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Daily Vlog : Jackson X Reader Scenario

     "What’s up, guys?  It’s wild and sexy Jackson from Got7 an-“  "Jackson!  I told you to wait!”  Your boyfriend’s eyes widened as he realized he’d been caught.  "You were taking too long!,“ he whined in response.  You walked into the room with your make-up half way done and an eyeliner pencil in your hand. "Well, you can’t just start my vlog without me! You have to-” “Haha!  What’s wrong with your face, babe- ahh wait, wait!  I’m sorry!  I’m sorry!” he laughed as you playfully started to attack him and the camera tipped over and fell on the floor.

     The camera cut to show the two of you sitting on the floor, out of breath.  Your make up still wasn’t done, but you made sure to do his.  You looked at him and snickered, admiring your handiwork.  A black ring around his left eye, a thick mustache, even thicker side burns and a huge “beauty mark” right under his nose; all done with eyeliner. You grabbed a mirror from the dresser and handed it to him.  "Whatever, I’m still sexy,“ he smirked, fixing his hair.  You rolled your eyes and asked, "So are you willing to film the rest of the video like that?”  "Of course not!  Are you crazy?!,“ he exclaimed as he got up and went to the bathroom to clean it off.  You rolled your eyes again and looked into the camera.  You were about to make a smart remark, but jumped back a bit at the sight of your reflection.  You looked at yourself for a second and said, "Yeah, maybe I should go finish putting on my face now.  Be right back!”

        “Well, now that we’ve gotten our faces in order, I think it’s time to give a proper introduction.  Hey, guys! IC3 CR34M’s _____ here, coming at you with another Daily Vlog!,” you said, pointing at the camera.  "Featuring Got7’s wild and sexy Jackson!,“ he winked and mimicked your hand motion. You looked at him and giggled.  "Well, you’re half right, because you’re definitely wild,” you said, pulling his face down to yours and licking your thumb.  "Yah!“  "Oh, be quiet.  You missed a spot,” you hushed him, dragging your slightly moist thumb across his cheek to remove a bit of eyeliner.  You pecked his nose before he swatted your hands away and dramatically wiped his cheek.  You ignored his childish actions and continued with your monologue as he made funny faces in the background.  "Anyway, today we are going to be super busy and we wanted to bring you guys along with us, just to see what it’s like and to sort of get to know us a bit more.  So, yeah, let’s get this party started!,“ you joked, dancing in a silly manner.  "Jackson, come dance with me and my subscribers.”   He jumped in front of you and started twerking (well, his own little version of twerking), causing you to laugh uncontrollably.

      The next camera cut brought the viewers to a JYP conference room that was filled with boxes and papers.  There was a stack of mail in front of you, and one in front of Jackson.  "First up, is opening fan mail!!! A big thanks to every single one of you who sends us letters and gifts, and we just want to tell you that we open every single one ourselves and we do read what you write us, so please don’t think that we don’t see it.“  "Yeah, we do, and we appreciate it a whole lot!  So, let’s get started!!!  Wooo, fan mail!!!,” Jackson yelled.  You started to open your first letter and Jackson paused for a minute, looking back and forth between your pile and his.  "My pile is bigger.  Haha, they love me more.“  "That is not true, and yours is only like two centimeters taller than mine.”  "Which makes yours two centimeters shorter than mine,“ he teased.  "Whatever, Jackson.  You know what, I prefer quality over quantity, anyway.  I’m sure my loving fans sent me some amazingly well-written letters,” you teased back, sticking your tongue out.  "Yeah, well-“  "More fan mail for Miss _____,” the delivery person announced, emptying out a huge bag of mail in front of you.  Jackson’s jaw dropped and you just looked at him with your eyebrows raised in a smug expression.  

     "Ohhh, Sarah from Scotland sent us these cute couple bracelets! Look!,“ you beamed, holding up the matching jewelry.  You put yours on and handed the other to your boyfriend and he smiled.  "Thanks, Sarah!!,” you said in unison, holding your wrists up to the camera.  You shuffled through some more mail and Jackson read one of the letters out loud.  "Liana sends us love from Indonesia!  Thanks Liana!  We love you, too!~~~“  "Jason from the U.S. sent me this adorable teddy bear!  Thank you, Jason!,” you grinned, making a heart with your hands.  Jackson snatched the bear off your lap and playfully glared and pointed at the camera.  "Hey, watch yourself, Jason.  You can’t just send cute stuff to my girlfriend…..Gotta keep my eye on you,“ he said, making the "I’m watching you” hand gesture.  You snatched the bear back and hugged it to your chest, giggling at Jackson’s expression.

     Another camera cut displayed the two of you in a waiting room with the rest of IC3 CR34M and Got7.  "Say ‘hi’, everyone!,“ you said, panning the camera around the room as all of the members greeted the fans. "So, you guys probably already knew this, but for those of you who don’t, IC3 CR34M and Got7 are doing a collaboration for our comeback stages.  Our first live performance will be today on Inkigayo!” Cheers were heard in the background at the announcement of the performance.  You smiled and continued.  "The girls and I have already done our final dress rehearsal and sound check, and we’re about to go into hair and make-up while the boys do theirs, so we will see them later.“  You pointed the camera at the boys as they walked out the door, waving to the viewers.  Turning back to your group mates, you asked, "Ready, girls?”  They all collectively, and eagerly, agreed as they went to the hair and make-up room.  

