London Has Fallen


In London for the Prime Minister’s funeral, Mike Banning discovers a plot to assassinate all the attending world leaders.

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thoughts on greninja

every time I start to think greninja is cool again

I remember

scarf tongue

it’s scarf is a tongue

a frog tongue

that shit is either going to have to secrete so much mucus to keep it moist or else its going to be dried out and wierd and neither makes me comfortable

greninja please

just put it back

My favourite thing about shadowhunters is that even with this damn poll going we’re kind of in our own little world, like we’re debating who ships malec the most out of the cast (tbh I think it’s Matt but only quietly. Like he’s probably voting the hell out of that poll in his room thinking about sailboats and pigs or something rn) and looking at pictures of Kat and Em from the RDMAs and appreciating Camille even though we hate her like I’m sorry but this has to be the least salty fandom on earth until it comes to casserole

anonymous asked:

AH AH okay i see you're taking hc ideas and i love your writing so much pls would u think about a troupe-y muggle university where james and sirius are bffs for life and sirius meets remus inadvertently on campus somewhere?

I’m so sorry, I start writing with the prompt in mind and then a few minutes later, I realise that I don’t even know where the fuck I’m going anymore. 

  • Sirius hated it. 
  • Remus was haunting him. 
  • He had first seen Remus across the room in his class on world history, long, lithe fingers pinching his bottom lip in concentration as he furiously scribbled down notes on his notebook. 
  • Sirius had come prepared for the first day of the semester, all armoured up against beautiful boys with eyes like molten chocolate, swearing up and down that no, he was not going to have another hopeless crush on anyone. 
  • But then there was Remus, with his voice like rumbling clouds on a rainy day and smile like the warmth of your bed after a long, hard day. 
  • And no. He didn’t just torture Sirius during class, with his stupid arm stretches that were coupled with fucking neck stretches (and god, that stupidly biteable neck was going to be the death of him) and his idiotic laughter with annoyingly cute little nose scrunches. 
  • He was everywhere. 
  • Sirius had been walking back home from the pizza shop where he worked part time, texting James about The Jungle Book (”Prongs, mate, friend, buddy, listen. Baloo and Bagheera are so g a y for each other its unbelievable”) when he crashed into another body. 
  • “Fuck, sorry,” he said, quickly bending down to retrieve his phone and the other person’s ipod off the ground, only to smash his head against the strangers’, who was doing the same. “Ow,” Sirius groaned, wincing as he pressed his hand to his head and looked up to check if the other person was alright. 
  • Sirius’ brain might have short circuited a little after that. 
  • “Ugh,” Remus groaned in his deep, deep voice, scrunching his cute lil nose adorably and giving Sirius a small smile. “So sorry about that, I think I was jamming too hard to the song and completely spaced out on where I was going.”
  • “Nnnnggg,” Sirius answered eloquently. 
  • “Um,” Remus said awkwardly, eyes shifting uncomfortably. “Are you…you okay?”
  • “Uh?” Sirius murmured, eyes going wide as he realised what an idiot he was being. “Of course! Yeah, I’m fine. Totally fine! Are you? Okay, I mean?”
  • “Yeah, fine,” Remus answered with another unsure, small smile and Sirius had never wanted to be kidnapped by aliens more than he did in that moment. 
  • “Hey, have I seen you before?” Sirius asked, pretending as if he hadn’t memorized the back of Remus’ head in the last two months of classes. 
  • “Yeah, we’re in the same world history class,” Remus said, his smile finally reaching his eyes again. “I’m Remus.”
  • “Nice to meet you,” Sirius said, shaking Remus’ hand and nearly shuddering at how good it felt to touch the other boy. “I’m Sirius.”
  • “I know,” Remus answered with a smirk before bending down to quickly pick up their forgotten possessions off the ground. “See you around?” he asked, handing Sirius his phone. 
  • Remus was already a few steps away before Sirius found the breath to whisper out a “yes, definitely.”
  • “Remus?” Sirius exclaimed when he found the tall, gorgeous boy next to the food table. 
  • Remus looked confused for two seconds as he turned around, before his eyes widened in recognition and he gave Sirius one of those bro hugs. “Hey,” Remus said, grinning wide as his eyes looked Sirius up and down. “You look good, mate.”
