twerkie's fandomstuck

percy jackson fandom, i love you! <3

I wish i could have done more but this was all i could think to do :/

(Percy really hates his god tier outfit)

(the purple shirt is a spoiler from the second half of the series, where it stops being just about Percy. the first book is The Lost Hero, but I still count it as part of the series, its just collectively called Heroes of Olympus)

fun fact: the Lorax fandom is the only fandom that has a sprite with haaaands! (they are in fists, he is screaming about speaking for the trees)

that mustache was hard to do and looks dumb

do you know how many times I said “my name is the Lorax and I speak for the trees” ??? it was so much that I was even annoyed with myself!

that pink thing on a brown stick is supposed to be a truffela tree /sobs

FANDOMSTUCK AGAIN! it’s Pokemon fandom, and he wants to be the very best.

Unfortunately, he’s not. /sobs because I’m untalented

I really REALLY wanted to do Dawn’s outfit, but I wanted Pokemon to be a boy so I guess he’s a crossdresser sometimes? Or idk maybe he magically genderbends sometimes. Whichever you are more comfortable with, but Dawn has the cutest outfit EVER!!!

Also the bottom left sprite is titled the “TRY TO COSPLAY ME NOW, LOSERS!” sprite. idk I think the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom is scoffing at it. (omg I hope I don’t have to do the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom)