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Steve Rogers adapting to the 21st century would include

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  • steve having a dictionary for every new word he hears
  • him overusing “AF” but not knowing what it stands for
  • “thank you Friday, you’re helpful AF”
  • “Tony, i’m angry AF now!”
  • “Are you sure AF, Buck?”
  • him saying YOLO all the freaking time
  • “Cap, you need to wear a parachute!”
  • “C’mon Nat, YOLO!” *as he’s flying into the air*
  • him almost having a heart stroke when he sees Miley twerking
  • “Steve breath, c’mon, inhale, exhale”
  • “that’s just so …. degrading. Why would someone do this on tv? AND CHILDREN ARE WATCHING THIS???”
  • “why is this phone named after a fruit?”
  • “Tony, you need to take this one back to the shop, it’s used, look, the apple is bitten”
  • “who is this corn-man and why is he on tv so much???”
  • “he’s HYDRA! i know it!”
  • “you should have left me in ice”
  • him calling a 30-year-old his son
  • “what is uhmmm Facehook, Tony?”
  • “ohh interesting, so i can search anyone’s name and then i can contact them?”
  • “Clint, can you help me with this Lookbook thing? i’m searching for one of my friends but i can’t find him”
  • “what’s his name?”
  • “Timothy Dugan, he’s one of the Howling Commandos”
  • “Steve, he’s dead.”
  • “oh! sorry”
  • “Natasha, can you help me with something?”
  • “I need to choose a profile picture for this … uhm … *looking at the writing on his left hand* Facelook account. So which one do i choose: me in a cap suit or in civilian clothes”
  • “Bruce! i got 8 likes on my shield’s photo”
  • him pouting
  • “someone commented saying i’m not the real Captain America”
  • getting angry at the computer
  • “gosh, i’m tired AF i need to sleep ASAP”
  • Nat taking him to movie theater to see “50 shades of grey”
  • him having a seizure in the middle of the movie
  • really getting into selfies
  • taking selfies with Thor during missions, posting them on Instagram and captioning “freedom and justice are what we’re fighting for”
  • taking pics of random stuff that’s red, white or bule
  • “what? it matches my aesthetic”

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Imagine all of the Avengers take a "Which Avenger Are You?" quiz and none of them get themselves. They use this as an excuse to switch costumes. Your choice who Steve gets.

Steve wanted to wear comfortable pants and a button-down. Maybe some fake glasses or even a lab coat. 

Steve was instead standing in tight purple booty shorts and nothing else.

Bucky walked in, clad in purple and black with a Nerf crossbow strapped across his back.  “That’s a great color on you.”

“I hate you.”

“Not my fault.  You agreed that we’d go to the Halloween party as whatever result we got.  Not my fault you’re an angerball all of the time.”

Clint swaggered in, brandishing the plastic shield.  “The suit really does something for your posture.” He smiled at Steve.  “Nice shorts.” 

Steve didn’t have time to respond before he was busy wondering where Thor got a catsuit in his size.  

“Friends!  Is this not a most amusing costume?”

Steve was pretty sure the suit would rip if Thor took a deep breath.

“Its…it’s something, alright.”  Natasha’s voice was amused, though she was busy adjusting her wings. “Sam won’t give me his real kit.”

“We’d never get you to come down.” Clint smirked.  

“I want a do-over.”  Tony walked into the room in his Iron Man suit.  “How come Thor gets to be Natasha?  I can be mysterious.  I’m sultry. I look great in a onesie.”

“Thor has better hair.”  Clint didn’t look up from adjusting his utility belt, but still managed to block the pen Tony whipped at his head with his plastic shield.  

Tony’s sigh turned into a wide smile.  He’d finally caught sight of Steve.  “Ok, Daisy Dukes, let’s go get this over with.  The Charity Costume Gala was your idea.”

With a resigned sigh, Steve led the way to the elevators.  With any luck, the ballroom on the thirty-seventh floor would be warmer.  

