It’s that time of the year…

So i decided to do my first follow forever. YAY. Since i’m no good with words i’ve sketched some of my fav ppl. And if u hover over ur name there r some more nice things.

(i’m so sorry)

Idiots that make everything better: (hover)

brittany, sarah, amanda, natalie, rogue, allie.

Idiots that i love and may have talked to a few times: (hover)

christian, jessa, chi.

Idiots that i admire from afar/that are too cool for me: (hover)

tyler, maddison.

Idiots that i was too lazy to draw/don’t talk to as much but i still love: (hover)

izzy, charlie, joão, allie, monica, chloe,

Idiots that u should follow cuz their blog is amazing: (hover)


queendemonicaa  asked:

um so acklesobrien, hoechlinsthighs, twerkbrien & coraahaale :D <3 (ps this is monica)

omg i had no idea this is your tumblr too!!! crazy ok

  • acklesobrien does not follow me and i do not follow them but i am now bc it appears to be a blog i need to follow bc of teen wolf + supernatural
  • hoechlinsthighs omg i can’t even with alex ok she is amazing and i love her so much and she is probably my tumblr bff and we have a mutual follow
  • twerkbrien does not follow me but i do follow her and her  blog is actually perfect
  •  coraahaale does not follow me and i do not follow her but she looks like a great blog and lovely person!

 twerkbrien said: i just looked at it how the fuck are people pulling the racist card on that

DUDE FUCK I KNOW. like look at this comment someone reblogged it with:

“Gifsets like these make it blindingly obvious that sterek shippers are actually scerek shippers who just couldn’t stand to look at a brown boy and so found a suitable replacement. ”

like frick it just pisses me off so much, like people edit quotes and scenes to fit their ships all of the time I don’t even understand what the problem is… 

 stilinskicuddles said: jfc what’s wrong w/ these anons? Don’t let them get to you (:

KJSAHGKJHDF thanks man, I love you so much (: :*

More than anything it’s just annoying haha.

i promise there’s a fic prompt here okay just read omg:

when i was like nine or so, i was at this daycare right~

and i didn’t really have any friends my age there, it was kinda meh because everyone liked my brothers and i was just there

so i would always hang out with like, the lady who ran the place, she had two daughters who were like, 11th/12thgrade

so i would always hang out with them

one of them i was really attached too though, her name was jennifer and she was really pretty and nice to me and would always give me attention and calm me down after my older brother and his friends did mean shit to me (idk they didn’t like me very much)

so i like

started calling her my girlfriend

and i didn’t know what that meant and i was like


and she would just laugh and say “yeah tyler!”

anyway it was so cute and i miss her because she was so sweet to me and basically the point of this story is