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Hey, Isayama! So, in an aot AU where they all are ballet students, how would it work? Who would be the perfect, favorite one, the one worried about weight, the one who twerks when the teacher is not looking? How would be Sasha, Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Connie, Levi, Hanji, Reiner, Annie, Erwin and Historia profile?

Sasha would be the one who’s constantly told to lose weight, but she wouldn’t give a fuck, Levi would be the weird teacher, Annie and Mikasa would be the perfect ones who keep rivaling, Eren would accidentally break his leg because he develops too much body tension, Armin feels like all of that stuff is too much at least once a session, Connie and Jean have twerk offs behind the teacher’s back, Hanji would tell everyone smoking is a great way to lose weight and it’s totally safe, Reiner would be the one who’s proud to wear tights, Historia would do awesome, but she wouldn’t really wanna, Erwin would be the one who lives ballet

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magic mike :3

Magic Mike: a scene which takes place in a stripclub

For best results, listen to this awesomely terrible song while you read.

“I cannot believe they convinced me to come here,” Levi mutters to himself as a beefy bouncer peers down at him, glancing from his ID to his face and back again. “I remember when MTV used to play music videos,” he says sharply. “I am definitely over 21.” The bouncer glares at him and hands his card back, allowing him to join his friends in the dim entryway to the club.

“Let’s go look at some boobs and butts!” Hanji yells, throwing her arms in the air triumphantly.

“I get why she’s here. What’s your excuse?” Levi asks Erwin.

“I wanted to see how uncomfortable you’d get when you realize that strip clubs are filthy inside,” the taller man says with a smirk.

Levi grits his teeth. “I hate you guys so much.”

“Shut up,” Hanji snaps. “I paid for your cover, Erwin’s buying your drinks, and you’re going to look at tits until you stop being such a grump.”

“My fucking girlfriend left me,” he mutters. “I think I’m within my rights.”

“And now you’re within your rights to look at naked women with your best friends,” Erwin tells him, putting one hand on his shoulder. “Come on, let’s get some booze into you.”

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