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This is a code. Your blog came up when I searched "Cryptography." Any chance you could help out? espnd hw of lsepe i mhi ni iwhottu iwll in rcae thwa satr reoasn nda tseals ym be twha be ewest wlil my ym elif tsar lilw fiel herat ktae to

Hello- I’ll do my best! (@ those on mobile - apologies for the long post )
Firstly, the frequency analysis of this is unusual given that all the original common letters of a, e and t have their usual percentage of appearance - This means that they are likely being used in their original context and were not substituted for other letters. This is shown in the following graph:

Considering this, I used Word Unscrambler in order to generate the next part. The one irregularity is the hw which of course rearranges to mean nothing.  Now I’m going to take a guess and assume hw may be a typo and is meant to be he given the him mentioned in the message.

“Spend he of Sleep I him in without will in race what star reason and steal (this particular word could be something else like least or tales or even tesla!) be what be sweet will my my life star will life heart take to”

My, will, star and life are the most common words. These words have heavy connotative meaning. It is important to remember the context of the message is just as important as the code itself. Who was the code intended for? How was it meant to be received? What sort of person is sending it?

A rather dark interpretation that manages to fit all the words evenly is the following. This is unlikely to be the original message though given the immense multitude of combinations that emerge when rearranges the letters. However this deconstruction could potientially led deciphering the original message -  especially once we learn the context.

My star
I will sleep without him 
He will steal my heart and race to take my life
Spend in life what will be sweet
Star, what of reason.

Other versions could easily follow this pattern: 

I will spend my life with him
My heart will race and life will be sweet

I will take my life without him
He will be sweet reason to sleep
Take my life and my heart

He is my star and my heart in life 
With him I will spend my life without reason

ok so i’ve been descrambling and trying tons of different codes to break the message emily got and i think this is the closest i’m gonna get so I’m posting it to crowdsource some more ideas. I managed to unscramble all the words (except one) and they seem like they should be able to be rearranged to form a quote except idk enough about literature to recognize anything SO i’m counting on all of you!!!

to take heart (life/file) will (star/rats) (file/life) my my will sweet be what be my (slates/steals) and reason (star/rats) what (race/care) in will (without) in him i sleep of wh spend

the orginal message: 

espnd hw of lsepe i mhi ni iwhottu iwll in rcae thwa satr reoasn nda tseals ym be twha be ewest wlil my ym elif tsar lilw fiel herat ktae to


normally is real (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧: a masterpost (UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING)

anyways ive been asked to do a masterpost proving the realness of normani and ally from 5h so here it goes :) 

ps: this ruined me :)

pss: many of these gifs/edits are not mine :)

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