twerk meaning

highlights of the gorillaz stream

-russel calling


-the 19-2000 jeep was sold to some german guy and murdoc said he wants to get it back

-murdoc proceeds to spend more than a couple minutes talking about the jeep

-murdoc and 2d messing up on what twerking means

-murdoc said he always knew the bath would be a meme


-murdoc panics when he hears the name donald trump and 2d actually calms him down

-2d and the orange juice

-2d wants to learn thatching 

-apparently there’s bad thatching in nottingham

-murdoc ‘adopted’ (kidnapped) 2d

-’murdoc’s way of adopting is not safe for children’

-murdoc looked like he was dying through the whole stream


(add more if u want this stream was wild and i probably can’t remember everything)

  • Gryffindor: *walks into the kitchen where Kendrick Lamar is playing loudly*
  • Slytherin: *dancing in the middle of the kitchen*
  • Slytherin: *gets low*
  • Gryffindor: *snickers*
  • Slytherin: *whips around*
  • Slytherin: Oh um...
  • Gryffindor: I thought you couldn't twerk.
  • Slytherin: I mean....

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Bruce: -"What's a twerk? " -"Dic-i mean Ja...Ti....I mean damian" -"How do I share this post?" -"I can't get off this website,how do you click off?"



Bruce: Is that bad?

Babs: YES IT’S BAD! Just let me clear this from the system go bug Dick or something

RFA + V + Saeran x MC

Prompt: MC is busy cleaning or cooking or whatever, listening to music so he/she gets into it and starts dancing… RFA + V + Saeran reactions.

Word count: 718

Warnings: Nothing unless you cringe at too much embarrassment but let me tell you 707s reaction KILLS ME

Author: Faith (@mysticjumunnie)


☆comes into the kitchen to see MC jamming
☆literally just stops for a second
☆*MC jumping up and down*
☆*head bangs at some point*
☆*head bangs too hard and hits head on open cabinet*
☆707 was filming by this time
☆completely LOSES IT
☆his laughing gets so loud MC turns around while holding head
☆oh shit moment
☆video ends with MC chasing 707


☆finds MC in their shared room
☆radio on playing some kpop song (most likely DOPE by bts)
☆is just kinda like ’???’
☆then realize the spontaneous jerks MC is doing is suppose to be d a n c i n g
☆then is like ‘oh shit’
☆doesn’t know whether to be embarrassed or amused
☆both tbh
☆then when MC sees Jumin they get so embarrassed
☆so since he loves them
☆it kills him but he does //it//
☆this boi
☆he fucking dabs
☆sees MC’s face light up and immediately dies on the inside
☆claims he only did it because MC was being embarrassing
☆when really he’s sercetly the k i n g of dabbing
☆you heard it here folks


☆sees you in the living room dusting
☆isn’t really surprised tbh
☆he’s usually the one to initiate the dancing tho
☆being in the theatre industry and all
☆but the thing that gets him shook
☆after a series of weird movements
☆MC starts twerking
☆I meaN
☆MC’s twerking isn’t even good
☆but like
☆he starts twerking with MC
☆the actual fucking look of horror in MCs eyes is c o m i c a l
☆*gives MC the ‘get on my level’ smirk*
☆need I say more???

☆finds MC doing laundry
☆doesn’t really think anything of MCs head banging at first
☆*Mc jumps up doing the robot*
☆actually pretty darn good at it too like shit
☆this bb boi I swear he is so shook
☆literally stops everything he’s doing
☆when I say everything I mean both LOLOL and breathing
☆just stares at MC
☆honestly so amazed
☆until MC starts head banging agains gets dizzy, falling on their ass
☆Yoosung this sweet child
☆freaks out because 'OH NO MC ILY R U OKAY’
☆in the end after their okay just fucking laughs for a solid 5 minutes


