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#justbecause #damnitman #thanks @twerktuesdays — How manycl Claps do you count 😍💦👅 @thesweetlealea

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#TWERKTUESDAY! When she twerked in the closet?? I dieddd! Soo funny!

Remember a few weeks ago how I was talking about the baby kitten my sister and I found on the side of the road?

Well a vet trip and two weeks of good ole’ fashioned nurturing later he’s doing really well.

(Side Note: My mom wasn’t too keen on the name Jesus Christ Superstar so she renamed him Parker.)

twerktuesday  asked:

8 potato? You're worth at least 12 potato don't fall for that scam.

THANK you, you’re too kind!! Sometimes when I’m really feeling low I feel like I’m only worth 3 potato, maybe even two. But then I tell myself, “No, Ryan, you are worth at least 8 quality potatoes. Keep your head up.”


Check my girl @yelllabone_ #twerkin doe 😋 she’s got some serious competition today tho 😂 #twerktuesday #teasetuesday #teasecollection #jesustakethewheel #photobytoolow shoot coming soon !

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twerktuesday  asked:

Hey, Zach I'm in the southern Cali LA area, ever been herping around here, know any good spots?

Thank you for the question!

To be honest, my experience of field herping in the Los Angeles area has been restricted to seeing various species of lizards hugging the side of gas stations and planted palm trees while on tour with my band. In regards to Southern California herping, I have actually put in work in the San Diego area. I am currently organizing a trip for a few of us Bay Area herpers to take a trip down south for a good week of hardcore herping this Spring!

In terms of spots- know your target species and research the habitat types and areas that they are known to occur. Take your time and scout the area- even if you get “skunked” (not find anything), you still got out in the field and observed the habitat. Keep going and searching until you begin seeing the species you wished to see. Take notes on the time of day, season, temperature, etc to apply for your next visits!

As always, know the rules and regulations in regards to herping in your area. Furthermore, replace everything you may have moved (such as rocks, logs, etc) exactly as you found it before moving on.

Good luck!