Tsukiyo’s style returning with Keima and friends!

One of the most interesting and/or challenging thing about this style was restricting myself to a palette of five colors ONLY:

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Hair color
  4. The character color
  5. The color opposite of the character’s color

It made me have to think a while to make sure the outfits were coordinated well!

Final thoughts on Gangsta and Studio Manglobe:

Despite starting off very promising, Gangsta’s finale has rung throughout the anime community as the final death knell of Studio Manglobe. As the series progressed, it became apparent Manglobe was unable to continue producing the high-octane action the first four episodes gave us. The animation quality continued to dip and the story became more erratic before inconclusively signing off in the middle of an arc. At the time of this posting, Manglobe employees have stated that the studio has gone bankrupt and are now seeking work.

Over the course of 11 years, Manglobe mantra has always been about experimentation and western appeal. Their first and most popular work among western audiences, Samurai Champloo, personifies this quality best. Other shows like Ergo Proxy and Michiko to Hatchin continued this trend over the years despite financial failure after failure. Out of 16 series, only one broke 4,000 units sold. Many of these shows remain as some of my most memorable anime experiences. And I hope that they will be remembered long after Manglobe closes its doors.

(2004) Samurai Champloo

(2006) Ergo Proxy

(2008) Michiko to Hatchin

(2009) Seiken no Blacksmith

(2010) Saraiya Goyou

(2010) The World God Only Knows

(2011) The World God Only KnowsII


(2011) Mashiro-iro Symphony

(2012) Hayate no Gotoku! 

(2013) Zettai Karen Children 

(2013) Karneval

(2013) Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties

(2013) The World God Only Knows: Goddesses

(2013) Samurai Flamenco

(2015) GANGSTA.

(2015) Genocidal Organ - Coming this November

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Simply amazing manga that never got an anime adaption. Or, amazing manga that got crappy adaptions.

07 Ghost

Pandora Hearts


Tsubasa Resovoir Chronicle (the OVAs are the only redeemable part of the anime honestly)

DNAngel (though at least the anime has an ending)

Tokyo Ghoul (root A in particular)

Gakuen Alice

Yureka (aka Id_Entity)

Witch Hunter


The World God Only Knows 

D. Gray-man

Feel free to add more! Just make sure as you add the manga that it’s among your favorites, 10/10 for plot and everything else, no adaption in the works. 

And by crappy anime adaptions I mean like the difference between the two series is major and/or the anime never even got to the best part. Also make sure you don’t put one down that has an ongoing anime or has an anime in the works. A second season in the works is kinda iffy…just use the best judgement I guess. For example, D. Gray-man is kinda iffy. It had a LOT of filler but otherwise was adapted pretty well. But almost half the series was filler so…


Here’s Keima in style 15: Tenri’s style!

I decided to base Tenri’s style off of the second KLK ending, because I found that the song kind of related to Tenri in a way! Not only was it cute and bubbly, the meaning behind the lyrics was surprisingly accurate!

I also decided that for this style I would post the characters separately, just because I feel it’d be a bit distracting to have more than one at once.

The main draw of this style for me is choosing a bunch of different outfits for the characters to wear! It’s kind of surprising which characters have more expansive wardrobes than others…

Take Keima for instance. Being the main character, Keima had A LOT of costumes to choose from. It was legitimately hard to just choose ten ;n;