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Let’s just appreciate this moment this teasing little moment the way they play around like the best of friends like how they seem so real to genuine that it’s like they’re talking directly to us and not through a camera you know what I mean? This whole live was so personal and fun I really enjoyed it and it made me ship them so much harder omg


– Just getting it in while my favorite SL DJ spins…

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@msmelodyrae says she is a little rusty 🤔🤔
#Repost @msmelodyrae
Sooooo 🤔🙈☺️ I took my first burlesque class tonight and had a blast with @lexypanterra @justine_monae and @jojotwerkz at the @ltofitnessdancestudio. I’m proud of myself I haven’t done choreography in awhile I’m rusty and got them OG Joints but I’ll take it 😂👵🏼 haha make sure y'all join us every Tuesday at 7 pm 💃🏼💯🔥 Outfit: @cutebootylounge
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QUESTION: Which one of your friends need help with their twerk? TAG THEM PLEASE!
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Forever crying about:

  • Beth Childs
  • Felix’s love for his sister
  • Team Hendrix twerking
  • Cosima’s sweetness to Gracie
  • Delphine missing Cosima
  • Pupok’s demise
  • Paul saving Sarah
  • Paul admitting he loved Sarah
  • Paul’s demise
  • Helena coming back for Sarah
  • every single thing that happened in Orphan Black 3x06

anonymous asked:

What's the worst experience you've had with guys at a party or a club?

MAAAANNNNN😂 oh lord this is about to be my first Tumblr storytime.
Ok so this happened Literally 10days ago. It was my friend’s birthday weekend and we were turning up real heavy for her. I don’t normally drink but I did it for her that day since it was a special occasion.
So we get to the club, I’m already a bit buzzed, and we get a VIP table and a few bottles. We were about 6 girls. The music was great, we were dancing, having a GOOOOOD TIME. So this group of guys in the club kept staring at us from time to time, walked passed us a few times, then they decided to get a table as well right next to our section . My girls and I didn’t care because we were there to turn up and we weren’t really interested in entertaining any guys.
A couple of them tried to talk to and dance with us and they were all turned down repeatedly ; I don’t know why some guys think because you’re dancing and twerking your life away that means you want to dance with a guy🙄. Anyways, another one of them came up to me again and asked to dance with me and i said no, so this nigga sits right next to me and pulls out a picture of him in his boxers from waist down and leaves it open on his phone waiting for me to see it. In my mind I already knew what he was trynna do so I just ignored him and kept on dancing. Then when he saw that wasn’t working, he pulled out a picture OF HIS WHOLE DICK and left it open, slightly facing his phone in my direction so I would see it.
Now at this point I’m already TIPSY AF AF AF!!!!! and I don’t normally get like that so when i saw the dick pic, I thought i was hallucinating, maybe my mind was telling me I wanted dick that’s why I was seeing it. I called one of my friends and told her to look at his phone screen to make sure I wasn’t crazy. She saw it too and we all started laughing because we couldn’t believe what was happening. I just ignored him because I sure as hell wasn’t gonna give him the attention he was looking for. I kept on dancing, he sat beside me for almost an hour pulling up different pictures of his dick and when he realized it wasn’t working, he left and went to go dance with a white girl🤣🤣😂🤣.
Man that shit was sick, he still came back towards the end when we were about to leave and I still told him NO🙃. Other than that though, i had sooooooo much fun that night oh my God. We had a BLAST!!!

illneverrecover  asked:

Pass the happy along! When you get this reply with five things that make you happy then pass it along to the first 10 people in your activity <3 (P.S. - YOU MAKE ME HAPPPPYYYYYY APRIL)

AHHHHHHH JACKIE @illneverrecover you make me happpppy too TTTT___TTTT

Just for you baby cakes! 

What makes me happy? The thought of the RFA being caught singing/dancing when they thought they were alone. 

1. Yoosung:
He was cleaning his apartment before she came over because he wanted everything to be perfect for their first weekend together. He had opened up all the windows and his front door to let out any smells that may have festered from his months of his LOLOL hermit lifestyle. He had put in his earphones and was singing along to that new K-pop girl band that MC was so obsessed with- he had to admit their songs were super catchy… so catchy that he was busting out the moves he had seen from their videos as he dusted around the room… until he turned around to see a wide eyed, slack jawed MC- her overnight bag sliding off her shoulder slowly in its agonising descent to the ground. 

“M-MC! I didn’t hear you come in!” 
“No… I gathered that… but… Yoosung- I could hear from down the street!” 

Yoosung wanted to die, he thought about shanking himself with his feather duster for a minute or two… 

“… You sounded really good! You didn’t tell me you could sing Honey!” 

Ahhhh crisis averted. 

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Video uploading spree
😂😭 I was in Boston MA for my 22nd birthday.
Things weren’t going as planned but I was determined to make the best of it!
Dancing always makes thing better!!!
One of my favorite videos of me because it shows my resilience.
My feelings were literally sooooo hurt- but I threw some make up on, smiled through it, and twerked through it.
Life is what you make it!

I tried to twerk it awayyyyyyyy *Solange voice


Since I apparently can’t draw this damn comic at the moment, let’s play a game of “WHAT DO THE FOXYS SEE?”
Feel free to steal this and draw whatever. I drew Ennard twerking earlier.
What is my life.