Steve Rogers's x POC!Reader Headcanons part tres (its a long one guys)

Ok so part one and two are on my blog so check those out idk how to link shut on here so you are just gonna have to check out my blog anyway let’s get into it (these headcanons are kinda based on ur marriage and the proposal and shit)

-your proposal was lit

-Steve was HELLA smoove wit it

-like even u were surprised

-I mean u have to admit Steve is a pretty awkward person

-but this proposal…THIS PROPOSAL

-he had that shit planned out for months bitch MONTHS

-this wigga fuckng proposed at some huge live event just to show his love for you to the world

-Steve is so extra

-he held a freakin press conference after just to say y'all were engaged and that he loved you (who knew u could make so many analogies about loving someone)

-“I love her sooo much y'all don’t even understand…don’t interrupt me I was in the ice for this dumbass country for 70 years let me talk about my fiancée”

-he loves saying “fiancée” so much

-“and what’s the name for this order”

“fiancée please and that reminds me you wanna see a picture of my fiancé they are sooo beautiful she doesn’t like mayo so definitely make sure there isn’t any mayo on the sub”

“sir you told me all of this every single day for the past couple of weeks you don’t have to show me”

“Well then wow how unpatriotic she is a gift to this country”

“I’m sorry sir but u talk about her everyday”

“Lemme speak to your manager”

-he is THAT© guy

-“I’m so lucky”

-“iM So LuCkY”

-of course y'all had a Romantic© night later (y'all pretty much just watched world of dance and cuddled)

-everything was wonderful

-up until the moment you told the team and your family and loved ones

-your family was allllllll up in ya business about planning it

-your best friend wanted to twerk down the aisle (if that’s what ur best friend is like lmao)

-sugar papa tony wanted to pay for the whole thing (of course u let him)

-t'challa and Sam were up in arms that u were actually marrying the white boy© (I’m kidding they were really happy for you)

-Bucky and Sam were arguing over who would be Steves best man

-your nosy ass auntie wanted to come with y'all to cake tasting

-you got your period (if u get periods) the day of fuckin dress (or tux) try ons

-really the whole process to actually get married was a hard one

-but the wedding day was beautiful

-Sam caught the bouquet (you already knew t'challa was getting ready to propose to him anyway)

-zendaya and Beyoncé were at your wedding

-solange sang at your wedding

-so did frank ocean

-y'all had griot, curry chicken, fried chicken, macaroni , fuckin everything all the food was good as fuck (honestly I hate the weddings that are catered by some white people and the food tastes like water and air like I cannot)

-Bucky was twerking

-Steve cried the minute he saw you

-and was continually crying through tour the whole ceremony

-you had to pinch him as you were saying your vows cuz it was getting annoying (lol I’m just kidding)

-Steves vows were long as fuck (Bucky yawned while he was saying them)

-seriously his sappy ass had a 20 minute speech at the reception about how much he loves and adores you (u are flattered though)

-Nicky’s best man speech consisted of him insulting Steve on numerous occasions and promoting his mixtape

-Sams best man speech consisted of insulting Steve (on accident) and really heart felt words

-ur wedding themes color were whatever u wanted them to be ( i was gonna make them red white and blue but that was too cliche)

-Steve got drunk at the reception

-then made another speech that was long af while drunk

-“and when she breaks her hair things whater they called….combs! Thas when I…ME…. I know tha I Larb her she’s so beautiful like warm…no hot fresh linens when they are jus clean oh BUT when we are in the BED room she is anything BUT clean oh the thing she ca do wit tha’ m-”

-at that point you have to pull Steve away from the microphone

-ur honeymoon was Amazing

-y'all went to Oahu cuz it’s really chill there (if ur ever going to go to Hawaii go to Oahu there A LOT of things to do)

-y'all have a little private house on the beach

-Steve gets sunburned

-y'all receive word that Bruce and Thor got engaged about ten days in to your honeymoon