☆most surprised out of all of them
☆their relationship is more conservative but like when they got comfortable things like this started happening
☆finds MC watering the garden
☆headphones in but music all the way up so Jaehee hears the music MC is listening to
☆probs one of the musical soundtracks Zen was in tbh
☆the dancing was subtle at first
☆like casual swaying but then
☆MC sees Jaehee and gets an idea
☆tries to seduce Jaehee because why not
☆looks Jaehee straight in the eyes and tries to do those body roll thingys
☆fucking fails
☆but looks so adorable that Jaehee cracks a smile and just pats MC on the back
☆'nice try’ -Jaehee at some point
☆still probably gets seduced tho because damn it MC you’re so hecking cute


☆can’t really see you but like he feels his way to the bedroom
☆here’s a stomping noise and is just like 'wot’
☆eventually asks what MC is doing
☆silence for a good minute
☆MC deciding they should admit they were attempting the worm
☆keyword attempting
☆literally looked like a fish out of water
☆good thing V couldn’t see
☆tells him in the end and gets a 'this is why I love you’ smile
☆sweetest most supportive guy ever tbh
☆why isn’t there a V route yet???


☆this boi
☆legit never knows what to expect from MC
☆when he found MC dancing in rhe bathroom while curling their hair
☆he had to sit down for a minute
☆totally fucking looses it
☆type of guy who doesn’t smile much but when he gets amused he gets //amused//
☆like knee slapping, stomping on the floor type of amused
☆with good reason tho
☆MC was lip syncing while doing the old fashioned running man/rowing the boat
☆most likely thinking 'why is MC like this I fucking l o v e it’
☆he’s literally just so amused its so cute
☆this edgy boi turns into cute snorting dork
☆yes he fucking snorts its adorable 572857399% cannon in my head


Remember requests are open! And I actually really fucking loved writing this it was so fun just aaaaaaaaaaah. Anywho, working on more if ya like it, thanks!

BTS reaction, when you see their sexy dance


You: *walking in room while he’s hip thrusting that one legendary part from INY*

You: *trying not to laugh*

You: *cant hold in your laugh*

Jin: *dies bcs of embarrassment*


*is not stopping*

*continue with strange smile*

*avoids every possible eye contact*

“So? How was it?”


*automatically changes it into some girl group dance*

*his serious professional face turns into his favourite grimace*

*starts screaming*


“Oh, babe, if you’re here, how do you do this? I mean, twerking. I was wondering, if only girls can do it, because every time, when I was trying to twerk its dangling all the time and I dont understand, how do you move just your butt and…”

*cant stop talking about twerking and his theories about it*


*sexy confident dancing changes into some cute innocent swing*

“What? What are you looking at?” 

*high pitch laughing*



“Am I sexy?”

You: “sToP rIgHt nOw.”

Tae: “Sorry”

*laugh bcs of your expression*


*dances with eyes closed*

You: *begin to film him*

Jungkook: *cant hear you because of his earphones*

You: *enjoying your view*

Jungkook: *opens his eyes*

Jungkook: …

You: …

Jungkook: “Oh… hello… how long… omfg… aRE YOU FILMING ME?”

*second hand embarrassment is really strong here*

Master list

Dancetale FAQ

What are everyone’s dance styles?

Do the human souls have assigned dance styles?

Why did Sans make the conscious decision to stop dancing in this AU?

  • Remember the number of resets he’s gone through in the actual game and how they affected him psychologically, emotionally, etc., because that applies to Dancetale Sans. He chose to stop dancing because of those resets. Slowly, what used to make him happy (dancing) began to fade. That doesn’t mean he won’t dance ever again, though. A certain human child brings hope to him, even when he didn’t think it was possible.

Do you have more Dancetale concepts?

Am I allowed to create a fic/ask blog/song or what have you based on Dancetale?

  • Of course! As long as you credit, there’s no issue.

Is there a comic for Dancetale?

  • Currently there isn’t one, but there are several comics out there by different artists in the Dancetale tag.

What made you think of Dancetale?

