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Hello~ can i request tsukiyama, shiro kaneki, regular kaneki, yomo, ayato, and touka cuddling with thier s/o at night (oh and thier s/o just woke up from a nightmare) GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR BLOG, I WILL SUPPORT YOU FOREVER!~

omg thank you so much

Tsukiyama: Due to the fact that he is a light sleeper, he felt his s/o beginning to shift around and mumble under their breath. Waking up, he would see his partner and they seemed scared which made him begin to worry. He lightly shook them on their shoulder and mumbled their name, sleepily. They jolted awake, “Huh- Wha- Where am I?”

“In bed with your wonderful boyfriend.” Tsukiyama whispered and smirked but it quickly went off his face when his partner threw one of the pillows at his face. “Sorry sorry!” He apologized as he removed the pillow from his face.

Looking at them once again, he saw that they still had a fearful look on their face and he felt his heart drop. It was so terrible to see someone he truly loved end up like this. Looking a lot more serious, he asked, “What happened mi amore?”

He heard them hold their breath and confess that they had a nightmare. After hearing their thoughts, he wrapped his arms around them and pulled them back to lay down, “Don’t worry my love, I will always protect you. There’s no need to be afraid.” He whispered as he began to play with their hair. “Now go back to sleep.” He mumbled as he closed his eyes and the room became silence once again.

Shiro!Kaneki: The moment when he reached out to snuggle his s/o and didn’t sense their presence, he woke up. He scanned the dark room and rubbed his eyes and yawned loudly, confused and wondered where they went. The room was silence besides the clock ticking in the room and he began to count the ticks. After a while, he began to feel tense since they didn’t come back and decided to look for them.

It wasn’t that long after until he saw them in the living room, sitting on the couch and they had prepared themselves some coffee looking at the window that showed the ward. The ward was lit up with different lights and even though it wasn’t that bright in the room, he saw that they were trembling. They brought the coffee up to their mouth and drank up and sighed in relief. He cleared their throat, which startled them a bit and saw him. “What are you doing here?” He asked.

It took them a little bit until they actually responded and they mumbled, “Nightmare.” They stared down at the coffee and saw their reflection. Kaneki slowly approached them and then sat with them and wrapped his arms around them. They looked up at him and he gently pressed his lips against theirs and when they pulled away he had his forehead on theirs, “It’s fine. We all have our nightmares. Why don’t you tell me about it to make you feel better.” He said as he set them on his lap.

Kuro!Kaneki: He ended up staying up late due to the fact that he wanted to finish reading this book really bad. It was getting so interesting and he simply could not put his book down! As he was reading the last couple of pages, he saw his book get knocked out of his hand and someone sitting on his lap and wrapping their arms around him. He ended up tensing up but slowly calmed down when he saw that it was just his partner. “Are you alright?”

They ended up shaking their head and this caused him to get more concerned, “What happened?” He asked as he wrapped his arms around their waist. Hearing them sniffle, it seemed like they did not want to talk about it and he slowly rubbed their back so they can calm down. “I-It’s alright…I’m here…” He mumbled as he tried to make them stop crying.

Yomo: It was a chilly night and he was curled up in bed, with his lover. Lately, his lover kept tossing and turning. He watched them mumble things and they saw the fear on their face. Yomo ended up gently putting his hand on their shoulder to stop them. This caused them to wake up and they looked around and then mumbled, “Oh so it was just a nightmare.” They sighed with relief.

“Are you alright? We don’t have to talk about it.” Yomo stated calmly and looked at them. His lover just smiled at him and shook their head, stating that it was fine. “But there’s one thing that will make me feel a lot better…” They began, “Cuddle with me." 

Yomo looked at them with a confused expression but complied to their wish and wrapped his arms around them. They sighed with relief and close their eyes and felt more safe in his arms.

Ayato: It was around 3 in the morning and Ayato was snoring away, lost in his dreams. That was until he felt someone violently shake him awake. His eyes widened to see his lover on top of him with tears streaming down their face. "Hah- What the fuck are you doin-”

“You’re alive…Thank goodness…”

Why the hell would I not be alive?”

“You weren’t moving before…Why weren’t you moving? There was blood…So much blood…” They mumbled as their vision was getting blurry because of the tears.

“It’s alright…I’m here now. There’s no need to worry about it.” He said rather awkwardly as he gently pulled them back down and they ended up hiding their face in his chest.

Touka: Touka was enjoying her beauty sleep until she felt someones arms wrap around her and she groaned and slowly began to wake up. Her partner had buried their face into her neck as they pressed themselves closely to her. She yawned loudly and they quickly looked up at her, “Sorry did I wake you up?” They apologized and frowned.

