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What does the kh cast (like all the trios) listen to ?

Ahhhh I love you! Thank you for requesting this :)

Okay let’s see…

Sora - any bright, happy music; j-pop; funk; musical numbers, ‘cause he likes to belt em out at the top of his lungs. oh and disney songs up the aaaaaa

Kairi - pop punk princess; most anything punky or contemporary; country from time to time; i also headcanon kairi as a total g gettin that dirty south swag on you know it’s true

Riku - old school rap (like the deep philosophical stuff); hip hop & underground stuff; he listens to disney songs too though don’t let him fool you; likes to make fun of sora and kairi’s music

Roxas - also likes underground; alternative; j-rock (& j-pop); acoustic anything; Arctic Monkeys, Lumineers, Hozier fan

Xion - indie queen; mellow, acoustic stuff; reggae & funk; lots of Red Hot Chili Peppers; rage metal (at times)

Axel - reggae for sure; old school rap; alternative; kairi gets him hooked on country & dirty south too don’t lie; is it wrong i picture axel as a total stoner?

Ven - electro; techno; SHAKIRA; ska; whatever as long as he can dance to it; also, ven has a nasty twerk– lots of twerking competitions between him & kairi

Aqua - R&B; some indie & contemporary; her real jams are old school soul like Aretha Franklin, motown, duwop franki valli and all that; SINATRA!; she used to chill with master eraqus when she was younger and they’d listen to all the oldies together just the two of them so she’s retained that taste in music and always thinks of him when she listens to it AJKJSHFBHJNAHGD

Terra - he is dubstep trash. all about those filthy beats, bro; seriously terra’s like that guy at the gym with his music audibly pounding out through the headphones and he’s got this super intense look on his face bc– getting pUMPED; also alt/indie & feel-good pop, even sometimes the super girly stuff but shh that’s a secret

Namine - indie pop & rock; alternative; loves Florence and the Machine; finds a lot of her favorite bands through tv shows; appreciates songs with beautiful/meaningful lyrics

Vanitas - the sound of (Ven) screaming; okay but deep, dirty house music; screamo; alternative & mixed genre, experimental stuff 

Isa - 80s headbanger music. seriously. 80s rock. Madonna. Michael Jackson

Eraqus - see Aqua; down with jazz too every now and again

Xehanort - intense classical

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Aw jes, my twerk nasty noticeD meE. /sobs

who cooks normally?: Himchan. Yongguk does once in a while, and while appreciated, Himchan likes to be the one feeding his beloved other.

how often do they fight?: They do the the..silent treatment? And that’s when they they do fight. They disagree on certain things, but overall, they have a very peaceful relationship.

what do they do when they’re away from each other?: Yongguk will be secluded somewhere, working on their next album or maybe listening to some songs that his fans have sent him. He’ll be surrounded by the things that he loves and loves doing. 
Himchan will be out shopping or eating out with Daehyun. He’d probably play around with Zelo or be at a Starbucks and reading something online.  

nicknames for each other?: At a fansign event, Yongguk over-heard a few fans calling Himchan a princess. He thought it was cute, so he started calling Himchan that as well (much to Himchan’s hidden pleasure). Outwardly, Himchan acts as if he hates the nickname (and sometimes he does), but when Yongguk grabs Himchan by the waist and whispers “my hime” while the members are asleep, the nickname is a-okay in Himchan’s eyes. 
Himchan tries to come up with creative ways to pick on Yongguk. So he tends to mix Yongguk’s name with whatever he sees. This doesn’t bother Yongguk at all, he just smiles at Himchan, who then gets flustered…

who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Yongguk. 

who steals the covers at night?: Yongguk. And only because he tends to cover Himchan because he sleep naked. It…bothers Yongguk and he has to cover him up lest he wakes the other members. ohoOho

what would they get each other for gifts?: Himchan would diligently look up interesting art work and hidden music from different cultures to share with Yongguk. 
Yongguk would try to make a romantic setting (flower petals on the bed, teddy bears that create a heart shape, jazz music in the background) to woo Himchan. Himchan would find this amusing, but still feel oddly touched and …slightly aroused. 

who remembers things?: Yongguk remember things more so then Himchan. 

who cusses more?: Both. Yongguk does it for fun, Himchan just for spite. 

what would they do if the other one was hurt?: Having had a nasty tumble down a set of stairs, Himchan is seen resting at a hospital. All the members are crowding around him, asking the doctor many questions. Only Yongguk is silent, staring at the IV and tubes connected to a heavily drugged Himchan. Yongguk flexes his hands, his finger nails biting his palms in a poor attempt to restrain himself from breaking down. Zelo, teary eyed, sees this and nudges the rest of the members to give their leader some time with his loved one. Yongguk, grateful to the maknae, with shaky legs makes his way to Himchan’s bed. Collapsing at the edge, he rests his forehead on his arm, sobbing and finally letting his emotions loose. A hand touches his hair, startling him. Glancing up, he sees a drowsy but smiling Himchan running a hand through his hair. Crying even harder, Yongguk presses his head into his lovers palm, needing to feel him. Himchan rests his head back against the pillow, the drugs wearing him down. He succumbs to sleep, a ghost of a smile left on his lips. The rest of the members come after some time, finding a tear-stained Yongguk draped over the edge of the bed. Himchan’s hand tangled in his hair. Both are sleeping with a smile. 

who kissed who first?: Yongguk kissed Himchan first. Himchan was furious that Yongguk was out with Zelo on his birthday. Couldn’t Yongguk see that Himchan loved him? Needed him? On the day he needed him the most…

who made the first move?: Himchan. While Yongguk initiated the kiss, he wouldn’t go farther then hugging and holding hands. Himchan, needy and wanting, finally got Yongguk to himself for 2 hours. The members still blush to this day thinking about it because 2 hours was NOT enough time. 

who started the relationship?: It was a mutual agreement between both parties….as well as the flustered members of B.A.P after that scarring fateful night.