  • I wanted to draw Sans in dance pants, and it grew from there to the other monsters. I think I was thinking about a lot of dancing that day. The rest is history

If Chara does modern dancing, does that mean they twerk, nae nae, etc.?

Does Mettaton pole dance?

  • (I’m surprised, yet I’m not by the amount of questions covering this) Yes, he does, he’s MTT and he’s great at it.

Aaaand here’s the FAQ! I thought it was about time to make one considering the huge influx of similar questions. Subject to change. Thanks for being so interested in Dancetale!  - <3 tea

Powerpuff Girls reboot 2016

2015 to 2016 is the year of bad reboots I always say, and it all started with Teen Titans Go, however… 

I wanna point out some things about why people actually dislike the show and why some defend it, I wanna bring to you all some middle ground 

With the new technology, artists, and standards, the background art compared to the old cartoon has gone way up in quality and style. Its very incredible. 

Thankfully the girls are still in character for the most part. their personalities have barely changed, and if they have, its usually alright to do so or for the better. 

Now onto the bad things 

the character design is a little awkward, the proportions are off and the perspective is off every now and then. Compared to the old powerpuff girls where all the background characters had this specific style : 

Very pointy, less detailed, simplistic so they didn’t distract from the main characters. So all this roundness and massive out of proportions are clearly standing out for the old fans. 

Some of the animation can be a bit awkward now and then too while other times its really beautiful and smooth… It might depend on who works on which scene.


The new theme song isn’t as catchy as the old one, but what can you do? Everyone has preferences. 

People don’t like change, so of course they’ll be upset with new voice actors, but these new girls I personally believe actually do pretty well for one of their first big voice acting jobs, they sound pretty close to the original voice actors, and I’ll leave my nitpicking aside for the voices since they go up and down but I’m glad Bubbles has a less high pitched voice which used to drive me nuts. 


Now this is the reason and the number one reason why the show is just bad for us. 

The writing. 

“It’s a kid’s show!” Isn’t really allowed to be used as an excuse here because clearly they are targeting some things to the older audiences. This show is a REBOOT, its no question that a lot of the old fans will return to the show. 

SOme shows don’t want to be held back by their old audience to try new things, and thats totally fine, however they aren’t trying good things. 

We all know these scenes by now. The biggest problem right now is that they’re using OUTDATED memes to try and “connect” with kids. (Instead of actually trying to respect them for their eye for detail and story) 

They try and shoo off the older audience and say this show is for kids, yet they talked about transgender stuff that really only the older audience would understand in that one episode. They make tons of other references that young kids wouldn’t understand until later… 


I mean CLEARLY they have their older audience in mind; is this seriously the material they’d come up with when thinking about kids under 10? If so then we should all be disturbed. 

Trying to grab an audience purely on mocking outdated meme culture and teen slang is not only sad and poor writing, its insulting to us as a fanbase. They’re reducing us and our interests to those memes and slang. 

talk about major second hand embarrassment; this is really hard to defend 

The writers are really the ones at fault for this, they know what they’re doing over there ,they should be held accountable for this mess, everyone else was just doing their jobs. 

Personally, this show is half and half for me. Half the time its cute and pretty okay, but the other half is just a mess that the writer really need to fix. I’ll give them kudos for still keeping the powerpuff girls in their range of personality but whoever is using the memes, please keep those on the internet and away from the official cartoon… 

Write more complex or dramatic/action episodes if you really want to attract to your older audiences. And if you wanna keep making episodes that talk about problems with today’s society or little lessons for them, great, but do it pROPERLY. That transgender unicorn episode reference was not represented well. 

Despite powerpuff girls 2016 having a lot of problems with its opening season, I still tell people to give it a chance. Half the episodes aren’t all that bad. 

I’m sure there will be more shenanigans in the future people will analyze and rage about, and I might just be sitting there nodding my head and agreeing from time to time, but I still push to give it a few more chances. 

It is a lot of pressure to keep a classic alive and new and despite being half-assed on the writing side, I think its still not as bad as other shows I’ve watched.