting to see, however, is how everyone copes with Ruby’s kidnapping. Surely they’d all be sad or angry. Some might even hit a breaking point. However, Miles and Kerry might have other ideas in store for us…either way, it’ll be really interesting to see how our main cast deals with this tragedy, and how they plan to get their friend back (seriously tho i rlly wanna see them all unit and rescue Ruby as a team; make it happen, RT!)

More Evidence *SPOILERS FOR V5C2*

Also, I think Chapter 2 hinted at Ruby’s capture.

Whenever Cinder asks Salem about keeping Ruby alive, Salem says this:

“Never underestimate the usefulness of others. Take Leonardo; he was one of Ozpin’s most trusted, and yet, now…”

“…If Ruby Rose has learned to harness her gift, then you must take care to protect yours.”

Not only is it interesting that Salem says Ruby’s name (though she probably just got it from Cinder), but she also talked about how Lionheart was turned against Ozpin. Sure, she may just be referring to using the bandits to get the Spring Maiden, but I’m pretty sure she means that she’s going to use Ruby against the rest of our heroes. (also I want to know what she meant by Cinder protecting her Maiden powers; maybe it’s the same reason why Cinder got messed up by Ruby?)

Also, the RWBY banner for the RT Site depicts Team RWBY, but the background is of the Grimmscape. I may be looking too far into this, but if Ruby DOES in fact get taken off the Salem, really the only place she’d be is IN the Grimmscape, right?

Now, do I WANT any of these to happen? Well, yes and no. Yes, because it means we’d get some much-needed development for several characters. No, because each scenario involves hurting my favorite character (and all the others, too), which hurts my heart. T-T

What do ya’ll think? Is Ruby going to be capture by Salem and her forces? If so, when do you think it’ll happen; in Volume 5, or later on? Which outcome do you think will come to fruition? Do you have any ideas for other scenarios? Am I just another crazy RWBY fan who needs  to chill out? Let me know in the comments below! Sorry for the super long post, but I hope ya’ll enjoyed my rambling anyway. :)







I am losing my mind. Everybody take ten.

you know what i don’t like??? angels seem so infinite and forever but they can just.. die? like that’s it. i mean i get that they don’t have a physical form. but how do you kill fucking LIGHT BEINGS?? they are MADE of L I G H T

what if angels go on existing in a different way? not in a different realm but reincarnated??

(purgatory isn’t an option beccause i think benny said dean and cas stuck out like sore thumbs or something then again they also had their physical forms? i’m getting sidetracked)

okay but what if anna cut out her grace because she thought it would kill her and killed angels are reincarnated as humans? like it’s a thing they know about but it’s not as though angels have a habit of cutting out grace. because she didn’t die for real, that’s why she had angel memories and tapped into angel radio. but if they actually die, their angelic connection is cut and their grace transforms into a soul. they get a heaven for when their soul dies. and probably they usually become really religious, at least in abrahamic faiths, and serve in churches, monasteries, convents, become missionaries or saints even?


@casinthegarden @beekeepercain

Unexplainable Love {Park Jihoon}

Park Jihoon Feat. Wanna One [Ending 1]



Synopsis: Ice cream date with Jihoon, texting with obnoxious people you call friends, and a short adventure in the park🍦

You were on he phone with your best friend, Eunmi, who is Seongwoo’s cousin.

“Can you come over so that we can watch PD101 on crack?” she asks while you slip your feet into your Converse.

You laugh. “You always want to do the weirdest things,” you tell her. “But I can’t, I’m going on a date with Jihoon. Maybe after, if you’re awake when I come by your place.”

“Okay, I’ll be awake for sure. By the way, do you have Woojin’s number?”

“Uh yeah, but your cousin is Ong Seongwoo. Ask him. I have to go so I’m not late, bye!”

“Alright, fine. Bye Y/N! Have fun! Tell Jihoon I say hi!”

“I will! And by the way, don’t watch that Unhelpful Guide to Wanna-One video yet because I haven’t watched it.”

“Uhm, too late.”

Eunmi hangs up so you roll your eyes and happily put your phone in your pocket while thinking about Jihoon. You call out to your parents that you’re going to be out and will be back in a few hours. After you close the door behind you, you make your way to the ice cream shop, nearly skipping in joy because you haven’t seen Jihoon for the longest time.

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accelerator-official  asked:

Alright what if Taako goes onto the set of Sizzlin it up with Taako while drunk out of his mind and doing the show?

twhat ifff?? You want me to cook rn? Listne, cooking drunk is the best, because nothing is better than something to eat while you’re blasted out of your mind.

I’mma give you a Taako original copyright to Taako.

When you need sumthin simple and filling just make an omelette homie. Two eggs, crack ‘em against a flat surface so that you don’t get any eggshell in them. Then add a dash JUST A DASH of heavy whipping cream, some dill and salt and pepper.

Then when you plop that in the pan with some butter, natch, to make it sizzle, you add some chopped onions (Fresh motherfucker that dried shit ain’t as good) mushrooms, bacon bits, and a fuckton of cheese. Maybe some chopped green peppers if you want. 

You let that shit cook, added everything but the cheese first, the cheese goes on ONLY after the omelette is starting to look solid. While that shit is cooking just sorta push the edges inwards with the spatula but not too rough.

Finally you gonna flip one end over so that it’s all folded and junk and slap that bitch on a plate. Eat up homie, that’s a good fucking egg.

Let’s Eat

Characters: Hoseok (Wonho’s real name), Hyungwon & Reader ft. Other members

Scenario: WARNING SMUT (Scroll past if you are not comfortable with this!)

Words: 1,556

For: @jennathesimmer I’m sorry this took FOREVER. I had school and musical and so many things going on. I hope you forgive me. T-T

What it is about: You’ve had an amazing day, and your boyfriend Hoseok/Wonho and Hyungwon, decide to make it better. That’s why sharing is caring when it comes to eating, right?

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“There are reasons…. I had you join the–”

“….Just shut up.”

Pocky Game Eruri - Part Two (Part One)

Erwin Smith Levi

Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin Military Police AU