-and t'challa and Sam about two days into your honeymoon

-they’re all copiers tho

————— dirty things under this————-

-day one- sex marathon

-day two- sex marathon plus beach

-day three- museum and sightseeing………….and sex marathon

-day four- hiking and cuddling marathon

The rest of the honeymoon goes much the same

——————ok I’m done it wasn’t even that dirty———

-y'all are so domestic after 

-y'all o grocery shoppin and shit 

 -steve always forgets to buy toilet tissue 

 -he leaves the tooth paste uncapped 

 -he leaves the toilet seat up 

 -he eats all the damned food in one day -

“what the fuck I bought this thirty minutes ago" 

 -“in my defense the battle was very small" 

 -"steve it was a whole gallon" 

 -but you love him for his flaws 

 -and his strengths 

 -like his wizardry with a nail polish brush 

 -and his learned ability how to wash 4c hair

 -and his big heart 

 -and his compassion 

 -and his abs 

 -and dat ass 

-and he loves u too obviously (everyone at subway knows that)

 I hope y'all liked it! Love y'all ;)

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Darcy became Tumblr famous for her never-before-seen pics and videos of the Avengers.  Some of her most popular pics include The Avengers with Flower Crowns (that Thor and Darcy made), Sleepy Steve and Bucky, Bird Bros pics, and her selfies with all the Avengers.

Her vids include Avenger Slap Cam, which ends with Clint running for his life from the Hulk, Old Man Barnes which is a reaction vid of Bucky watching girls twerk, Iron Dork, and Why My Brothers, which is a video of Clint and Sam getting shit on by pigeons in Central Park. 

The Avengers all gave Darcy permission to post these things. 

Captain Morgan and Happy Endings : Steve Rogers/Captain America

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Author’s Note: I was honestly laughing was too hard when I got this request. I do sincerely apologize to anyone who dances or knows how to do this… I give MAJOR props to you all. 

In my honest opinion, I sort of had a hard time writing this. But in the end I had so much fun writing it, it was such an odd request for me. <3

Word Count: 963


Request: Anon

Reader x Steve reader twerking on Steve and him getting teased.

(I love you, thank you. ~Widow)

Loud music and willing bodies filled the Tower’s living room. Accompanied by wishful glances and sorrow filled drinks, two of the mightiest Avengers sat glumly in their seats.

You watched as your close friends and colleagues mingled about the room. They all seemed to be bursting with positive energy when talking amongst each other. The only friend that seemed to be talking with you was a Captain named Morgan and he sure did love to converse with you.

“Y/N.” You turned to see the striking Natasha Romanoff. She gave you a knowing look which you dismissed with a goofy grin. “How much have you had, L/N?”

Your eyes casted down towards the surprisingly now empty glass. “How many Captains do we have on this team?”

“Only one, Y/N.”

“Times that by four, Romanoff.” You giggled.

Natasha had only shook her head, she knew how much you were going to hate yourself in the morning, so deciding it was for the best, she tried to guide you back to your room.

That was until you heard your favorite song blasting through the speakers. You stopped Natasha with a loud gasp, she of course thinking you were hurt and turned quickly around to see if you were alright. But the bright, drunken stupor on your face told her otherwise.

“Nat! I love this song!” You pulled away from her, your eyes set dead on the one Captain of your heart.

She watched your slightly wobbly body move across the room towards Steve. As much as she wanted to stop you, this doubled as a lesson to not drink so much, and for the two of you to finally show your true feelings.

Confidence. Confidence was all that you were feeling at that moment, along side with about half the bottle of Captain Morgan. Yet, it was mainly the confidence you were feeling when moving towards Steve.

His eyes were always on you from the moment you arrived to the party. But nothing could compare to the gaze he held when you grabbed his hand and pulled him up from his seat. It may have been the alcohol effecting your system, but you swore you saw red flush his face as you dragged him to the dance floor.

