No but seriously if you want dark instead of just occasional dark elements I think you’re looking at the wrong game series. 

Try older Fire Emblem, Silent Hill, Shin Megami Tensei, Persona 3, Twewy, Majora’s Mask, Mother 3, and whatever anyone else wants to suggest. 


Time for another podcast! MONO and newcomer Deldris lend a hand in talking about morality systems, fishing minigames, South Park, and why the hell Sonic Team hasn’t made Sonic Adventure 3 with a new and improved Chao Garden

Episode guide:

00:52 Yanfly Comic: Let’s Make a Dungeon!
4:30 YEP 129: Turn Order Display
8:52 South Park
10:17 /rpgmg/ Collaboration Game
16:52 Kingdom Hearts
23:06 The Airing of Grievances
23:56 Deldris likes FE8 more than Red Mage
28:06 Mono’s Conspiracy Theory
33:52 We get to the subject: What Game Left the Biggest Impact on You?
Also Cody’s turn (FFL, Secret of Mana)
34:55 Del’s Turn (Secret of Mana, TWEWY)
37:45 Mono’s turn (Super Mario RPG, Deus Ex)
42:45 Robyn’s turn (Makai Kingdom)
45:50 FFT is pretty cool
48:34 Chao Garden/Monster-Raising games
53:08 We don’t like Fishing Minigames
1:05:05 What Would You Like to See More or Less of in a Game?
1:05:25 Branching Paths/Multiple Endings/Morality Systems
1:25:32 FFXIII-2
1:29:05 Farting around in FFXV


- the world ends with you fanzine -

Proud to show my full piece out for the ANOTHER DAY TWEWY fanzine! Missing the times where we could snack at Ramen Don in Dogenzaka! So happy to be apart of this zine with the other amazing 50+ artists! Congrats everyone and happy new year!