  • Sirius blushed to the roots of his hair and stuttered out an awkward thanks which made Remus laugh. 
  • “You’re so cute,” Remus commented and Sirius had to work embarrassingly hard to stop himself from bursting out into hysterics. “What are you doing here?”
  • “Oh, um, I am related to the person who owns this house,” Sirius answered. 
  • “Oh, you’re related to Tonks?” Remus asked in surprise. “Well, now that you say that, you both do look similar, with the beautiful dark hair and unfair bone structures.”
  • “Can you please stop saying things like that?” Sirius blurted out, fanning his face as Remus laughed again. 
  • “I can’t stop myself when you keep reacting that way!” he said and took a drink from the red, plastic cup in his hand. “Are you also related to Regulus? I’ve only met him once but no one can forget those eyes,” he said, nodding towards Sirius’ eyes. 
  • Sirius willed himself not to blush anymore and from the small smirk playing on Remus’ lips, he knew how hard Sirius was struggling not to melt into a puddle of goo. “Yeah, he’s my brother,” Sirius answered fondly. They didn’t always get along but he still loved him like he loved pizza. “How do you know them?”
  • “I had an intro to criminology class with Tonks and we just…clicked and became best friends after that,” he replied. “I met Regulus through her. He’s very nice.”
  • “Oh, he is a piece of snobby little shit,” Sirius said with feeling and Remus burst out laughing. “He is! But he’s also one of the kindest and loyal people I know, so he balances it out.” 
  • “Why do all siblings have a very strong love-hate relationship?” Remus said. 
  • “You don’t have any brothers or sisters?” Sirius asked and Remus shook his head. “Damn, you are lucky.”
  • “You have loads?” Remus asked with a smile. 
  • Five hours later, Sirius’ lips were parched from how much he had talked and his body ached from all the dance moves he had pulled on a laughing Remus. 
  • But it was a good ache. 
  • “Sirius?” 
  • The voice startled him so much that Sirius nearly tripped down the stairs.
  • “Remus?” he asked, giving a very fake laugh. “How are you, buddy? Good to see you! What are you doing here? I never thought I’d see you here!”
  • “Sirius, I live in this building,” Remus answered. “You know I live in this building.”
  • Sirius did know that Remus lived in the same building as James and Lily. He had nearly brained himself on the sidewalk when he had found out that yes, of course, Remus Lupin, his unattainable crush and now study buddy lived in the building where Sirius spent half his day. 
  • It was like the universe was purposefully torturing Sirius with the other boy’s soft, curly hair and wide, bambi eyes. 
  • “Can we address the elephant in the room now?” Remus added when Sirius didn’t answer. “Or should I say, the goat in the stairwell.” 
  • “Uhhhhh, do we have to?” Sirius asked with a big cheery smile, trying to soothe the baby goat in his arms by trying to rock him the way he did with Harry whenever he was crying. He only got an earful of loud bleating for his efforts. 
  • “I feel like we have to,” Remus said shortly before stepping all up in Sirius’ space and cooing at the goat. 
  • “Uhhhh, I was just walking down the streets and saw this little baby-”
  • “Oh, yeah? You saw a goat walking around in London? Dressed in a leather jacket?” Remus challenged, raising a suspicious eyebrow. 
  • Sirius bit his lip, cursing himself for buying a leather jacket along with other goatly supplies from the pet store. “Okay, fine! I wasn’t strong enough, okay? There was this guy selling baby goats on the street and look at this lil dude! I couldn’t just leave him there!”
  • “So you bought a goat?” 
  • Yes,” Sirius exclaimed, cuddling him closer. “But my building has a no pets policy so I thought James and Lily could keep Regulus for a while, only till I can find another place for us.”
  • “You are moving out. Because of a goat that you bought on impulse. A goat you named after your brother,” Remus stated. 
  • Yes,” Sirius answered, rolling his eyes in exasperation. “Now if you will excuse me, I have some grovelling to do,” he added, trying to edge out of Remus’ way. 
  • “They’re never going to keep him,” Remus said, blocking his way again. “They have a child to take care of. No way will they accept taking responsibility for another…baby.” 
  • Sirius’ shoulders slumped. He had known they wouldn’t, that they couldn’t, what with all the juggling they already had to do with their uni work, job work and handling-a-two-year-old-baby work, but he hadn’t accepted it till it had been spelled out for him. 
