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Taquito de ojo #wiglewiglewigle #twerking #TacoDeOjo #vinealo

Ace Boosh Network things

Right, so the acebooshnetwork is up and sort of running.  If you’ve contacted me about joining (yay!) and would like to become a member of this blog, meaning you can create posts under that URL, please send me your email so I can invite you, because that’s the only way tumblr will let me do it. 

Otherwise, following and submitting posts is totally fine too.  Your name is still posted for other ace booshlrs to find on the network page, and we’ll eventually set up somewhere to chat :)

And I’m tagging you all now sorry @pretentivity, @fommo, @sarcasticasian, @thegroovyarchives, @minzy-twerks-for-the-lord, @bunchesmcginty, @okay-amad, @coolong, @vincesnoirs. That’s a pretty great little group right there <3

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I was tagged by: @asciiheart <3 !! 

Name: Ashley

Birthday: August

Gender: Female

Sexuality: pansexual

Relationship status: I’m in a long term relationship with a beautiful man named Michael 

Zodiac sign: Leo

Siblings: Only child! 

Favourite colour: black, blue, pink 

Pets: my beautiful cat named holly who is the best kind of friend to me 

Favourite bands/artists: Joanna Newsom, Bjork, Grimes, Shamir, Worlds End Girlfriend, Kumisolo, SOPHIE, QT, and iamamiwhoami and some kpop groups ( I like electronic and ambient stuff but also pop and hiphop like I really like nicki but I’m a bit iffy about her rn since the scandal with her brother )

Sleep: I am really nocturnal and find it hard to sleep at night esp when I’m alone but once I’m asleep I never wanna get out of bed 

Type of phone: samsung but it’s breaking!

Love or lust: love for sure! 

Lemonade or Ice Tea: ice tea!!

Cats or dogs: CATSSSSSS

Few best friends or lots of casual friends: both 

Coke or Pepsi: neither I don’t really drink soda unless there is alcohol in it 

Day or night: night time because I’m actually wide awake and can get stuff done! 

Text or call: Texting unless I’m really close with the person I’m talking to 

Makeup or natural:  Makeup!!!!!!! I love wearing make up and playing with it to create really dramatic looks but I am comfortable with going out with bare face as well bc im beautiful :~) 

Ever met a celebrity: Joanna Newsom and Shamir both very recently and they were both so sweet! 

Spoons or forks: I love a good spoon tbh but I use forks more often 

Truth or dare: dare 

Pronounce caramel like “car-a-mel” or “car-mel”:  the first one! 

Smile or eyes: both really! I love making eye contact with people during conversation and my bf has really kind eyes but sometimes there are people who’s smiles can light up a room and it’s so beautiful. I feel really happy if I can make a friend smile as well! 

Light or dark hair: as in my hair or what I prefer?? My hair is like a very dark blonde with turquoise ends and I think I am attracted to dark hair most of the time! 

Shorter or taller: taller! but if I had a cute gf that was shorter than me I would love it 

Intelligence or appearance: I’d rather be smart and a person who is aware of other people over appearance 

Chapstick or lipstick: lipstick always 

What colour shirt are you wearing: a red atari gaming shirt I got from an op shop lmao 

Musical instrument you play: My voice! Me and my bf jam together sometimes and I love to sing along and make up songs on the spot! 

City or country: City because its more diverse but country because I feel really calm around nature 

Last song you listened to: Hot Mess- Shamir 

Last book you read: I re read a childhood favourite called ‘The Little White Horse’ 

Favourite old song:  Running up that Hill- Kate Bush and anything by Kate Bush basically 

Favourite TV Show: The X Files!!!!!!!! oh my gooood 

Favourite animal: cats always 

Interests/hobbies: intersectional feminism, art, fashion, music, literature, painting, natural history, nature, fishing, swimming, dancing 

Cool pillow or warm pillow: cool

Favorite scary movie: I actually love horror films so much it’s hard to pick one, one of my all time favs is ‘The Strangers’ ‘Martyrs’ ‘The Mist’  and I recently watched Goodnight Mommy and The Babadook which were both really good 

Any piercings/tattoos: just my ears! 

I tag: @naruto-twerks @fleurnymph @pho-fo @aloe-jelly @danielradcliffeshairyass @hoegirlfriend @czechoutchick and anyone else who wants to do it !!!