“N-No! It’s fine…” She mumbled as she rubbed her eyes and then wiggled out of their grasp to sit up. She stretched and sighed with satisfaction as she heard her bones crack. “Did something happen?” She asked and tilted her head. 

They looked away for a minute and then sigh loudly, “It was just a damn nightmare. Don’t worry ‘bout it.” They replied back and looked to see that Touka was pretty much worrying about it.

“Of course I have to worry about you. You are my lover. Geez.” She scoffed and looked away and hoped that they didn’t see her blush. She welcomed them by stretching her arms open and going, “Now come here and cuddle with me so I can make you feel better.” She mumbled and they did just that.

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Hello~ can i request tsukiyama, both kaneki's, uta, yomo, and touka cuddling with thier s/o after thier s/o had a nightmare

TSUKIYAMA is alarmed when he hears his partner call for him from the other room. Concerned for their well-being, he rushes into the room, only to see them clutching their head, taking measured breaths in a clear attempt to call themselves down. “I’m here, my love.” He tells them, as he joins them, taking their smaller body into his arms. He speaks to them in a soft, low voice telling them everything would be all right. Tsukiyama would protect them from anything, including whatever abyss their mind could conjure. Once they calm down they return his embrace. They sit like that for a while, minds circling in their own thoughts. “Can you stay with me until I fall back asleep again?” an almost feeble voice requests. He obliges, spending the rest of the night with his beloved.

KANEKI is concerned for his partner; from the facial expressions they were making they were likely having a nightmare. He’s unsure whether or not he should wake them up, but when they start writhing around, he wakes his companion as gently as he can. They wake with a start, jolted out of the horror their consciousness had crafted. He reassures his partner that they’re safe and that he’s for them. He asks if there’s anything he can get for them. Only slightly surprised by their meek request of “hold me,” he wraps his arms around their body. The warmth of his body assures them that this is real, that nothing is going to take Kaneki away from them. Both of them fall asleep like that, reveling in the comfort of another warm body.

SHIRO!KANEKI has had his share of horrendous imagery plague him in his sleep. As such, he recognizes when his partner has connected with the darker aspect of their psyche. Kaneki reaches out a hand and attempts to wake them up, but their mind has pulled them so far under that the physical stimulus merges with the mental stimulus. His touch becomes distorted in their mind, warping in some hideous way. The dream becomes too much for his partner and they jerk awake, tears coming from their eyes, body shaking. “Kaneki!” He responds that he’s here, and cautiously brings them into his arms, not wanting to incite the horror they had just escaped. He traces small circles into their skin until their breathing evens out. They manage to mutter a sleepy thank you before they enter a dreamless sleep.

UTA watches as his partner enters the studio, wringing their hands together. He notices how they start at even the smallest, inconspicuous of noises. It takes him only a brief moment to come to the conclusion that they had had a nightmare and sought Uta for comfort. Putting down his work he gestures for his partner to come over to him. “Do you want to talk about it?” His partner shakes their head; they were just scared and wanted to be with the one they trusted most. Being alone in that dark room was more than they could take. Uta brings them close, patting their head, humming a gentle melody. Eventually, the tension in their body subsides, but instead of letting them go, he brings them closer.

YOMO hears his partner cry out in their sleep close by. They wake with a start, eyes darting around the room, somewhere between a state of dreaming and realizing that they are awake. Their fingers are brought nervously to their lips, as they try to make themselves as small as they can. He approaches them cautiously. “You all right?” he asks. His partner closes their eyes tightly and shakes their head. Taking a seat next to them, he takes their hand in his, thumb outlining circles on the back of their hand. Eventually, his partner unfurls from their coiled position and moves closer to him. Yomo takes them into his lap, not once letting go of their hand, and holds them. “I’m here, so don’t worry about it.” His partner snuggles into his chest thankful for his presence.

TOUKA can see them physically fighting whatever it is that their mind has summoned. Their face contorts in obvious agony without making a sound. She worries immensely for her partner and shakes them awake. “Oi! Get up! It’s just a dream.” Her partner wakes with a start, panting, and weakly calls out Touka’s name. She assures them that she’s there, that it was nothing but a bad dream. However, when they start crying Touka is at a loss as to what to do. Pulling them into her chest, she does her best to soothe them. Eventually, their sobs subside and Touka thinks that they must have fallen asleep. She’s about to shift positions before her partner’s voice stops her. “Can we stay like this for a little longer?” Touka obliges, watching over them as their breathing evens out as they reenter a sleeping state.

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