  • “I guess…” Remus said with a huff. “I guess I could keep him. But only till you find a new place.” 
  • Sirius’ eyes widened in surprise. “You would do that?”
  • Remus shrugged, giving Sirius one of those beautiful, small smiles. “I mean, you’d have to help take care of him though. I have work and classes, so we’d have to come up with a schedule to look after him.”
  • “Oh my god, are you real?” Sirius exclaimed, bouncing up and down a little and jostling Regulus. “Are you kidding me? Oh my god, we’re going to be fantastic parents! We’ll put Lily and James to shame with our parenting skills! We’ll teach Regs tricks and potty train him and take him to see new places and-Why are you looking at me like that?”
  • Remus’ grin only widened and he gave Sirius a quick kiss on the cheek. “You’re adorable,” he said before walking back upstairs. “C’mon, let’s settle Regulus in.”
  • It took Sirius thirty seven seconds to remind his legs how to walk again. 
  • See, the thing was, Sirius loved sleep and he wasn’t good with anything less than ten hours of sleep. That made him grumpy, useless and even more prone to doing stupid things than normal. 
  • And Sirius hadn’t had any sleep at all. 
  • He didn’t understand what he had been thinking when he’d agreed not only to be Remus’ study buddy, but also agreed to co-parent Regulus with him. 
  • It was torture. 
  • It was messing with his sleep schedule. He was having domestic thoughts.  
  • All he could think about the entire night was how they’d fallen into a routine, a very relationship-y and domestic-y routine that consisted of taking Regulus out together, making meals for each other, watching telly together, even cleaning Remus’ apartment together. 
  • Sirius didn’t know when he’d gone from spends-all-day-at-Prongs-and-Lily’s-place to constantly-sleeps-over-at-Remus’-place. He didn’t know when he’d let Remus consume him so completely that he couldn’t sleep in his own apartment. 
  • So yes, Sirius was grumpy. And Sirius was standing at his favourite coffee shop at seven in the fucking morning, only to be greeted by Remus’ smiling face from behind the counter. 
  • “Hey Sirius,” he waved. “What are you doing up so early?”
  • “No fucking way,” Sirius grit out. “What the hell are you doing here?”
  • “Um, I work here? I’ve worked here since forever?” Remus said. 
  • “No, you don’t. I’ve come here nearly every day since the day I started university and trust me, I would remember seeing you here,” Sirius replied. 
  • “I only work the morning shifts so…” Remus trailed off, frowning when Sirius just gets grumpier. 
  • “Of course you do! Of course you work here, at my favourite coffee shop!” he nearly shouted. “Oh my god, what have I done to deserve this?”
  • “Sirius, are you high? What the fuck are you talking about?” Remus asked, eyebrows raised in surprise. 
  • “You are everywhere,” Sirius told him, leaning forward on the counter. “Every-fucking-where. I can’t escape you and your beautiful fucking face. I can’t sleep in my very comfortable, and no offence, but better than yours, apartment because all I can think about is how much better it is to fall asleep listening to you sing some stupid, Welsh song, lying on your lumpy, trashy fucking couch! I can’t eat my beautifully cooked pancakes because all I can think about is how pretty you look when you blush because you burnt the toast again! You’re fucking hopeless with cooking, by the way, I didn’t even know you could mess up making toast! You need to stop, okay? I am going crazy here and I am going insane-”
  • Remus leaned across the counter, grabbing Sirius by the collar of his rumpled up shirt and smashing their mouths together. Sirius moaned in surprise, sure that this was another Remus induced hallucination till Remus lightly nipped him on the bottom lip, bringing him back to reality. 
  • Feeling high on happiness and surprise, Sirius let his hands grab Remus by the back of his neck, trying to pull him closer. 
  • In the end, Sirius pulled back first, panting from the lack of breath and completely dazed. His lips felt swollen, tingly and sensitive. 
  • Remus grinned at him, leaning forward to peck at Sirius’ lips once more before saying, “It’s on the house, you adorable dork.” 

One day, I am going to write a less awkward and socially inept Sirius. 

I hope I lived up to your expectations anon? Sorry it took me so long to write this down, I was being a lazy lil shit. :) 

okay but the idea of steve rogers being out as bi in the mcu is very important to me

steve rogers being a huge role model for bi kids. steve rogers showing up at pride events. steve rogers kicking biphobic ass.