anonymous asked:

what are your TW experiencs? tours, gigs, tweets, follows etc??

I’m going to go in order if I can remember them all.
nothing happened in 2010, I became a fan then and was one of them fangirls that tweeted “love you tom xxxxxxxxxxxx” yeah. 


  • April 7th Behind Bars tour.
  • July 21st Epsom gig, so much happened at that omg
  • November 18th Siva tweeted and retweeted me.


  • January 10th Tom followed me.
  • February 2nd Max followed me.
  • February 11th The Wanted retweeted me.
  • February 16th Tom tweeted me.
  • February 22nd The Wanted followed me.
  • March 3rd The Code. 
  • March 31st Tom tweeted me.
  • March 31st Tom DM’d me.
  • March 31st Tom DM’d me again.
  • 24th April Tom refollowed me.
  • 29th April met The Wanted.
  • Today (20th July) Jay read out my tweet on Twitcam.
  • 26th July seeing them at Hyde Park.