Twfanmily listen up for God's sake. SCOOTER isn't to blame to every stupid thing the wanted does that you don't like. Scooter saved the wanted when they were sinking and Hatbd left them. That's exactly what came out of the Wanted's mouth on the issue. All you guys so is patronize scooter and blame him for shit songs and wanted world problems. But if it was for scooter where would are boys be?!

Scooter didnt pick Walks like Rihanna the boys did. So if you hate the song like I do - then tell them! Scooter is here to stay and he makes stars. If you haven’t noticed CArly Rae Justin and psy are on top right now. No one cares about what you think about management. Just hope the rest of the songs are good. IT’S TIME PUT UP AND SHUT UP.