You could feel the rest of the Avengers’ eyes on you as your hands made their way up and down Steve’s chest; you circled him as if he was the prey of the night, and you were just looking for something delicious.

The beat coursed through your body as you danced against Steve. Jokes were thrown left and right towards Steve’s flustered self when your lower half began to bounce rhythmically against him. You turned your head slightly to see just how red Steve was. His mouth was agape and his body frozen from the sight of you.

It soon became a blur as your dancing soon stopped, and so did the rest of the night.

Pounding thumps rattled your brain awake, your body soon joining the rest of the awakening. Groaning lowly you made yourself get up from bed. You looked over towards the nightstand to see a glass of water and painkillers.

‘What happened last night?’

Without missing a beat you grabbed the bottle and water then downed what was needed. When you had felt that everything wasn’t spinning as much you trudged forward towards the kitchen.

It was incredibly too loud and bright in the kitchen for your hungover state. Yet as you moved further into the room everyone had started to hush their voices and quiet their movements.

“Did you have fun, Y/N?” You turned to see Clint smiling widely behind his cup of coffee.

Tony had nudged him and continued, “Yea, I saw that you were jamming hard.” The snickers of the two only confused you further into oblivion.

Deciding it was best for you to ignore them you had begun to make your morning coffee. It became increasingly harder when they started to pester Steve with seemingly playful questions.

You were still maintaining your stance in the two’s jokes until Tony had hit the last nerve, “Y/N has a pretty poppin’ butt, huh Steve?”

You slammed your mug down onto the kitchen’s island, your eyes narrowing dangerously towards Stark.

“Alright! What happened last night!” No one had dared open their mouths to answer you, and with each passing second you grew more tired of their shenanigans. Eventually you got tired of waiting and asked the A.I. “What did I do last night that was so bad, F.R.I.D.A.Y?”

Instantly the feminine voice spoke, “You had apparently twerked, as Mr. Stark puts it, on Mr. Rogers.” It was quiet, too quiet for your taste now. “Would you like for me to bring up the footage?”

“No!” You yelled, effectively silencing the A.I. for the moment. It was quiet once again as everyone looked between you and Steve. That was until Steve’s face bloomed with red that everyone began laughing loudly.

This was the embarrassment of all embarrassments, not only did you manage to embarrass Steve, but you were highly sure of damaging any chance of a real relationship between the two of you.

You had looked at Steve, the own heat of shame spreading throughout yourself. “Steve, I - I am so sorry, I had way too many drinks, I didn’t mean to-“ Steve had risen his hand, cutting you off immediately.

“It’s okay, Y/N.” He was still blushing profusely. “I was just hoping we would be in a more private area when you decide to move like that.”

Steve’s bold flirtatious remarks silenced the team quickly.

You smiled widely, “How does this Saturday night sound?”

“Seven o’clock, okay?” He questioned.


I’m laughing at myself tbh 


30 Most Likely Things You'll Hear In Stark Tower When All the Avengers are There
  • 1. "Thor please stop eating the PopTarts"
  • 2. "TONY NO"
  • 3. "PEPPER"
  • 4. "Ow!"
  • 6. "Where the hell is Clint"
  • 8. "Stop fucking dropping from the air vents Clint"
  • 9. "Natasha please let Tony out of that headlock"
  • 10. "It's called twerking Steve"
  • 12. "Don't try and tease the Hulk, Tony"
  • 16. "Where's Tony"
  • 17. "He went for a ........ walk"
  • 19. "It's called a boombox Thor"
  • 21. "Sing along if you want"
  • 23. "Tony!"
  • 24. "PEPPER HELP"
  • 25. "Tony stop teasing Steve"
  • 26. "Tony stop teasing Bruce"
  • 27. "Tony stop teasing Thor"
  • 28. "Tony stop teasing Natasha"
  • 29. "Natasha please put the gun down"