     You edited in some clips of the girls messing around while they got ready.  Three of the members found wigs that were red, blonde, black, and all short cut.  They threw them on and ran around pretending to be Mark, BamBam, and JB, until your manager told them to settle down and finish getting ready, while fighting through fits of laughter, herself.  

     After a few more clips of the girls, the camera cut to the boys’ dressing room.  "Alright, guys, that’s enough estrogen. It’s time to show you who you really came here to see:  the extremely manly, extremely sexy, Got7!!,“ Jackson said, as the boys cheered behind him.  ”_____’s probably going to edit this out later,“ Mark said, causing everyone to laugh.  

     The next few clips were of the guys goofing off and basically giving the make-up artists and hairstylists a hard time because they were fidgeting so darn much.  

     It was finally time to go on stage, and the groups were waiting for the music cue.  You turned to the camera and gave a thumbs up right before the music started and you ran out to begin the performance.  You didn’t add it into the video, because of copyright issues, since it had to be released on the actual show.  The video skipped to the moment you came of stage and went to hug Jackson.  You grabbed the camera and went around congratulating the other members on a job well done. Both groups ended up going out to dinner that night, and you added the funniest parts to the video.

     The last scene of the video showed the two of you back at the dorms, exhausted from a long day of idol duties.  "That’s pretty much it, guys.  Hope you enjoyed today as much as we did,” you said, tiredly.  "Yeah.  Thanks for sticking it out with us for the whole day,“  Jackson yawned.  "So, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and leave a comment, below, telling me what you’d like to see next.”  "I can already tell you they want to see more of me.“  "Haha, sure, babe. Of course they do.”  "I’m serious.  Just watch; all of the comments are gonna say 'Jackson’.“  You just smiled, too tired to come up with a smart remark.  "Alright, see you guys later,” you waved at the camera and blew a kiss.  "Byeee~~,“ Jackson winked and made a heart with his hands right before you turned the camera off.

Rooms Playlist 1 - Summer Gothic
Who says autumn is the only time we’re allowed to feel gloomy? Summer isn’t always beach parties and Katy Perry’s teenage dream. Sometimes, even in the brightest months, we’re haunted. Just in case you get a touch of the summertime blues, here’s a playlist guaranteed to fit your moodiest moods. It’s also a perfect companion to my upcoming book Rooms, about a family haunted by their pasts… and the ghosts in the walls.  Click on the link to have a listen, and don’t forget to check out Rooms on Goodreads! Far From Any Road - The Handsome Family Yes, the theme song from True Detective (how spooky was that season finale?). This song blends sunny acoustic guitar strums and terrifyingly beautiful lyrics to make the perfect summer horror song. “The looming shadows danced/I fell down to the thorny brush and felt a trembling hand.” Creepy! Lilac Wine - Nina Simone Lilac wine, “sweet and heady, like my love” sounds like the perfect summer cocktail–just don’t trust the visions that may result.  (Fun Fact: Miley also does a great, blessedly twerk-free, version of this song) Tennesse - Gillian Welch The story of a girl  haunted by her past and the people who tell her that she’s no good. Tragic and beautiful.  John Wayne Gacy, Jr. - Sufjan Stevens Probably the most gorgeous song ever written about a terrifying serial killer. (I start crying every time I hear the line “they were boys/with their cars/summer jobs/oh my god.”) All That You Have is Your Soul - Tracy Chapman A reminder that everything can be lost, except that special thing that makes you, youAstral Weeks - Van Morrison I’m not going to pretend that I exactly know what this song is about, but listening to it has a romantic, almost hallucinogenic quality that makes me think of dreaming on the beach. “From the far side of the ocean/If I put the wheels in motion/And I stand with my arms behind me/And I’m pushing on the door/Could you find me?” Simple Twist of Fate - Bob Dylan Within the confines of this song, Dylan spins an entire tragic–and tragically inevitable–love story. If I Didn’t Know Better - The Civil Wars The woman in this song is haunted by an attraction she knows is wrong. “If I didn’t know better…” she sings, “but damn it, I do.” Sigh. Don’t we all, sister? Chicago - Sufjan Stevens This song always makes me think of crowding into a van with friends for a quintessential summer road-trip. The most powerful part of the song, however, is final refrain where Stevens repeats over and over again that he’s made “a lot of mistakes.” Go Slow - HAIM Breakups can make you feel totally crazy. Sometimes it’s almost like the ghost of your relationship is living inside your head, forcing you to re-live the highs and lows over and over again. In this song, Haim nails that feeling.
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Haunted - Beyoncé You KNOW I’m not going to make a summer playlist without ANY Beyoncé! Definitely one of the more experimental songs off the BEYONCE album, it look me a long time to warm up to this song. In the end, I was totally won over by the moody ambiance, and chilling lyrics. “I know if I’m haunting you/You must be haunting me”